The CARMEL ALERT – November 29th 2019
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Let Us Not be Ashamed of the Gospel – it is Pretty Amazing !
Romans 1:16 I am not ashamed of the Gospel, it is the power of GOD unto all who believe, to the Jew first and then for the Greek

When you live in Israel, overlooking the entrance to the Valley of Armageddon and facing 150,000 plus Hizbollah rockets and missiles 30 km or 20 miles away in Southern Lebanon, hearing the regular threats by the Islamic regime in Iran to annihilate our country, monitoring the increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters, and watching the whole world sliding into the abyss, you can not help but be motivated to help as many people as possible get into the Kingdom of YHVH before it is too late. At the end of my comment last week I encouraged everyone to share the Good News with family, friends, neighbours, the people we work with, and everyone we get to meet along the way. In this week’s comment I want to continue with the theme of evangelism.

As we all know, the Good News is that because 2000 years ago the Son of GOD laid down His sinless life as a Levitical sacrifice, and the curtain concealing the Holy of Holies was been torn open, from top to bottom, entrance to the eternal Kingdom of YHVH has been opened to everyone who is willing to give their old life to GOD and receive the new eternal life instead. As I have said in other comments, maybe the reason that so many people are simply not interested in a relationship with the Creator of all that exists, is that the Gospel of Salvation is too good to be true, but true it really is.

I remember when I first became a Messianic Believer more than 32 years ago now, from the very next day I told everyone I came into contact with about my amazing experience in discovering that the GOD I refused to believe in since my teenage years was really out there, and the name that most Jewish people dread, Jesus, was in fact the divine Son of GOD, and the Saviour of the whole world. The usual reactions were either they would walk away, or say “don’t be silly, we all came from monkeys,” or “that is nice for you but I am not interested.” I have even had people say to me “I am looking forward to going to the big party in Hell.” The generations growing up in the Western World over the last 5 decades have been educated and entertained out of faith and away from GOD. It is heartbreaking to see the lack of any belief in GOD or the Bible in the majority of people in the Western nations.

The forces of darkness have employed very powerful weapons in their war mission to deceive the whole world, television, movies and music being the most influential, and until recently the professionalism of these things left most  evangelism campaigns in the dust. Praise GOD that a growing number of younger Believers are developing media and internet skills that are as good as their young secular peers. Here in Israel, most of the larger Messianic congregations now have a media ministry, and are training their young people to serve the Kingdom in the various hi-tech media sectors.

Over the years, top level music stars like Pat Boone, Johnny Cash, Cliff Richards are just a few people from the international music world who became Christians. One of the most amazing conversions is that of rock star Alice Cooper, the son of a pastor, who left the faith as a teenager and became a star in the darker side of rock music, recording albums with  titles like “Alice Goes to Hell” and “Welcome to My Nightmare”. He has recently rededicated his life to the LORD and openly declares that he is a 100% Bible believing Christian. The Spirit of GOD is working all over the World today.

As the opening verse states, the Gospel is for everyone, and many people cut the verse off there, but it goes on to say to the Jewish people first.The original Geek text really carries the meaning, ‘as a priority.’ The reason for this strong statement that most of the Church ignores, is that Messiah Yeshua is not coming back to be the Prince of Peace over this very troubled world until the Jewish people in Jerusalem see that He is the Messiah they have been waiting for, and cry out “Baruch ha Bah B Shem Adonai” – “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of YHVH” an event that will open the gates of Heaven and release Yeshua to return to be the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords over the Kingdom of the Father. According to scripture this can not happen until ALL Israel is back in the Promised Land, and until ALL Israel is saved and crying out those words of welcome. (Acts 3:21 – Exekiel 36:8 -10 – Romans 11:26 – Matthew 23:39)  That is why the delivering the Gospel to the Jewish people should be the priority for every Church and every Christian.

This comment is a repeated call to share the Good news with everyone we can, but the Bible tells us to make the Jewish people the priority. I will write more about how to go about that in next week’s comment. Be encouraged – many Jewish people are coming to faith – I believe there are more than 1 million Messianic Jews in the World today.  Even if not one Jewish person responds to your invitation, you will have been obedient to the LORD’s calling, and He will bless your evangelism to others. To get you started here is a specific prayer mission that you can very easily fulfill  …….

Some very high profiles Jewish people have become Messianic Believers. One of the most famous was folk / rock singer Bob Dylan who was Born-Again in 1979. More recently another Jewish superstar, Neil Diamond who has been in the upper level on the music industry for more than 50 years, recently recorded an new album – “Home Before Dark.” Even the title gives an indication that he has come to faith in Yeshua and is now a Messianic Jew, but one of the songs from the album absolutely confirms it. To watch and listen Click Here. The words of the song are true for almost every body in the world, and it is really a worship song. Josie and I first saw Neil Diamond sing that song on the American Idol talent contest. It was seen by many millions of people. For several years Neil has sung the song at his concerts with tens of thousands in the audience. As I wrote above it is a worship song and the words relate to almost every person in the world.

However Neil was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2018 and he has had to stop traveling and performing, so here is the mission ….. Thank the LORD for saving Neil Diamond – a Jew and most likely a Levite, and continue to pray every day that God will heal him and raise him back up to full health, so that he can resume his concerts, worshipping the LORD and testifying in front of thousands of unbelievers with that song. If we do that I believe the fruit of our prayers will be PRETTY AMAZING. And the LORD will bless you as you bless one of Abraham’s descendants through your prayer and intercession for Neil Diamond. You could also pray for Bob Dylan to renew his faith in Yeshua. Do not delay – the Slow Train that has been coming for thousands of years is now the ‘Bullet Train’ and it is speeding towards the end of its 6000 year journey.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie

This Week’s News Items

1. Gantz Warns that PM Netanyahu is Risking Internal War     World Israel News  Nov 23rd

Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz on Saturday accused PM Netanyahu of holding the people of Israel ?hostage? to his legal troubles and ?risking an internal war? to stay in power, while urging the leaders of Likud to ?make your voices heard? and join him in a unity government. In the address Gantz launched a scathing attack on the premier following Netanyahu?s press conference held shortly after the Attorney General Avichai announced he would indict him for corruption ? in which the prime minister accused prosecutors of mounting ?an attempted coup? against his rule, by framing him through a ?tainted? process. ?No Israeli leader, right or left, ever dared to imagine the state belonged to him, that without him it had no right to exist. None of them ever conceived of pitting brother against brother, inciting brother against brother, calling explicitly or implicitly to hurt one another,? Gantz said. He acknowledged that Netanyahu had shown patriotism throughout his life and public service and said ?he deserves thanks and appreciation? for it. ?I call to the leaders of Likud: I respect you and call for a partnership with you, even if we do not agree on everything? Now is the time to put your fears aside and past threats aside and march Israeli society to a new era of healing.? Netanyahu, he said, ?is risking igniting an internal war between us. In the face of his calls of incitement and hate, I stand here before you in the name of many people from right and left and tell you: It?s time to heal Israeli society.? He urged Likud to support a unity government under his leadership ?to prevent a pointless third election desired only by one man, contrary to what the people want, contrary to what the people need.? In his televised remarks Thursday PM Netanyahu said he?d ?given my life for this country, I fought for this country, was wounded for this country.? And while he said he deeply respected the country?s justice system, he added that ?you have to be blind not to see that something bad is happening to police investigators and the prosecution.?  Pray that a quick decision can be made and a news government formed

2. Some Likud Members Planning to Oust PM Netanyahu as Leader   Times of Israel News   Nov 24th

Several senior Likud lawmakers have reportedly been meeting behind the scenes in a bid to try and oust PM Netanyahu following the attorney general?s explosive Thursday announcement that he will indict the Israeli leader in three corruption cases. According to a Channel 12 TV report which did not cite sources, the senior Likud officials are convinced ?the Netanyahu era is over? and are working to try dethrone him as head of the party within the current 21-day period allotted for the Knesset to agree on a prime minister before Israel would be forced to go to new elections. One unnamed person said: ?We are trying to figure out how to wrest the party from his hands.? Top Likud members know that the only way they will be able to topple Netanyahu, who has held an iron group on the party for more than a decade and populated it with loyalists, will be to unite behind one candidate, but they are showing no sign of being able to do so. After September?s elections, and failed efforts by Netanyahu and rival Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to muster a majority, the Knesset has three weeks to find a prime ministerial candidate who enjoys the support of 61 MKs. With kingmaker Yisrael Beytenu saying it will not support a narrow government of any kind, and the indictment announcement seemingly killing off any chance of Blue and White agreeing to share power with Netanyahu, a new national poll ? the third in less than a year ? appears all but inevitable. But the unnamed senior Likud MKs now hope that they can wrest control of the situation and they are reportedly conducting polls to see who has the best chance. Pray that YHVH will have the final say in who is the leader of His nation

3. Israel’s Military Prepares for Iranian Retaliation  Israel Ha Yom News   Nov 24th

The IDF is girding itself to counter an expected Iranian reaction to some 20 airstrikes that Israeli jets carried out against its military positions in Syria on Tuesday night. At least 23 people were killed in the attacks, which destroyed among other sites the reported headquarters of the Iranian Al Quds Force that was located at the Damascus airport. Israel also destroyed several Syrian air defense batteries because they launched ground-to-air missiles to try and stop the IAF planes during the night-time raid. The most straightforward way for Iran to retaliate would be to order its proxy Hezbollah to launch short-to-medium range missiles at Israel. Israel sent reinforcements to man Iron Dome systems in the northern part of the country. Since Tehran has terrorist clients at Israel?s borders in the south as well, the high alert extends to the Gaza border and air defense batteries there. The IDF must take into account that Iranian proxy Palestinian Islamic Jihad may renew its rocket barrage on southern communities. Its two-day onslaught ended in a ceasefire with Israel last week. Israel?s attack came in response to four rockets launched at the north Tuesday morning, which were shot down by Iron Dome batteries. IDF spokesman Brig. Gen. Hidai Zilberman warned that the IDF is ready to take further measures as well. The army ?is prepared to respond harshly to further attacks if necessary,? he said. A senior security source told Israel Hayom on Wednesday that Israel was taking advantage of Iran?s current troubles to strike its most dangerous foe when it has been weakened. Army commanders met with municipal and regional officials to fill citizens on the Golan about the current situation, but no bomb shelters were opened or warnings given for people to stay within range of their safe rooms. Pray that GOD will assist the Israeli Army, Navy & Air Force to defeat any attack from Iran

4. Security Forces Arrest 60 Terrorists & Weapons   United WIth Israel News  Nov 25th

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out a number of missions this week, protecting the nations? citizens from those who seek to do them harm. According to a statement by the IDF, the army detained 60 suspected terrorists in Judea and Samaria. In addition, the IDF confiscated tens of thousands of shekels earmarked to fund terror activities. The weapons appeared to be held for use in terror attacks or criminal activity, the latter of which has become nothing short of an epidemic in Arab towns. The Israeli military also secured the skies from potential terrorist attacks. On Saturday night, the IDF shot down an unmanned drone after it crossed the Gaza border into Israeli territory. The drone was unarmed and was taken by the IDF for further investigation. On Friday, Hamas canceled the weekly violent riots at the Gaza border, marking only the fourth time since 2018 that this has happened. Pray that all potential terrorists are identified and arrested.

5. Boycott Advocate is First Deportee from Israel    United with Israel News  Nov 25th

Omar Shakir, who ran Human Rights Watch?s Israel office (HRW), is a proponent of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which is the reason he will be the first person deported under an Israeli law that permits removal of those who support anti-Israel boycotts. Shakir, a U.S. citizen, worked out of of Ramallah, which is the capital of the Palestinian Authority and a hotbed for terrorist activities and anti-Israel propaganda. ?Not only was there systematic support for BDS from Shakir, which continued after he began his work for the organization [HRW], his conduct surrounding FIFA, as well as his repeated calls for boycotting Israeli assets in the region, is based on a sweeping denial of the legitimacy of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria,? noted Israel?s Supreme Court?s ruling. ?This is a case in which a boycott was promoted only because of an affinity for the area [Israel] as opposed to its conduct.? Shakir?s deportation is based on statements he made, mostly on his own Twitter account, in support of the BDS movement before becoming director of HRW. These included backing Airbnb and boycott of Israel.  He is also a critic of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, which are not illegal under international law according to Israeli precedent and U.S. policy.  Shakir?s removal received praise from right-wing factions in Israel an centrists like Blue and White politician Yair Lapid, according to The Jerusalem Post. ?All those who work against Israel must know that we will not let them live or work here,? Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said earlier this month. Pray that anyone who attempts to harm Israel in any way, will be dealt with accordingly

6. Israeli Jets Attack Terror Sites In Gaza in Repsonse to Incoming Rocket  World Israel News  Nov 27th

After an incoming rocket from the Gaza Strip was intercepted by Israel?s missile defense system, it was the IDF?s turn to mete out punishment. Fighter jets from the Israel Defense Forces hit a number of Hamas terror targets in the southern Gaza Strip. Among the sites targeted was an underground infrastructure. ?The IDF holds the Hamas terror organization responsible for events transpiring in the Gaza Strip and emanating from it. Hamas will bear the consequences for actions against Israeli civilians,? the Army Spokesperson?s Office announced. The message, repeated with each IDF strike on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for incoming rockets, was not strictly adhered to after Israel assassinated Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu Al Ata two weeks ago. Despite IDF efforts, it has not been able to fully stop rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. PM Netanyahu has been politically vulnerable on the issue of the attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip. In 2018, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman resigned because of his dissatisfaction with the Israel ceasefire with Hamas. His resignation led to the collapse of the Netanyahu government, back-to-back elections and the current political deadlock the country now finds itself. Pray that if the Gaza rocket attacks continue, Israel will take firm action against all terror groups in Gaza.

7. Israeli Water Generator Receives Time Magazine Award  United With Israel News  Nov 25th

A machine that makes safe, clean drinking water out of ambient air?manufactured by the Israel-based company of Watergen?was included in Time magazine?s list in 2019 of the top 100 inventions published on Nov. 21. Resembling a typical water cooler and designed especially for homes and offices, the machine, which is named ?GENNY,? can produce as much as 27 liters of water per day. The apparatus makes water by using Watergen’s [atented heat exchnge GENius technology. It first collects water vapor in the air and then cools the air at its dew point. Subsequently, the water goes through physical, chemical and biological treatment, followed by a mineralization process, to maintain its cleanliness, tastiness and healthy quality. Essentially, the ?GENNY? not only functions as a dehumidifier, but also provides an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. Like Watergen?s other water generators, it needs no infrastructure to operate except for a source of electricity. The GENNY was also recognized in January by the Consumer Technology Association at this year?s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, earning ?Best of Innovation Honoree? in the ?Tech for a Better World? category. It was also distinguished as an honoree in the ?Home Appliances? category.  Watergen has been active in many countries including India, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Colombia, Uzbekistan and South Africa. Its goal in making clean water available to all parts of the globe with the help of it water generators earned the company its place on the World Economic Forum?s list of the world?s top technology pioneers in 2018. Pray that many more Israeli inventions receive the same award

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