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.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: What or Who is Behind the CoronaVirus ?      
Luke 21:11 There will be earthquakes, famines and plagues in various places  (ISV)

I know we are all most probably ‘virused out’, but it is one of the greatest threats to face our nations in the last 100 years, so I believe it would be folly to try to pretend that it is not a problem. Last week I wrote about preparation to survive this life changing event, and others which according to the warnings of Yeshua in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, surely lie ahead, and may prove to be even more serious. This week let us look at what or who is behind the Covid-19 virus, and try to decipher the many and diverse opinions from medical people and Christian ministries that are flooding the internet and our email inboxes. I do not intend to add my own opinion to the others, I am just going to lay them out for your consideration and your response in prayer as the Holy Spirit leads you …….

The most claimed reasons in the natural realm

* the virus came from an unclean animal sold for human consumption in a  wet food market in Wuhan, China, and jumped into a human being, beginning the outbreak
* the virus is man-made and was developed in a university laboratory in the USA and sold to the Chinese
* the virus is man-made and accidently escaped from a biological warfare laboratory in China
* some Chinese diplomats are now claiming that the virus was introduced into China by a visiting US military sports teams
* the Illuminati / New World Order / Globalist groups released the virus to be force everyone to accept a vaccine which will contain some kind of digital ID code that will make it possible to track and  
    control the general population.
* the Illuminati / New World Order / Globalist groups released the virus as a forerunner to a more deadly mutation to achive their stated goal of dramatically reducing the world’s population
* the radiation waves from 5G mobile network have reduced the body’s immune system which has made it easier for the virus to infect people
* some medical people and ministry people claim that the Covid-19 virus is not as serious as being claime

At this point of time there is no way to prove that one or any of the above are responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus, so let us be very careful not jump to a wrong conclusion. We need to be very careful what we are listening to and passing on to others.

Is the virus from the spiritual realm ?

As for the spiritual realm being behind the virus, there are only 2 possibilities – GOD or Satan. If it is Satan, then he is most likely using the Illuminati / New World Order / Globalist groups to carry out his insidious plan using some of the possible scenarios in the section above. I have been watching the increasing activities of these groups since I became a Believer 33 years ago, and they may well be behind this devastating virus outbreak. The other possibility is that it is the GOD of Israel who is behind the outbreak, or at least He is allowing it, for His plans and purposes, primarily to wake up this sinful world, Israel included, in the hope that millions will come to Him in deep repentance, and submit to the Lordship of His Son Yeshua the Messiah and soon coming King.

Could it be that YHVH has finally said “Enough” to the sin of the world. Enough denial that He exists, idolatry and worshipping other gods; Enough killing of the unborn; Enough sexual immorality; Enough crime, greed and corruption. Could it be that YHVH is allowing the spread of the virus, as He did numerous times in Old Testament times, as punishment for sin, but also to bring the people to repentance ? (Psalm 106:29-30)

The Spiritual Vaccine  …..  If there in fact a spiritual reason behind the virus outbreak then here is the best vaccine …  2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

President Trump called for a national day of prayer last Sunday and at least one Christian ministry in the UK called for a day of prayer last Wednesday. Ministries in Israel, Australia and Canada did the same. That is a great start, and we pray that other nations will quickly do the same, but it is crucial that these are not multi-faith events, because the prayer must be directed ONLY to the GOD of Israel, in the name of His Son Yeshua or Jesus. It is also crucial that the day of prayer begins with repentance for the points I mentioned above, especially false gods, idolatry, abortion and un-Biblical sexual activity. I believe that if the Body of Messiah in Israel and in the nations fast and pray, crying out to our Creator and Heavenly Father, in the name of His Son, He will forgive our sin and heal our nations.

Have mercy LORD

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie

This Week’s News Items

1. PM Netanyahu Shuts Down Tourism and Schools and Calls for Emergency Unity Government    United with Israel News    Mar 13th
Prime Minister Netanyahu announced Israel is closing its schools and universities in an effort to prevent coronavirus contagion. While he excluded kindergartens, boarding schools, and special education institutions from the closures announced lastThursday, he noted that a forthcoming decision on those institutions would also be announced. Netanyahu described the coronavirus pandemic as a ?global event? that is ?unlike anything else? that has occurred since the State of Israel was established. While no one in Israel has died from the disease, the prime minister told the nation to brace for potentially ?large numbers? of casualties from the virus, which has infected 109 people in Israel so far. Israel also issued a ban on Thursday on the entry of any non-nationals incapable of self-quarantine, all but ending the nation?s generally robust incoming tourism industry. PM Netanyahu also called for the formation of an emergency government to confront a growing crisis over the coronavirus, offering a potential way out of the deadlock that has paralyzed the political system for the past year. PM Netanyahu made the offer in a nationally televised address, telling the nation that the virus does ?not differentiate? between Jews and non-Jews or between the political left and right. ?It will be an emergency government for a limited period. Together we will fight to save the lives of citizens,? he added, saying that politics should be put aside. Citing the urgent health crisis, Benny Gantz appeared to be open to a compromise with Netanyahu earlier. ?Blue and White, under my leadership, will support every appropriate measure, putting aside political considerations entirely, at this complex and sensitive time,? he said. The conciliatory language marked a sharp change after months of acrimonious campaigning and heightened rhetoric in the wake of another inconclusive election earlier this month. Pray that this unity government will be able to work together for the health and well being of all Israelis.

2. PM Netanyahu: Israel Has Declared War Against the CoronaVirus   World Israel News March 15th
After hours of fevered speculation, innumerable false reports flashing out across social media, and a post-Shabbat run on supermarkets nationwide, the raft of new measures to try to fight the coronavirus pandemic announced by PM Netanyahu on Saturday night was dramatic indeed ? closing down Israel?s shopping malls, bars, restaurants, cinemas, health clubs and much more. But it was still less drastic than had been widely anticipated. Netanyahu and his colleagues, speaking at a delayed presentation to the nation that hinted at disagreements between various officials, did not declare a state of emergency. They did not impose a lockdown, barring Israelis from leaving their homes. They did not shut down the private sector. But they emphatically reserved the right to do any of those things in the near future.  With this virus infecting exponentially, Bar Siman-Tov said, ?you can lose control in a second, and then there?s no going back. Look at Italy.?  As of this writing late Saturday night, Israel ? its borders essentially closed, its gatherings limited, some 40,000 citizens in self-quarantine ? has avoided even a single death from the coronavirus, and is aware of ?only? some 200 people who are infected with it. Had those numbers been markedly higher, greater restrictions on public movement and social interaction would already be in force. If those numbers do go significantly higher, some of the mooted but thus far rejected measures will doubtless come into force. Pray the the new infection numbers begin to decrease as result of the action and restrictions Israel has implimented

3. Israel President Tasks Benny Gantz to Form Government   Times of Israel News    March 16th
Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz vowed on Monday to cobble together a coalition ?within days? after President Rivlin tasked the centrist alliance leader with forming a government in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.  ?I give you my word: I will do everything to establish within days ? as few as I can ? a national government, one that is as patriotic and as broad as possible,? Gantz said in an address from the President?s Residence in Jerusalem.  He specified that the government he would form would ?protect the interests of the residents of Judea and Samaria [West Bank] and the Arab citizens of Israel, of the residents of the periphery and those in the center.?  ?A government that I will lead will help Israeli society recover from the coronavirus, as well as the virus of schism and hatred,? he continued. Pray that the LORD will decide who ulitmately set in place the next government and select the next prime minister

4. Israel On Partial Lockdown from Tuesday    Times of Israel News    March 17th
The Health Ministry has instructed Israelis not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. The announcement Tuesday afternoon was part of a package of further sweeping and dramatic new restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and brings Israel a step closer to a full closure. The public was instructed not to go out to parks, playgrounds, the beach, pools, libraries, museums or other public places, the ministry said. Exceptions were permissible for taking out children and pets ? in accordance with instructions for maintaining hygiene and limiting social contact. Among other measures: suspension of elective surgeries, cancellation of non-urgent dental treatments, and an instruction for deliveries to be left outside customers? doors. Police were not currently being asked to enforce these instructions, Hebrew media said. Rather, the public was expected to obey them. Pray that the people of Israel will obey the lockdown until the virus is halted

5. Israel Knesset Shut Down by the Speaker of the House    World Israel News   March 18th
Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein froze Knesset proceedings after only three minutes on Wednesday due to fighting between the parties over the makeup of Knesset committees. The move outraged the Blue and White party. Its chairman Benny Gantz wrote to the various opposition parties in response: ?Unfortunately, the Knesset Speaker at the behest of the prime minister doesn?t permit us to fulfill our functions. Edelstein blamed Blue and White for the situation, saying it had rejected his proposal that the two sides of the political aisle split the Knesset committees evenly between them. Blue and White says that Edelstein is trying to block three pieces of legislation, which the party introduced moments after the 23rd Knesset was sworn in on Monday, from moving forward. The bills call for a two-term limit for prime ministers, the termination of the term of a prime minister who faces indictment and the prohibition of giving the task of building a government coalition to a Knesset member who faces indictment. et?s agenda is to replace Edelstein, who is a member of the Likud party. Edelstein said  that he won?t cooperate in the opposition?s efforts to remove him.  Sports and Culture Minister Miri Regev told Israel?s Channel 12 that the proposed legislation was ?a despicable, personal and anti-democratic law against the prime minister. There is a feeling that the left has the right to do anything.? By personal law, Regev meant it was designed to target Netanyahu. ?Behind that is hidden the hope that after the era of Netanyahu, they?ll be able to topple right-wing rule.” Pray that the various political foes will drop their own agendas and hatred of PM Netanyahu and begin to work together for the good of the nation, especially in light of the virus outbreak.

6. PM Netanyahu Trying
On Wednesday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu hosted senior Arab doctors at his office in Jerusalem to strategize on how best to educate the Arabic-speaking population about the threat of coronavirus and techniques to minimize its spread. The doctors reported to the prime minister about their efforts to raise awareness of the virus within the Arab community, and released an Arabic-language statement encouraging the Arab population to follow the Ministry of Health?s guidelines. Netanyahu also made a statement addressed to the Arab community saying, ?Unfortunately, there is not enough adherence to the guidelines in the Arab sector. This is a problem that exists in all sectors, but particularly in the smaller villages, and we are doing our best to address this as quickly as possible.?This is a virus that attacks everyone, irrespective of religion or sector. All citizens must assume responsibility for curbing the spread of the epidemic, with strict discipline. Even if the government takes all the steps necessary, it won?t help if the general public does not respond in kind,” he said. The Arab community is not the only population in Israel resisting the Health Ministry?s guidelines. Earlier this week, despite Israel closing all secular and national-religious schools, several haredi rabbinic leaders said that they would not comply with government instructions and would keep their yeshivas and schools open. Pray that all Israeli citizens will be obedient to the restrictions put in place to halt the spread of the virus.

7. Israeli Messianic Congregations Scramble to Abide by Virus Regulations
In order to comply with new Ministry of Health directives designed to halt the spread of coronavirus, Messianic congregations are moving to home groups, adding services or offering video streaming of their meetings in place of weekly services. PM Netanyahu announced last Wednesday a ban on gatherings of more than 100 people, specifically mentioning synagogues, conferences and even weddings. ?We?re asking, if there is no need for conferences, if there is no need for events, don?t hold them and don?t go to them,? PM Netanyahu said. Israel had been proactive in implementing restrictions designed to slow the contagious virus, including a drastic requirement that anyone entering the country ? Israelis and foreigners alike ? put themselves into a 14-day quarantine, a policy which went into effect this week. While many Messianic congregations in Israel host fewer than 100 members at their weekly services, the ones with more had to scramble to decide how to adjust their schedules before the weekend. Pray that the LORD will show the leaders of the Messianic congregations how to continue ministering to their people in the weeks ahead.

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