The CARMEL ALERT – October 11th  2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information
of those committed to .praying.for Israel  

David’s Comment: Succot – The Feast of Tabernacles Leviticus 23:33-36  Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, ?Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ?The fifteenth day of the seventh month shall be the Feast of  Tabernacles for seven days to the Lord. On the first day there shall be a holy convocation. You shall do no customary work on it. For seven days you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord. On the eighth day you shall have a holy convocation, and you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord. It is a sacred assembly, and you shall do no customary work on it.


The final Feast or Appointed Time of the LORD, Succot or the Feast of Tabernacles begins on Sunday at sunset. This festival lasts for 7 nights / days and is followed by a special Sabbath on the 8th night / day. The Hebrew word Succah (plural Succot) refers to a tent or a temporary flimsy dwelling. The purpose of the Succot festival or appointed time is to remind us of the time that the LORD dwelt among the Israelites during their time in the desert. He gave Moses the design details for the Tent of Meeting and the Holy of Holies, and when it was ready the LORD came down in the form of His Holy Spirit and ‘tabernacled’ with His people. I am very much motivated by the famous painting of the Pillar of Fire above the Tabernacle in the desert, and all of the tents of the 12 Tribes of Israel are set up all around it. GOD was visably in the midst of His people. Every one of the 7 Feasts or Appointed Times of the LORD also has a prophetic purpose – to show us the future, and where we are in GOD’s plan to re-establish His Kingdom on the Earth – in Jerusalem. Succot is a prophetic picture of the Millenium, the 7th thousand year period when Yeshua will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, in a rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount in the heart of Jerusalem, on the very spot where the Al Aksa mosque has occupied since 690 AD.

From events we are seeing taking place all around the world, – the civil violence in Hong Kong, Iraq and Lebanon, the deteriorating state of morality, the Western world returning to its ancient paganism, Brexit in the UK, the political turmoil in Israel, the UK, the USA and other places, the weather – are all indicators that the end of this increasingly evil age is coming to an end, and the ultimate fullfilment of Succot is very near. Maranatha Yeshua ! The 8th day special Shabbat that follows the 7 days of Succot is also very prophetic. The Jewish people have given this day the name Simcha Torah, which means “the Joy of the Torah.” It is a day of great joy as the Torah scrolls are taken out and carried around synogogues and other places of worship and carried amongst the people as they dance and sign with great joy and zeal. The reason that the people are so joyful is that they have finished the annual Torah reading cycle. However, they are not rejoicing because they have finished reading he Torah, but because they can now roll the scroll back to the beginning and start reading it again. That is how much the Jewish people love the Torah and the Word of the LORD. As I have shared above and many times in the past, the Feasts of the LORD portray His plan for world redemption, and the restoration of His Kingdom on the Earth. Even though Simcha Torah is not a Biblical Feast of YHVH, it does have an amazing prophetic relevance for the future. Just as the scrolls are rolled back to the beginning and the reading cycle starts again, at the end of the Millenium, GOD will roll up the present Heavens and Earth, (finish it) and He will start again with a new and incorruptible Heavens and Earth. The Redemption plan of the LORD will be complete – Hallelu YAH.

Now that we understand the relevance of these last Festivals, let us commemorate and rejoice over Sukkot and Simcha Torah with the Jewish people, and let us pray that multitudes will have a revelation of what these wonderful Appointed Times of the GOD of Israel really represent.

In the days of ancient Israel it was customary to bring an special offering unto the LORD at the time of the Festivals. Josie and I want to thank those of you who have blessed Out of Zion with a special offering since the Fall Feast season began 2 weeks ago. If you are not a regular financial supporter, and you have not take the opportunity to bless and be blessed, there is still time to do so. You can send you Succot gift by Paypal  Click Here   or please go to our website to find the donation details for your country

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.


Shabbat Shalom & Hag Succot Sameach …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1. PM Netanyahu Investigation Reaches Critical Time    Israel Today News   Oct 5th

Prime Minister Netanyahu has been summoned by Israel?s Attorney General for four days of hearings related to criminal allegations against him. One case relates to PM Netanyahu allegedly receiving bribes in the form of cigars and champagnes worth in excess of 1 million shekels, provided to him by 2 billionaires in return for certain benefits. The most serious case charges that PM Netanyahu, when he was Minister of Communications, made an under-the-table deal with  the major shareholder in Israel?s partially-government-owned telecom company Bezeq. According to the charges, Netanyahu advanced Bezeq?s acquisition of the shareholder’s holdings in satellite TV network, a deal that earned him a billion dollars. All that in exchange in for, once again, positive coverage of PM Netanyahu and his family. Israeli Police are investigating possible criminal dealings between the media and local politicians, they have no precedent in Israel?s legal history. If indicted, Netanyahu would be the first ever to stand trial for illicitly seeking positive media coverage. Relentless media attacks on the integrity of PM Netanyahu and his family, have created the of a political witch-hunt, which is anything but the pursuit of justice. Since he first got into the Prime Minister?s Office in 1996, PM Netanyahu and his wife have faced no fewer than nine criminal charges. To date, none have born fruit aside from Sara Netanyahu being charged with the minor offense of ?taking advantage of others without cheating,? for which she paid a fine of NIS 50,000. The way in which the Police, General Attorney?s Office and the media have dealt with PM Netanyahu?which has amounted to trial by public opinion?has divided the Israeli public between those who have already found PM Netanyahu guilty, and those who are convinced he is guiltless, regardless of any legal outcome. Not surprisingly, these two sides are split down the Left-Right Israeli political divide, which means that if the court finds PM Netanyahu guilty, it would only serve to deepen the animosity between the rival political camps. Pray that the truth be revealed and justice is done


2. Iraq Blames Israel for Recent Attacks   Israel Today News   Oct  5th

The Iraqi Prime Minister said that Israel was behind recent attacks on targets in his country. This came after the Iraqi Interior Ministry investigated the incident and determined that the Jewish state had been involved in at least half-a-dozen such strikes. This marked the first time that an Iraqi official has accused Israel of hostile activity on its soil since the Israeli strike on Iraq?s nuclear reactor in June 1981. ?Nobody wants war except for Israel,? the Iraqi prime minister. According to reports in the Arab media, Israel has attacked military targets in Iraq no less than six times in recent months. In particular, missile caches and training camps belonging to a pro-Iran Shiite militia have been hit. Videos that circulated on social networks unequivocally showed that the explosions came from air-to-ground missiles being fired at the storehouses. According to various reports, the bombings resulted in casualties among both the armed forces and the militia, but Iraq is censoring every detail associated with the strikes. Israeli officials have not responded to the condemnations and declarations by the Iraqi prime minister, though Prime Minister Netanyahu has hinted that the IDF was operating in Syria and even in Iraq. In any case, Israel is not expected to confirm or deny the attacks. Israel?s policy remains one of ambiguity. Moreover, Israel is deeply embroiled in its own election tangle these days, and has no real interest in exacerbating the issue. Pray that Israel will continue to deal with every potential threat from Iran and its proxies


3. Israel Working on Pact With Arab Nations    World Israel News   Oct 5th

Israel’s Foreign Minister has confirmed that Israel has been working toward achieving the historic goal of reaching non-aggression pacts with Gulf countries. ?Recently I have been promoting, with the backing of the prime minister, a diplomatic initiative to sign ?non-aggression agreements? with the Arab Gulf states,? the Foreign Minister tweeted. ?It?s a historic move that will end the conflict and enable civilian cooperation until the signing of peace agreements,? he added. The confirmation followed an Israeli news report whihcch said that such negotiations have been made possible by the common interest of both the Jewish State and Arab Gulf countries: countering Iran. During his speech in late September at the opening of the U.N. General Assembly, the Foreign Minister stressed the vital need for all countries to stand against Tehran, referring to the Islamic Republic as ?the biggest terrorist state and the biggest terror-supporting state in the world.? The Israeli foreign minister also declared that Israel has ?no conflict with the Gulf states, and we have common interests in the field of security against the Iranian threat as well as in developing many joint civilian initiatives.?  Working groups would be established in the respective countries to further refine the document?s main points, said the report. This pact is envisioned to go into effect regardless of any progress ? or lack thereof. Pray that this pact between Israel and a number of Arab States will become a successful reality


4. Two Killed in Germany Synogogue Attack During Yom Kuppur    Times of Israel News   Oct 9th

Assailants tried to enter a synogogue in the German city of Halle during Yom Kippur prayers – the holiest day of the Jewish year. At least two people were shot dead on a street in on Wednesday, police said, with witnesses saying that the gunmen tried to enter the synagogue as dozens of Jews marked Yom Kippur. A woman was said to have been killed near the synagogue, and a man was killed in a Turkish kebab shop. Several people were injured in the attack, with two people hospitalized in serious condition. ?We have two seriously injured people with gun wounds,? Jens Mueller, spokesman for the Halle university clinic, told AFP.  Max Privorotzki, who heads the Jewish community in Halle, told Spiegel News that the perpetrators had apparently tried to enter the synagogue in the Paulus district but security measures in place helped to ?withstand the attack.? He added that between 70 and 80 people were in the synagogue at the time. Pray for the victims and pray that this attack will come as another wake up call to Jewish people in every nation to return to the land of their forefathers – Israel.


5. Time for the Jews to Leave Australia   Times of Israel News   Oct 4th

Two reports of anti-Semitic bullying at schools in Australia are receiving widespread media coverage. A photo that allegedly shows a 12-year-old Jewish student being forced to kneel to kiss the shoes of a Muslim classmate was circulated on social media, following a report by the Australian Jewish News. The incident occurred at the Cheltenham Secondary College in the town of Cheltenham, a Melbourne suburb. The report did not make it clear if the Muslim boy?s religion had anything to do with the incident. A second incident took place at the Hawthorn West Primary School in Melbourne, where a 5-year-old Jewish student was called a number of anti-Semitic insults, including a ?Jewish cockroach,? according to The Australian Jewish News. Both Jewish boys have left their schools. Pray that the Jews in Australia and every nation wake up to the fact that it is time to come home to Israel.


6. The State of the Recent Election Result   World Israel News   Oct 10th

With just 18 days left until PM Netanyahu must return the mandate to form a government to President Rivlin, coalition negotiations are an impasse. No meetings have been held since PM Netanyahu met with Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman on Thursday for less than an hour, and their spokespeople said there were no breakthroughs in the talks. The problem in the coalition talks can be succinctly summarized as follows: everyone is keeping their promises. And the solution is just as simple: once someone breaks a promise, the bottleneck will clear up. Or, at least, it sounds like a simple solution. After all, politicians are known for breaking their campaign promises. But this time everyone is holding out, thinking that they will get the best outcome and force the other to fold. Blue and White made two clear commitments to its voters: the first is that they would not sit in a government led by PM Netanyahu as long as he is under a recommended or an actual indictment. The second is that they would form a ?secular unity government? ? meaning one without haredim and without Yamina. Both are matters of principle for Blue and White, and they say their issues are not about the specific people involved. They do not think a prime minister can serve his country while under indictment, and they want to pass liberal policies that they would not be able to promote in a coalition with religious parties. But Likud reasonably argues that Blue and White has no right to decide who the leader of another party should be ? and PM Netanyahu called a vote in the Likud central committee this week to show that the party?s members would choose him again. PM Netanyahu didn?t quite say that he would never sit in a coalition with Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, but he did sling massive amounts of mud in his direction, and has repeatedly called Gantz weak and unfit for the premiership. Nevertheless, the PM Netanyahu recognizes the reality that a unity government is the most likely way to avoid a third election within a year, and has shown enough flexibility to at least say he would sit with Gantz and he even agreed to a rotation for the position of prime minister. Then the Deputy Health Minister Ya?acov Litzman of UTJ, who has said that under no circumstances will he be in a coalition with Blue and White No. 2, MK Yair Lapid, because of his secularist policies. Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman has called for a secular-liberal unity government, which he envisions as including his party, Likud and Blue and White. PM Netanyahu could try to entice Liberman to join the right-wing bloc, which would be enough for there to be a government without Blue and White. Liberman has a long list of reforms he promised to enact that the haredim adamantly oppose, including a law increasing their enlistment in the IDF, and a law allowing municipalities to decide individually whether to have supermarkets open and public transportation running on Saturdays. Liberman says he will only join a government that commits to those policies. However, while Liberman has long advocated secularist policies, his insistence on them is quite new. Politicians make promises freely when campaigning. When it?s time to negotiate, they have to back down somewhat, because coalitions are built on compromise. It?s not clear how these talks will end, but one thing seems certain: at least one of these promises will be broken. Pray that the LORD will supernaturally bring about a solution to forming the new government.


7. Jewish Fertility Rate at Record High  INN News  Oct 5th The demographic shift in Israel, marked by an increase in fertility rates among Jews and a decrease among Muslims, continued last year, as the total fertility rate for Jewish women hit a 45-year high. According to data released by Israel?s Central Bureau of Statistics, the total fertility rate for Jewish women in Israel rose in 2018 to 3.17, the highest level since the early 1970s, when the Jewish TFR averaged 3.28. In the 1990s, the Jewish TFR fell to its lowest level, averaging 2.62 both between 1990 to 1994 and 1995 to 1999.  Christian and Druze women also saw an increase in their total fertility rates, though both remain far below the Jewish rate. Christian women ? including both Arab Christians and Christian immigrants who moved to Israel with Jewish relatives ? saw their TFR rise from 1.93 in 2017 to 2.06 in 2018. The Druze total fertility rate rose from 2.10 to 2.16.But birthrates declined for both Muslim women in Israel and women not registered with any religious group, with the latter group?s total fertility rate falling from 1.58 to 1.54. In raw numbers, the number of children born to Jewish mothers increased in 2018 to 135,809, or 73.7% of the 184,370 total live births in Israel. In 2017, Jewish mothers gave birth to 134,630 children, or 73.3% of the total number of live births. In 2010, Jewish women accounted for 72.6% of all live births, with 120,673 children born. In 2000, births to Jewish women made up just 67.4% of all live births in Israel, with 91,936 children born to Jewish mothers. When broken down by region, the highest total fertility rate in Israel was reported among women living in Judea and Samaria, at 4.89, followed by the Jerusalem district at 3.97, southern Israel at 3.59, the central district at 2.78, northern Israel at 2.68, the Tel Aviv area at 2.63, and the Haifa district last at 2.52. Pray that the Jewish birth rate in Israel continues to increase, further population the nation.

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