The CARMEL ALERT – November 15th  2019 .; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those
committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Watch and Pray and  …..

Luke 21:9  – 11 But when you hear of wars and disturbances, do not be terrified, for all these things must first occur, but the end is not at once. And He said to them, Nation shall rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And great earthquakes shall be in different places, and famines and plagues. And there shall be terrors and great signs from Heaven. I


I have just returned home to Mt.Carmel after an amazing 12 day speaking tour of Canada. Many of my messages focused on possible signs over the last 2 or 3 years, and the events we are witnessing right now, that may well be indicators, (signs from GOD), that the return of Yeshua is getting very close. Even that a war with Iran is getting closer by the day. I flew out of Toronto on Monday night and all was normal back in Israel. Seven hours later as I transferred to the second flight at Munich airport, I picked up the news that the IDF had kiiled a number of terrorist leaders in Gaza and Damascus. As a result of that, once again volleys of rockets were being fired at Israel from Gaza – more than 220 on Tuesday alone, and Israel was retaliating. Hundreds more rockets were fired on Wednesday. The threat of a full blown conflict in Gaza was once again a reality.

We know for sure that Iran is behind Hamas, Hezbollah, and every other Middle East terror organisation. This time it may not be just a conflict between Israel and Hamas, but a full blown war in the Middle East. Not a pleasant thought for those of us who live here, but it is prophecied in the Bible and it must come to pass. This present situation could end in another ceasefire, or it could escalate into something much more serious. Consider also that over the last several years we have seen an notable increase of natural disasters, Earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, and fires caused by hot and dry weather conditions.

Many of these events have been described as the strongest, biggest, windiest, wettest or worst events of their kind ever recorded. I am sure we are all aware of the intensity and damaged caused by recent hurricanes Katrina, Harvey and Irma. These extreme weather events may have been caused by massive solar flares that erupted from the Sun at the time, but then let us not forget that YHVH controls the entire universe. A few years ago now, we passed through the time of the 4 blood red moons or the Tetrad. Red moons are simply caused by atmospheric conditions and occur regularly, but these 4 red moons all occurred on the first night Passover and the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles, 2 years in a row – back to back, which is very unusual, and when the Tetrads have occurred in the past, there have often been serious events concerning Israel and the Jewish people taking place. Now we are coming up to a very rare and very interesting alignment of the stars on September 23rd (for more information, go to Google)  And again YHVH controls the sun and the moon and the stars.

Turning to YHVH’s calendar, many believe that the period between September 2015 and September 2017 was a Shmitah year, or the year of release that GOD commanded the Israelites to keep every 7th year. That Shmitah may have been the 7th in the set of 7, which would make 2016 to 2017 a Jubilee year, or the year of return. We are about to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the British Partition of Palestine, and the liberation of Jerusalem from the Turkish Otterman Empire in 1917 – 1918, which led to the return of Israel as a nation in 1947 – 1948. Then in 1967, at the end of the Six Day War, Jerusalem was reunited under Jewish control after 1900 years of foreign occupation. The next 50 year step was 2017. Israel and the Jewish world have just celebrated the Fall Feasts. These are not Jewish feasts but the Feasts of the LORD which He calls My Moedim or Appointed Times, and they are a prophetic blueprint of YHVH’s plans and purposes for Planet Earth. The first 4 have been fulfilled exactly by the death and resurrection of Yeshua and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on what we call Pentecost, and the last 3 are the key to undertand the End Times.

You can imagine what is happening in the spirit realm when the LORD’s feasts are taking place – The Host in Heaven are rejoicing, and the evil ones in the other kingdom are trembling with hatred. How much more so with the Fall Feasts that shadow their final defeat !!!  This is proven by the fact that many attacks against Israel happen around the time of the Feasts.

I am not predicting that something definate is about to happen this week, but I am posing the question Could it be that the extreme weather, the patterns in the heavens and the feast season that is now approaching are an indication that GOD is about to do something dramatic ?  Are the rapidly increasing tensions with Iran, Turkey, Hamas Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad  and other terror groups an indicator that a major Middle East war is about to break out ?  That very possible scenario will dramatically change all of our lives, crashing the world’s financial system and bringing in the New World Order that has been spoken of for many decades now, beginning the final 7 year countdown to the return of Yeshua to the Temple Mount to rule His Father’s Kingdom for 1000 years, and then the new Heavens and the new Earth will be revealed.

Just as every other end time forecast has been wrong so far, this war may not break at this time, but it must surely be close. Some “nay” sayers are saying that it is wrong to attach any significance to the natural disasters and the signs in the heavens, but they are wrong to do that. In Matthew 16:3, Yeshua rebukes the people for not being aware of the signs of the times in which they lived. And the words of Yeshua in the opening verse from Luke 21:9 – 11, clearly tell us that these things are a sign that we are living in the last days. Whether it is now or 5 years away, there are some things that we should all be doing, more and more as the time draws near  ……… We need to be closely watching Israel and her neighbours, and praying. On the last evening of His earthly life, Yeshua instructed His disciples to do just that – watch and pray.

The reason I wrote this comment is to encourage you to do the same  …. Watch world events and the signs in the heavens and pray as the Spirit leads. And I will add one more word to Yeshua’s instruction ….  Watch and Pray …..  SAY  (speak up). This is not the time to be silent – we need to speak up and warn our unsaved family, friends, neighbours, work mates, and everyone we meet about the imminent return of the Messiah and the urgency to accept His blood sacrifice as the only way to come into an eternal relationship with the Father, before all Hell breaks loose and the gates are closed.

Please pray for supernatural protection over all of Israel as the rockets fly in and lets pray that many in the terror will have a vision of Yeshua and change kingdoms


The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.


Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie h


BREAKING NEWS  – Ceasefire Shaky Holding    World Israel News  Nov 14th

A ceasefire has been reached effective as of 5:30 a.m. Israeli time, Israeli media reports. However, at least five rockets from Gaza were fired later in the day. The ceasefire was reached with the help of Egyptian mediators after negotiations with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad who flew from Damascus to Cairo on Wednesday evening. The ceasefire is ??a result of Egypt?s efforts? and has been endorsed by ?Palestinian factions including Islamic Jihad,?? said a top Egyptian. The Islamic Jihad said on Wednesday that ?We will agree to a ceasefire under certain conditions.? These included an end to clashes in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, an end to shooting at rioters on the Gaza border, he said. However, according to an Israeli official quoted by The Jerusalem Post, Israel made no concessions in reaching a ceasefire with the extremist Islamist terrorist group. ?Israel achieved its operational objectives. Islamic Jihad was significantly harmed, infrastructures were destroyed and over 20 terrorists were targeted [killed],? the official said, the Jpost reports. On Tuesday, PM Netanyahu said, ?We have here a real change in the equation, because now the they know ? the terrorist leaders down to the last activist ? that we can reach them in their hideouts with surgical precision, and act against them. We?re at the height of the battle, but we hope it will be as short as possible.? The actual number of Palestinians killed according to latest reports is 34, assuming  a report from the Gaza Health Ministry is accurate. Over 450 rockets were launched at Israel within 48 hours since the IDF?s targeted killing of Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu Al Ata. PM Netanyahu said tha the Islamic Jihad leader whose assissination on Tuesday ignited the missile attack was a central leader, responsible for the launching of  ?hundreds of rockets? into Israel. He said he was a ?ticking time-bomb? whose intention to attack again made it necessary for Israel to kill him first.


This Week’s News Items


1. PM Netanayhu Has Appointed Naftali Bennet as Minister of Defence    World Israel News  Nov 10th

Israel’s New Right party leader Naftali Bennett agreed to take the defense portfolio after a Friday morning meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Bennett also accepted that if a solution is found to the current political impasse, or a broad, unity government is formed, he will step down to make way for another candidate to fill the post. The Likud and New Right parties also agreed to run as a joint faction in the current Knesset and if it is dissolved to run as a joint list in a possible third general election. PM Netanyahu?s decision to hand Bennett the defense portfolio is a major reversal from November 2018. Then Bennett demanded the defense ministry after Avigdor Liberman, chairman of the Israel Beiteinu party, quit the post. Despite Bennett?s ultimatum, PM Netanyahu was adamantly against the idea, and eventually took the position for himself, serving as both prime minister and defense minister. PM Netanyahu said at the time, ?I told them not to bring down the government, especially at such a sensitive time from a security perspective.? The appointment still needs to be approved at a government meeting. Pray that thiis move will lead to the forming of a new government and that Mr. Bennett will be a very good Minister of Defense


2. Israel Remains on High Alert for Iranian Missile Attack    JNN News  Nov 8th

Israel has been campaigning to prevent Iran and its proxies like the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist organization from obtaining advanced weapons to use against the Jewish state and from embedding itself in Syria. The IDF Chief of Staff and PM Netanyahu have warned in recent days of the increased threat posed by the Islamic Republic which they say is getting bolder and more willing to respond to Israeli attacks on Iranian and Iranian-backed terrorists and infrastructure. The treat is being addressed as critical and a series of adjustments have been made to IAF air defense systems in light of the fear that Iran might try to carry out an attack using cruise missiles or suicide drones similar to the Oct. 2019 attack against Saudi Arabia. Former defense minister  Avigdor Liberman, days ago, warned that Israel is in an emergency situation amid heightened tensions and a general threat of attack by Iran. ?When IAF Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin warns that the challenge of aerial defense is becoming more complex and the threat of missiles and rockets is now being joined by drones and cruise missiles and when the IDF is deploying David’s Sling and Arrow defense systems, it means we are in an emergency situation,? he wrote on his Facebook page. Pray for wisdom and strategy to be given to those who lead in Israel?s government, intelligence, and military agencies to know how to deal with Iran and Hezbollah?s increasing northern border threats and advanced weapon?s danger.


3. Arab World Opening Up to Israelis    United With Israel News   Nov 10th

An Israeli newspaper is reporting that Israeli passport holders will finally be able to freely visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as of October 2020. According to the report, UAE?s invitation for Israel to be represented at Dubai?s 2020 Expo is not meant to be a temporary invitation, but rather a permanent invitation to all Israelis to freely enter the country, which officially does not recognize Israel as a state. The Expo is a pilot during which Israelis tourist will be allowed to enter the country. But even after the exhibition closes, the UAE authorities will leave the gates of the country open to Israeli tourists,? an unnamed source from Dubai?s 2020 Expo management team told the newspaper reporter. Pray that more Arab countries will open up to Israeli Citizens


4. Benny Gantz Says He is Willing to Compromise to Form Government Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz on Monday said his party would be willing to consider compromising on some of its positions in the interest of forming a broad unity government alongside Likud and Yisrael Beytenu parties.He also took a shot at PM Netanyahu, calling on him to focus government-building negotiations on ?what interests Israeli citizens ? and not just what interests you.? Yisrael Beytenu  leader Avigdor Liberman presented a challenge to both PM Netanyahu and Gantz, saying that if either of them failed to back a unity government according to a proposal set out by President Rivlin and accept tough compromises in order to form a coalition together, he would walk back his commitment to a national unity government and support a minority government led by the candidate willing to compromise. In essence, Liberman was demanding that PM Netanyahu sever ties with the bloc of ultra-Orthodox and hard-right MKs and that Gantz allow PM Netanyahu to serve as premier first in a power-sharing deal. Liberman and Gantz were set to meet Tuesday to further discuss matters. And Gantz noted that the two parties have  already some agreements on future government policy. ?We want to work for a broad government to express the will of the majority,? he said. In a direct appeal to PM Netanyahu, Gantz claimed the premier was ?refusing to discuss the essential issues that are plaguing Israeli citizens.? He urged him to work toward ?direct, genuine and honest negotiations.? Pray for unity amongst the 3 main political leaders and that they will succeed in forming a government.


5. Israel Kills Terror Leader  World Israel News   Nov 12th

Israel killed a senior Islamic Jihad commander in the city of Gaza early Tuesday in a rare targeted killing that threatened to unleash a fierce round of cross-border violence with Gaza terrorists. Air raid sirens wailed throughout southern and central Israel as terrorists retaliated with heavy rocket fire. Approximately 160 rockets have been launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip since Tuesday morning when news of the assassination broke. About 60 of those rockets were reportedly intercepted by Israel?s Iron Dome missile defense system. The IDF operation to assassinate Baha Abu Al Ata was extremely skillful. reportedly targeting not just the building where Al Ata was staying, but the very room he was in. The Army?s goal was to avoid civilian casualties. |Over the last week, we have been waiting for the opportune moment to conduct the surgical strike. The airstrike was carried out with by one missile that destroyed only the floor of the building where Abu Al Ata was hiding in order to minimize ?collateral damage.?  PM Netanyahu said the decision to kill the Islamic Jihad commander was made on Sunday by the cabinet. ?Senior Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu Al Ata was targeted overnight in Gaza. He was responsible for many terrorist attacks and the firing of rockets at Israel in recent months and had intended to carry out imminent attacks,? Netanyahu?s office tweeted. ?The IDF action was recommended by the IDF Chief-of-Staff and ISA Director and was approved by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister after it had been presented to ? and approved by ? the Security Cabinet.?  Pray that Israel will continue to prevent anyone who means to kill or harm Israelis from doing so


6. UN Discovers Iran’s Nuclear     Associated Press (AP)  Nov 11th The United Nations? nuclear watchdog says uranium of a man-made origin has been discovered at a location in Iran not declared to the agency.The revelation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the first time it has acknowledged in a report that allegations made by Israel and the US are true. The IAEA did not identify the site in the confidential quarterly report distributed to member states and seen by The Associated Press on Monday. However, Israel and the U.S. say the site was on the outskirts of Tehran, a location previously described by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a secret atomic warehouse. Israel has alleged that material at the site comes from an Iranian military program involving work on nuclear weapons. Iran denies pursuing nuclear weapons and says its program is peaceful, contradicting evidence spirited out of Tehran during an Israeli mission to a secret location deep in Iran. The IAEA confirmed that Iran is now enriching uranium at its underground Fordo facility, a move prohibited by 2015 nuclear deal. It also said Iran continues to enrich uranium up to 4.5%, above the 3.67% allowed. Since the U.S. pulled out of the Iran nuclear pact last year and imposed sanctions, Iran has been slowly violating its provisions to pressure other nations to provide more incentives. In addition to Iran?s illegal nuclear program, the Islamic Republic funds and trains Hamas, Hezbollah and other terror militias throughout the region, which engage in proxy wars and skirmishes with host nations. The United States consistently ranks Iran as the world?s top state sponsor of terror. Pray for a new revolution in Iran, which will replace the Islamic leaders with a democratic government.


7. Amnesty International Accused of Lying About  Israeli Strike on Gaza Building    United With Israel News   Nov 13th

Amnesty International ?lied on Tuesday? when it accused Israel of bombing the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights building in Gaza and thus violating international law, Im Tirtzu, a pro-Israel watchdog, reported. Im Tirtzu quoted Fox News correspondent Trey Yingst, reporting from Gaza, who said the building was hit by a rocket that misfired from Gaza and that he witnessed the event. He was responding to a statement released Tuesday by Amnesty International, censuring the IDF. ?We strongly condemn attack on the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights whose office in Gaza was struck by an Israeli missile earlier this morning. Strikes targeting civilian buildings is a violation of international law. We are sending our solidarity to @ICHR_Pal,? the Amnesty statement read. However, ?Israel did not strike this building. A rocket misfired from Gaza. I was across the street when it happened,? Yingst tweeted. Amnesty International is frequently accused of having a strong antiIsrael bias and whitewashing the war crimes of Palestinian Arabs, Im Tirtzu said. Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg accused Amnesty International of deliberately spreading blood libels about Israel.

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