An Intercessory Network Connecting Israel and the Nations

In association with Out of Zion Ministries, Mt Carmel – Israel

“Go through, go through the gates, Prepare the way for the people …. Take out the stones”

– Isaiah 62:10

Dear Intercessors,

I want to share with you, and to invite you to participate in a vision, that I believe the Lord gave me in 2001.

As you know, David and I are the founders and directors of Out of Zion Ministries, based here on Mt. Carmel . The primary vision of Out of Zion is two-fold:

1) To share the gospel with the Jew first and also with the Gentiles

2) To share with the Church about her Jewish roots and her Biblical responsibility and relationship to Israel ; and to encourage Christians to bless the Jewish people through prayer, intercession and financial support.

David and I believe that both of the above are imperative to hasten the ushering in of the Lord’s return (Acts 3:21 and 2 Peter 2:12) to establish the kingdom of God here on earth, which will be based in Jerusalem .

My intercessory ministry is an email based network that will enable two-way communication from Israel to the nations, and from the nations to Israel . Just before the Lord established this ministry, I had a very vivid dream in which I saw many small rivers flowing into one big river. The small rivers represented the many different nations, and the big river represented Zion . As the small rivers flowed into the big river they deposited and imparted something to leave in Zion , but at the same time the nations that came up to Zion received from the Holy Spirit to take back and impart to their nations. (Jeremiah 31:12)

I send out a monthly intercessory bulletin with current information, statistics and facts, along with suggested prayer guidelines and scriptures.


1) To pray for continuing and increasing Aliyah (immigration of Jews to Israel ) – And also that Messianic Jews in the nations would increasingly grow and mature and also make Aliyah. With the current economical and financial situation we are in, now is the time for all Jews to return to their homeland, Israel .

2) To pray for the salvation of the Jewish people in Israel .

3) To pray for our government, our soldiers, the Messianic body in Israel , and for the situation with Israel ’s surrounding enemies.

The first two points are prophetic signs of the Lord’s return


To establish a deeper connection for this vision, through worship, intercession and fellowship together, I felt the Lord leading me to establish annual international intercessory prayer summits here in Zion .The first prayer summit was held in March 2002, and we have continued to each year invite committed intercessors from the nations to come up to Zion to worship and intercede before the Lord. Each summit has been a powerful demonstration of international unity and focus for the restoration of Israel .

As we have entered into prophetic intercession, worshipped, danced, waved flags and banners, wept together, blown shofars, the Holy Spirit has come and met us all in ways far above what we could have imagined. We believe that each year we accomplish in the spiritual realm, the objective that the Holy Spirit gives me according to the theme of the summit.

We hope many of you can come and join us in this prophetic act to “Prepare the Way” for our coming King and Messiah. You will not be disappointed!

– Josie

For more information for this years IRI prayer summit email me at ….

Invitation for Intercessors and Watchmen of this ‘hour’ – to pray on Mt. Carmel

Isaiah 42:11-13 Let them shout from the top of the mountains ….. declare His praise, and give glory to the Lord … and He shall prevail against His enemies.

Zechariah 8:22 For many peoples and strong nations shall come and seek the Lord and worship before Him.

Mt Carmel is a very strategic mountain located in the northern part of Israel , close to the borders where Israel ‘s enemies will attack. We need to continue to build a wall of protection and a shield here in the north thru prayer and intercession, praise and worship, which will in effect be a shield to the rest of the nation, when the attacks come.

This mountain is a spiritual high place, and the Lord has positioned us here as watchmen. We want other watch-men to come and join us throughout the year, to decree word of the Lord, to worship, and to implement His strategy through prayer and inter-cession as a pre-emptive measure against the next attack that is being prepared by our enemies.

If you are an intercessor and planning to bring a group to Israel, then would you prayerfully consider connecting with us, and to slot into your itinerary just one hour to come and seek the Lord with us here on Mt. Carmel, and to plead for His mercy, to remind Him of His covenant promises to Israel for her deliverance, protection and salvation.

The days are getting darker by the hour, and I feel an urgency in my spirit. With the economic unrest and political instability in the world, and in Israel , Israel ’s enemies on our doorstep, nuclear threats, anti semitism rising, we need more than ever, to beseech the Lord and plead for His mercy.

Please communicate with me by email, if you feel led to be committed to be a part this ministry, or if you want to arrange a time to come to pray with us. Click Here to contact me

In Messiah’s love and grace,

Josie Silver

2007 Prayer Summit Video

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