A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to praying.for Israel
David’s Comment: Your Prayer & Financial Partnership is Important and Makes a Difference

Romans 15:27 … if the nations have become partakers of their spiritual things, it is their duty to minister back to them in material things.

As the Carmel Alert was going out to our partners in the nations last Friday, a US drone fired 4 missiles at the vehicle carrying the 2nd  most powerful figure in the fundamental Islamic Iranian regime. The intended target was General Qassam Soleimani, who was killed. Israel, the USA and many European and Middle Eastern nations immediately raised their security levels. Here in Israel the Mount Hermon ski field was immediately closed to the public, Patriot Missile launchers were re-installed on top of Mt. Carmel, less than 2 kms from our home, and the Israeli military went on to high alert all around the county. With the limited Iranian response against the Iraqi military base, and President Trump’s speech on Wednesday, the situation has been defused somewhat – until next time !

On Wednesday and Thursday a major winter storm hit Israel hard with thunder and lightning, strong winds and a massive amount of rains. It has been raining steadily for the last 2 weeks, with just a few fine days inbetween, but the storm this week was unlike anything I can remember in Israel for many years. I am not exaggerating when I describe the rains as ‘torrential’ have caused millions of shekels worth of damage as many areas suffered from serious flooding. Here in the north, Nahariya, a man drowned as he attempted to rescue a family trapped in their car that was almost fully submerged in the floodwaters, children had to be rescued from their kindergarden, and in Haifa, more than 102 mm of rain fell on W3dnesday closing many roads at the bottom of Mt. Carmel, which created chaos for motorists. Hundreds of homes and stores have also been damaged by the dirty brown floodwaters.

So that was just one week in Israel. Sadly I need to be realistic and say that much worse lies ahead for Israel as the situation in the Middle East becomes more inflamed. Until there is a revolution and change of leadership in Iran, and also in Turkey, and until the numerous terror organisations are eradicated, Israel will continue to face the threat of war and terror. Josie and I have experienced 5 weeks of war as Hizbollah fired thousands of rockets towards Haifa. One rocket landed in the living room of an apartment just 3 kms or 2 miles from where we live. Of more concern was the fact that our first born son Stefan was at the front of the battlefront, inside Lebanon, and he was facing great danger 24/7. As we locked ourselves in our bomb-shelter, with the air raid siren wailing, thinking about our own lives and Stefan’s situation, the only sensible thing we could was to cry out the LORD for mercy and supernatural protection.

The other thing that gave us much comfort, was knowing that we have many brothers and sisters out there in the nations who love the GOD of Israel, love the nation of Israel and the Jewish people and the Silver family, and are committed to stand with us in good times and in not so good times. As we sat in the bomb-shelter, hearing and feeling every explosion as the rockets hit the ground, we were very aware that thousands of faithful Christians were praying with us and for us. And when you are praying for Israel, you are also praying for the Kingdom, which can only come to the fully restored nation of Israel. The Devil knows this is true, and this is why he uses Iran, Turkey and the terror groups to do their utmost to destroy Israel and kill the Jews. That is the number one reason that every passionate Christian should be praying for the restoration and protection of Israel and the Jewish people.

The LORD willing, we will do our best to keep you updated as 2020 unfolds, and as Bible prophecy and world events collide. If the first few days of the year are anything to go by, we are in for a interesting and dramatic 12 months, and that may turn out to be an understatement. For those who appreciate the comments, news and prayer updates but have not been supporting Out of Zion financially, would you please seek the LORD as to whether He would have you sow something back in to bless the ministry and our lives which are really intertwined. Any amount that you are able to sow in will be appreciated, and will be effective. Romans 15:27 … if the nations have become partakers of their spiritual things, it is their duty to minister back to them in material things. Please CLICK HERE to see the donation information for your nation.

Josie and I look forward to your continuing partnership in 2020 as we move closer and closer to the return of Yeshua to rule over the Kingdom for 1000 years and then forever, and may 2020 be a year of increase for all of us …..  Amen & Amen in the Name of  Messiah Yeshua.

The LORD bless you in 2020, as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie

This Week’s News Items

1. Israel Will be a Target for Iranian Reprisal to US Assassination   INN News  Jan 5th

Zvi Yehezkeli, Channel 13‘s Arab affairs jouralist, on Friday warned that Iran will place Israel on its list of targets due to the US elimination of Revolutionary Guards leader Qassam Soleimani. Yehezkeli has said several times, during interviews with 103 FM Radio, that Israel should eliminate Soleiman, who was the most powerful Iranian after Ayatolla Ali Khamenei. “I would hit the head of this terror arm,” he said. And on Thursday night, it happened: Soleimani and six others were killed in a US drone strike in Iraq. “I’m happy someone listened to my advice,” Yehezkeli told 103 FM on Friday morning. He emphasized: “It wasn’t Israel – it was US President Trump who at the end of the day banged on the table and said, ‘No more!’ Soleimani was the one responsible for Iran’s expansion in the Middle East over the past decade. He’s the same person who built entire armies within the countries of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen – and he’s the person who is connecting and turning all the Arab countries into a Shiite army. According to Yehezkeli, Soleimani was “the most important political-military figure in Iran after Khamenei himself, if not his equal. The US essentially eliminated Iran’s military and political president at the same time. There’s no question, he’s on the level of Ali Khamenei.” Yehezkeli also warned that there would be a response from Iran: “The elimination is an event on a scale such as we have not seen in the Middle East for a long time,” he tweeted. “The Iranians are in shock. Soleimani felt very free and easy in Iraq. He did not think the Americans would eliminate him, and he did not take precautions.” “I believe the Iranians will place Israel on their list of targets. We are entering a long period of waiting and preparation for an Iranian response – and Israel is already preparing for such a reaction. A former Iranian Military leader claimed on Sunday that Iran?s Revolutionary Guard was capable of striking the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa. Rezaee previously alleged Israel somehow leaked information about Soleimani?s whereabouts to U.S. forces, who killed him Friday in a drone strike. Pray that whatever the Iranian Islamic regime plans against Israel will fall back on their own heads

2. Pro Israel Groups is Favour of US Assasination of World’s No.1 Terrorist   United With Israel News   Jan 5th

For the most part, Jewish and pro-Israel groups mostly reacted positively to the U.S. elimination of the head of Iran?s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps? Quds Force, Maj. Gen. Soleimani, in a U.S. airstrike in Iraq on Thursday last week.?At the direction of the president, the U.S. military has taken decisive defensive action to protect U.S. personnel abroad by killing Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force, a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization,? said the Pentagon in a statement. B?nai B?rith International CEO and executive vice president Dan Mariaschin told JNS, ?The American strike today was a major step in the war against terror. Soleimani was the chief agent for Iran?s export of terror throughout the region and beyond. Hopefully, this will serve as a strong deterrent to those who would seek to harm the United States and its allies. Most left wing liberals are coming out against the elimination of Soleimani. Pray that Israel’s leaders will be as bold as President Trump when it comes to dealing with anyone who plans to do harm to Israel and the Jewish people

3. US Embassy in Israel Issues Warning for Rocket Attacks    Jerusalem Post   Jan 6th

The US Embassy in Jerusalem issued a security alert on Monday, warning its citizens of a possible missile attack on Israel. ?Heightened tension in the Middle East may result in security risks to US citizens abroad,? the embassy said in a press release. ?Out of an abundance of caution, the Embassy strongly encourages US citizens to remain vigilant and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness, as security incidents, including rocket fire, often take place without warning.? Read More Related Articles Two days prior, the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv issued a travel warning for the region, saying the ?security situation could worsen with little warning.? It called on its citizens to ?exercise caution.?  Pray that “no weapon formed against Israel will prosper”

4. PM Netanyahu Warns Iran Not to Attack Israel    INN News   Jan 8th

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned that Israel would strike a “resounding blow” if attacked by arch foe Iran, as regional tensions soar after the US killing of a top Iranian general. “Anyone who attacks us will receive a resounding blow,” the premier said in Jerusalem Wednesday, after Iran launched a salvo retaliatory missile strikes on bases used by US troops deployed to Iraq. PM Netanyahu has described the target of last week’s US drone strike as a “terrorist-in-chief”.  “Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of countless innocent people, he destabilized many countries for decades, he sowed fear and misery and anguish and he was planning much worse,” PM Netanyahu said. “He was the architect and driver of Iran’s campaign of terror throughout the Middle East and the world.” The Israeli premier praised US President Donald Trump for acting swiftly, boldly, and resolutely in killing Soleimani in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. “President Trump should be congratulated for acting swiftly, boldly and resolutely against this terrorist-in-chief who was the architect and driver of Iran’s campaign of carnage and terror throughout the Middle East and throughout the world. What I am saying here today, openly, and what I have said in recent days, many, many leaders in the Middle East think. It is very important to say that Israel stands completely beside the United States. I once again want to say what I have said many times, and I repeat it today, and it is especially important today, America has no better friend than Israel and Israel has no better friend than the United States of America,? the PM said.  Pray that the Iranian leaders heed the warning and do not place their citizens in  danger from an Israeli response

5. Tourism to Israel Increases Again in 2019    TPS News   Jan 3rd

According to official figures, about 4.55 million tourists visited Israel in 2019, injecting about NIS 20 billion into the Israeli economy. The number of tourist stays in Jerusalem increased by 8% in 2019, and by 9% in Tel Aviv and 18% in Tiberias. Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin stated that ?this historic achievement is a direct result of the ongoing revolution in marketing Israel around the world.? The Tourism Ministry has launched campaigns in China, India and Europe to encourage tourism from new countries, has invested in infrastructure development, and has offered incentives for international airlines to open new routes to the country. ?Incoming tourism contributes to the development of the periphery and the economy and I am proud to lead this,? Levin added. Director-General of the Ministry of Tourism Amir Halevi noted that ?this is the third consecutive year that we have broken the record for incoming tourism to Israel,? dramatically increasing tourism visits from two to four and a half million entries annually. The leading source countries for incoming tourism were the USA, France, Russia, Germany, Britain, Italy, Poland, China, Ukraine and Romania. Some 54 percent of tourists said that their views on Israel changed for the better after visiting the country, and 93 percent ranked their experience as good to excellent, according to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism?s 2018 Inbound Tourism Annual Report published in July 2019. Pray that tourism, which is a major source of income for Israel, will continue to increase in 2020

6. PM Netanyahu: “Israel Never Lost the RIght to Judea and Samaria     World Israel News   Jan 8th

PM Netanyahu has expressed hope that the International Criminal Court?s decision to investigate Israel would fall flat.The PM made it very clear that settlements in Judea and Samaria will not be evacuated in any peace plan on his watch. ?We never lost our right to live in Judea and Samaria,? PM Netanyahu said. ?The only thing we lost, temporarily, was the ability to assume our rights after 1948, between the War of Independence and the Six-Day War. And when we returned there, we didn?t return to a strange land that we stole from its previous owners,? he said. ?This is a total distortion of the historical truth.? The PM made a point to thank U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for boldly reversing the decades of US policy by declaring that the Trump administration does not view settlements in Judea and Samaria as illegal. ?The Pompeo declaration about the status of the towns [in Judea and Samaria] establishes the truth that we are not strangers in our own land,? he said. ?In a clearly defensive war, we returned to the land where our forefathers put down roots thousands of years ago.? With U.S. support on this issue, Netanyahu expressed hope that the International Criminal Court?s investigation of Israeli war crimes in Judea and Samaria would fail. ?Pompeo?s declaration is the appropriate response to the scandalous decision of the International Criminal Court in The Hague to investigate the [the establishment of Jewish communities] in Judea and Samaria,? PM Netanyahu said. ?As opposed to the views of some in the European community who view Pompeo?s declaration as a step that distances peace, I say the exact opposite: This declaration advances the chances of peace, because peace must be based on truth and not lies,? he added. U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman echoed the same message during his speech at the event by saying that the U.S policy on Judea and Samaria doesn?t take away the Palestinians right to live in dignity and peace, but rather provides Jews the same rights. ?You don?t need a Ph.D. or a law degree to know who has a good claim to this land,? Friedman said. ?The answer, with all due respect to the scholars, is just obvious. Because it?s so obvious ? because the right of Israel to settle in Judea and Samaria is so obvious ? the goalposts started to move.? Pray that the ICC investigation will be a total failure and a waste of time

7. Severe Winter Storms Cause Deaths and Damage  Times of Israel News   Jan 9th

A severe winter storm is the latest national plight, leading to hand-wringing over the lack of response and praise for a hero killed after jumping right in to save others. The storm is dumped buckets of rain on parts of the country, wreaking deadly havoc on deluged cities. Pictures of flooding dominate the media showing an Israel that looks more like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina than anything the Jewish state has experienced on this wide a scale. Photos and videos show cars trying to ford flooded roads, people being carried on the backs of others or getting rides in the shovel of a front loader. There is massive damage to homes and cars from om the Beer Tuvia area of the northern Negev, and the police blocked roads so people were not in danger. Torrential rain hit the center and south of the country on Thursday, but on Wednesday, it was Nahariya and Haifa that got the brunt of the storm, with news channels offering almost nonstop coverage of heavy flooding especially in Nahariya, which looked like Venice. A man who died while pulling a family out of a car that got caught in a flooded street in Nahariya, is widely feted as a hero. He was the 7th weather-related fatality of the winter. The storm began to move away Friday morning and the Sabbath is forecast to be fine. Pray that the rest of the winter will bring much more rain, but in amounts that the drainage system can handle.

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