The CARMEL ALERT – February 14th   2020
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Remembering the Holocaust, and the Rise of ‘Anti-Semitism’
Two weeks ago a large number of world leaders came to Jerusalem to represent their nations at a special international event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. It was quite surprising and admirable that so many international leaders sacrificed their time and energy all the way to Israel, and that their governments were prepared to cover the financial expense of sending their leaders to Jerusalem, to be present at the solemn ceremony in memory of the 6.5 million Jewish babies, children, youth, parents and grandparents who perished at the hands of the evil Nazi regime. And of course we do not forget the millions of other people groups that were imprisoned and murdered during the Holocaust.

Since the end of the 2nd world war, once the horrific extent of the Holocaust became known, the cry of the Jewish people has been NEVER AGAIN. But sadly that is not the reality of the situation in the world today. What we label as ‘Anti-Semitism’, a major dynamic behind the hatred that fueled the Holocaust, has seen an increasing resurgence over recent years in many parts of the world. Jewish people have been victims of violent attacks and vicious verbal insults in countries where you would least expect, like the USA, the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, to name just a few. Jewish people no longer feel safe, as they once did, in the nations where they have lived for several generations. Once of the worst environments for Jews today is in the universities of the USA and Europe, where large numbers of Muslim students, deceived and indoctrinated by the toxic accusations against Israel and the Jewish people by their parents and school teachers, have brought their hatred to bear against the Jewish students on their campuses.

One of the main reasons for the dramatic rise in what we call Anti-Semitism is the anti Israel bias of the secular news media, especially when it comes to the Arab / Israeli conflict. Even since Arafat and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) came on the scene after the 6 Day War in June 1967, and invented the ‘Palestinian People’, accusing Israel of stealing and occupying their land, the news media has fallen for the one of the greatest lies of history. The way they report the news concerning the situation between Israel and the so called ‘Palestinians’ has turned Israel into almost a pariah state. As a result Zionism has become a dirty word, and anti Zionism is seen by the people who have been deceived by the lies of the PLO and the media, as acceptable, even in a world that places great importance on being ‘politically correct.’  The PC anti-Zionists excuse their hatred by claiming that they do not hate Israel or Jewish people, they just hated Zionists.

The truth is that you cannot separate Zionism, Zionists, Israel and the Jewish people – the four words all refer to the same ethnic group of people. I can understand why the secular world and the Muslims hate Israel – 1 John 5:19 tells us that the whole world lies under the influence of the evil one.  The reason why I wrote above “what we call Anti-Semitism” is that not really correct to use that term in reference to the hatred of the Jews. The word Semite comes from the name of Noah’s son Shem, and both the Arab nations and the 12 Tribes of Israel are descendants of Shem. Many people who have hatred towards Jewish people, show greater than normal solidarity with the so called ‘Palestinians’, which is a politically correct way of expressing their anti Jewish attitudes.

The correct term for what is called Anti-Semitism is Anti-Christ. Acts 3:21 tells us the Yeshua will not be released from Heaven to return to Jerusalem until the all of the prophecies concerning Israel are fulfilled. That means that anything that endangers Israel and the Jewish people, or hinders the restoration process, is actually coming against Yeshua, and is therefore operating under the Anti-Christ spirit. And because Yeshua is a part of the God-head, it is also directly against GOD Himself. In light of 1 John 5:19, it is not surprising that much of the world has been so against the Jews, but what is hard to comprehend, is that there are many people who call themselves ‘Christians’ hate Israel and the Jewish people. Many Nazis were members of the Lutheran Church and Martin Luther became very vicious towards the Jews. Today there are a number of major ‘Christian’ denominations that stand strongly against Israel and have launched boycotts against Israel and Jewish organisations and companies. I can not see how they can do that and be serving the GOD of Israel at the same time. At the very least GOD is not pleased with that.

Some of the leaders who attend the recent event in Jerusalem are openly speaking up and condemning the anti-Jewish behaviour in their nations, but others who were have been noticeably silent. Even worse some, including the France’s President Macron, met with PA leader after the Auschwitz memorial. Abbas is a Holocaust denier and a sponsor of terror against Israelis. He played a major part in organising the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes and a German policeman at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Trying to be the friend of two enemies is foolishness and two faced hypocracy. In Mark 9:40 Yeshua said that we are either with GOD or against Him – there is no place for being two faced in the Kingdom of YHVH.

Let us all be bold and quick to call out what we have known as ‘Anti-Semitism’, and also call the lack of care or interest in Israel for what it is – taking Israel lightly, and according to the correct translation of Genesis 12:3, that brings the curse of the LORD upon those who treat Israel as being unimportant.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie

This Week’s News Items

1. Israel Warns Hamas of Strong Response if Rocket Fire Continues   Arutz 7 News   Feb 9th

Rocket sirens sounded on Sunday evening in the Sderot and the nearby region due to a single rocket that landed shortly after in an open field. Israel’s Defense Minister Bennett warned Hamas on Sunday that ?no one will be immune? from Israeli military action following the continued launching of explosive balloons and rockets from the Gaza Strip. The lawless conduct of Hamas leadership is bringing us closer to fatal action against them. We will not announce when or where,but no one will be immune, Bennett said following a situational assessment in the Gaza Division. Israel does not want a war with Hamas in Gaza, but we have a commitment to the security of southern residents, and Hamas faces the choice: to choose life and economic prosperity or to choose terror and pay an unbearable price, he said. Over a dozen rockets and mortars as well as countless explosive balloons and condoms have been fired towards southern Israel as tension spiked following the release of US Middle East peace plan. IDF tanks struck two Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night after a mortar was fired from the coastal enclave to southern Israel. Pray that Hamas is not so foolish as to provoke Israel to dramatically increase the so far minimum response to the rocket attacks

2. More Arab Nations Moving Towards Israel       World Israel News   Feb 7th

Eight Arab countries gathered in 1967 in Khartoum, Sudan, to condemn Israel just months after the Six-Day War and announce what became known as the ?Three No?s? ? no peace, no recognition, no negotiations ? none of them could have imagined that 53 years later, Sudan?s leader would go out of his way to meet an Israeli leader to say ?yes? to establishing diplomatic relations. And that is exactly what happened last week when the head of Sudan?s transitional government flew to Uganda to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was there for a meeting with its leader. Dore Gold, president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told JNS the meeting between PM Netanyahu and al-Burhan was the crowning achievement? of the prime minister?s visit to Uganda. For Israel, the meeting marks a major step towards improving ties with both African and Arab countries. Sudan, which is an Arab-Muslim-majority country that borders Egypt to the south, has long been viewed as a hostile nation towards the Jewish state. The meeting was purportedly orchestrated by the United Arab Emirates, and that only a ?small circle? of top officials in Sudan, as well as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, knew about it ahead of time, reported the Associated Press. Sudan is hoping that by forging warm ties with Israel, it would increase its chances for the United States to remove its status as a state-sponsor of terrorism, which it was designated as in 1993. Sudan has turned away from the Iran axis in a very clear way. You cannot engage with Israel while simultaneously supporting Hamas and Iran. Sudan has taken a very important step. It has ?clearly broken with the Arab League.Notably, Egypt and Jordan broke with the Arab League years ago, entering into peace treaties with Israel. Pray that more Arab nations will desire to have diplomatic relations with Israel.

3.  US Hoping to Bring PM Netanyahu & Saudi Crown Pince Together    World Israel News   Feb 10th

Extensive talks are underway between Washington, Jerusalem, Cairo and Riyadh to convene a summit in Cairo, possibly before Israel?s March 2 election, that would serve as a venue for a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo and his team have been mediating between Israel and Saudi Arabia for the past few months. In recent days there have been very intensive discussions between Washington, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to arrange a summit meeting in Cairo as early as the coming weeks, even before the election in Israel, which aside from the host, Egypt, will be attended by the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and also the leaders of the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Bahrain and Oman, according to one source. Jordan has also received an invitation, according to other Arab sources, but Jordan?s King Abdullah wants Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas to also get an invitation. The United States has let Jordan know that such talks are underway and that Israel has agreed to Palestinian participation, according to the report. A senior PA official confirmed this information to Israel Hayom and said that, for now, ?Abbas and the PA leadership will adhere to their boycott of Washington and to freezing diplomatic ties with Israel.? According to this official, Washington has told the Palestinians that this would likely be Abbas?s and the Palestinians? last chance to climb down from the tree and partake in the diplomatic developments unfolding in the region. Pray that Saudi Arabia will join the list of Muslim Arab nations opening diplomatic relations with Israel.

4. Gaza Fire-Balloon System Explodes Over Israeli School   i24 News   Feb 13th    

A balloon carrying a detonating device that was launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel exploded Thursday above a school in the city of Sderot. The pupils were hurried by the school staff into shelter after showing signs of panic. No injuries were reported but a number of pupils showed signs of post traumatic stress following the incident. In recent weeks, Israel?s south adjacent to the Palestinian enclave has experienced a steep increase of incendiary attacks. Terror groups within the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip have been launching a growing number of balloons and other flying objects with some form of an explosive device. Explosive and incendiary devices tied to balloons have increasingly been launched over the border from Gaza in recent days. Late in January 2020, a senior Hamas official said the latest string of balloons was sent to remind Israel to ease the blockade on the territory. It has fired tens of thousands of projectiles at Israeli civilians and fought three wars with Israel. Announcing a major defensive upgrade, Israeli Police released information on the first operation of the “Light Blade” laser system developed by Opti-defense and the security establishment to intercept incendiary balloons. The system was able to intercept over 90% of the balloons detected in its test. It operates day and night and aims to deal with the threat of explosives and incendiary balloons with a laser beam that is launched at the target and neutralizes it without jeopardizing other elements in the area. Pray that this new system will prove to be fully effective in preventing the fire-balloons and other similar projectiles from reaching their intended targets.

5.  Israel Developing Facemask to Prevent Corona Virus    VFl News   Feb 7th

In one of several swift measures Israel is taking to protect its society against the deadly coronavirus, an Israeli company called Sonovia has created a washable antiviral fabric that kills bacteria and viruses upon contact. Sonovia uses soundwaves to impregnate the surface of the fabric with metallic nanoparticles like zinc oxide and copper oxide. These particles have antiviral and antibacterial properties that destroy viruses and potentially save lives. Israel is tackling the global coronavirus outbreak head-on to keep it from becoming a health crisis in the country. PM Netanyahu has said, it?s not a question of if the coronavirus will spread to Israel, but when. ?Our foremost goal is to postpone the arrival of the virus to Israel. I say ?postpone? because its arrival is unavoidable. We will then identify, treat, isolate and deal with those infected,? PM Netanyahu explained after a meeting with government leaders this week. ?We have closed land crossings, seaports, and airports to arrivals from China; this is temporary. We are also updating the Palestinian Authority on all public health measures that they must put into place here as well,? said PM Netanyahu. Pray that this mask is effective and becomes available very soon.

6. PM Netanyahu Publicly Declares that He Believes in the Bible    VFI News  Feb 7th

During a recent campaign stop, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that he was the only candidate who would extend Israeli sovereignty to Judea and Samaria, because he truly believes in the Bible. Speaking to children at a religious school in the Jewish settlement of Mitzpe Yericho, the prime minister encouraged them to continue studying the Bible, to continue praying. ?What you are doing here is for the redemption of Israel,? he said. ?Everything we do is built on spiritual empowerment.? Netanyahu went on to note that he reads the Bible every week: ?Every Shabbat I read the weekly Torah portion many times over with my son, Avner. And I don?t just say the words. I live it. I breath it! I believe it!? Taking what many saw as a solemn vow, the prime minister stated: ?I dedicate my life to the simple fact that the future of the Land of Israel [ie. Judea and Samaria] is in the State of Israel.? Pray that PM Netanyahu and his family will have a revelation of who the Messiah is.

7. Sea of Galilee Almost Full    VFI News  Feb 7th

In the wake of last month’s torrential outpouring of rain in Israel, the Sea of Galilee is now at its highest level since 2013. The lake is 1.4 meters below its maximum level after having received 1.27 meters of rain in January 2020. Following last month’s deluge most parts of the country have had most of their annual rainfall for the year and in some areas double the monthly average for January. After a brief dry spell at the beginning of Februray 2020, heavy rain is again forecast for much of the country this weekend. It is expected that there will be enough water in the lake by the end of winter to also replenish the Dead Sea which is at a very low level. Pray that the lake will be filled to maximum level before the winter rains are over

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