Several days ago, I read in one of the news reports I receive, an article that quoted the Iranian President as saying, “Israel is the cancer of the Middle East and needs to be removed “

With virulent hatred, we know that Iran is doing its best to plan for this to become a reality.  They believe they have a very powerful army, with back up from other
Arab nations, and even other European nations.  These leaders believe they and their armies are infallible, they cannot be conquered, they cannot be overcome they cannot lose, and they cannot fail.

They look on Israel with their natural eyes and what they see, is a very small nation with a small but powerful army, but not more powerful than theirs in numbers, equipment and weaponry.  They see with their natural eyes that Israel is surrounded by enemies, and that this makes it impossible, with all of the weaponry, and military power that Arab nations possess, for Israel to even have a chance of survival.  They see with their natural eyes, that we do not physically or militarily have  what it takes to be victorious in the event of an all out Middle East war.

They walk, talk, plan, strategise,  act and see  it all from a natural perspective.   What they don’t see, is with their spiritual eyes. Therefore, what they don’t know is that ultimately what they are planning, is a war with the God of Israel Himself, and His armies.

They are evil dictators who have hardened hearts full of rage and virulent hatred to come against the nation that has been ordained, consecrated, anointed, appointed and made Holy to the God of Israel .  A nation that will not “bow down” to evil demands, threats, greed, hatred, idoltary  and domination.  Their every breath and thought is to  totally annihilate and bring destruction to God’s chosen nation

Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach and Adendigo also came to live with the same threat of dictatorship to the point that if they did not “bow down” and renounce who they believed in and what they believed in they would be cut off, cut out of the “system” and destroyed.  Their defiance in the eyes of Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon propelled them into the fire.

Israel is in much of the same situation today.  Israel refuses to “bow down”.  Her government and the people of Israel stand proud of who they are as Israelis and what their nation represents, and she stands justifiably, and rooted ,for her right to be the people and nation that the God of Israel destined her to be. She shall not be moved   Psalm 46:5

For this, she stands once again (as Shakrack, Meshack and Adenigo) did, with the threat to be cast “into the fire”.  These three young, courageous, faith filled Jewish men, represent the Jewish people , the nation of Israel.  They are our example, they are heros, they trusted the Holy One of Israel, and as they did, and moved out in faith, it moved the hand of God to do the supernatural, the extraordinary

The Iranians do not know “the God who will deliver us from their hands ”   Daniel 3:15

The point is –  Israel has to go “into the fire”, so she can be delivered by the God of Israel,  and there in the midst of the “fire” (the attack/war) , once again, He will appear  He will deliver, He will make Himself known to the enemies of Israel, His name and fame will be broadcast to the nations.

And they will know   Daniel 3:28  Him who sent His Angel to deliver Israel because they (Israel) trusted in Him

Points to ponder  ….. 

1)  Israel will need to go into the “fire” to be delivered

2)  He will send  His Angel to deliver us

3)  Israel needs to trust her God as she goes into the “fire” that He will deliver us

4)  The God of Israel will allow this, so His he can be seen and made known as the God of the Israeli people who came and delivered them.

And then they (the enemies of Israel ) will say as Nebuchadnezzar said in   Daniel 3:28 ……..  There is no other God who can deliver like this !!


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