IRI 2012   – a Poem by Pat Caney   (UK)


Closer and closer, up to Jerusalem

Oh what a wonderful sight I could see.

Dark night lit up by her lights oh so shining

Fully awake now was I, at half past three!


Lots of new faces and familiar faces

Assembled together to worship the King.

Keren, Karen and Jenny, empowered by the Spirit

Led God given worship to dance to and sing.


Fifteen nations all bonded as one

As we prayed through the Land in accord

The Knesset, the borders to name but a few

Where we warred and we praised and we yielded the sword.


The shofars were blowing and flags they were flowing

And people were drawn in to see.

Such a blessing to tell them we loved and stood with them

And they’re never alone ‘cos they have you and me.


Our theme song resounded right up to the heights

As we sang it wherever we prayed.

Let the Glory of God arise in the Land

Through this song may foundations be laid.


Thanks David, Josie, Yaron and worship leaders all

Our time so amazing and how it did fly.

Returning to our nations equipped for the battle

Our voices resounding with a loud Am Israel Chai!


Ruth’s Impression of the 2012 Summit

I am still processing my time in the Land and it is hard to say what was the most impacting.  Going to the Knesset was special and David I was very challenged by your boldness.  Latrun was a place that I have read about many times and it has always broken my heart with so many lives lost for nothing and it was such a crucial place to take in controlling the road to Jerusalem. 
Travelling up north to the border areas and being able to declare the truth of God’s Word over the gateways to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan was very powerful in light of what is going on in the nations and knowing their plans. Praise God it will be His plans that will be established forever!
Ha Carmel, the prayer tower, the speakers, all of it was in fact  a glorious kaleidoscope  of being in Lord’s Land with His covenant People – you just have to be there and experience it!
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