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.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Failing to Prepare is Preparation to Fail – Pray for the Best …. Prepare for the Worst
2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

The worsening outbreak of the Coronavirus in so much of the world necessitates that I continue to share my thoughts on this subject again this week. The infection rate and the death rate is dramatically rising here in Israel and in the nations where most of our readers are living. In these worst affected nations are coming to the point of almost total lockdown. Airlines, hotels, cafes and restaurants, shopping malls, small and medium businesses, are almost fully closed down, many are in danger of total bankruptcy, if the shutdown lasts for an extended time. The major stock markets have been in freefall with trillions of dollars being wiped out. The world is facing what may turn out to be the most serious challenge it has ever faced. I wish I was exaggerating but I really believe that this is how serious it really is. So it is imperative that the Body of Yeshua on Earth, that is you and me brothers and sisters, take it seriously and pray as we have never prayed before.

The internet is full with medical and Christian commentators giving their ‘expert’ opinions on the cause and the solution of the virus. Of course their opinions cover all of the probable as well as the improbable theories. The truth is that no-one can be 100% sure at this point of time. I am being very careful not to make black and white conclusions, but simply share with you all of the information that is out there, to help you be informed and best prepared for all eventualities.

If the virus is being empowered from the spiritual realm, then to pray effectively we need to correctly discern from which spiritual kingdom is the behind the spread of the dramatic virus. Is it the kingdom of darkness in the process of crashing the current world financial system in preparation to bring in the cashless ‘666’ system we read about in Revelation chapter 13. In that case we can definately pray against the spread of the virus.

If it is the LORD allowing the virus to impact the world, then we need to be careful how we pray, not wanting to pray against what the LORD is doing. Considering the godless, idolatrous, sin full world we live in, we have to ask the question  … Has GOD reached the end of His patience and grace with the world ? Is HE saying Dayenu ? (Hebrew = enough) Dayenu to unbelief in ME and My Son; Dayenu to Abortion; Dayenu to same sex and sex outside of marriage; Dayenu to hatred, crime, greed and corruption. Dayenu ! If that is the case, then its is unlikely that HE will stop the virus until the world begins to change the way we behave towards HIM and HIS Son Yeshua the Messiah. I believe we that if we pray in line with HIS will, hen we will see HIM move HIS hand in a powerful way.

 As I was having my quiet time earlier in the week, I sensed the Holy Spirit give me these 3 key prayer points.

1/. We need to pray that the LORD will release a spirit of revelation over all of the nations in the hope that millions will see that YHVH the GOD of Abraham, Isacc & Jacob is GOD – the only GOD.
2/. We need to pray that the LORD will follow no.1 with the release a spirit of conviction of the sins of our nations and the present and eternal consequences of sin
3/. We need to pray that the LORD will then release a spirit of deep heartfelt repentance, from our political and church leaders and down to the people of the nation.

To be realistic, much of the world is worshipping other gods and not the GOD of the Bible and until now they are very resistant to the Gospel. Most of the once nations have been deceived out of their faith in the Bible by more that 100 years of evolution teaching which makes the Bible irrelevant. That plus the desire to live the way they want, instead of the way that GOD requires of us, has made the hearts and minds of people rock hard against truth of the Bible and the existence of a loving Creator / Father. Worldwide repentance is almost ‘Mission Impossible’, however the Bible tells us that nothing is impossible for GOD. So there is hope for the world, especially if the Body of Yeshua rises up in prayer and fasting for our family, friends, neighbours, workmates and our leaders. James tells us that faith without works is dead, and Romans 10:13 Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will besaved, but verse 14 goes on to say how will they believ unless they hear and how will they hear unless someone proclaims  …… These are the days of Elijah. As well as praying for people, we need to speak up and boldly declare the word of the LORD.

Preparing for the days ahead  …….  3 possible scenarios

The worst case scenario is  that the virus will continue to spread, the lockdowns will become even more strict, the world system will crash and the New World Order will be established. This means that if we Believers are to continue walking with the LORD, we cannot be a part of the new system. This means that we cannot buy or sell, feed our families, pay our rent, put fuel in our cars, etc. That is very scary, but we need to remember that the LORD provided everything the Israelites needed during their 40 years in the wilderness and He is still the same GOD today. We need to be prepared by knowing GOD intimately, knowing the Word and being filled with the Holy Spirit, and trusting Him for everything we need for our family to survive.

The middle case scenario is that a preventative and healing vaccine will be found very soon and made available immediately, enabling life to return to relative normality until the next plague is released. I do not mean to be a prophet of doom, but could there be a repeat of the 10 plagues that hit Egypt (todays world), before the Israelites (the people of GOD today) were able to pass out of Egypt to begin their journey to the Promised Land ?

The best case scenario is that GOD will show HIS abundant mercy and grace on Israel and the Nations and release the 3 spirits I mentioned above, and that our spiritual and governmental leaders will call our nations to true repentance. That means ban all other religions, repeal the abortion laws, repeal same sex marriage laws, and make the Bible the foundation of our nations. Yes I know that seems like ‘Mission Impossible’ but as I said earlier nothing is impossible for GOD.  We must believe that our prayer and intercession at this very challenging time can make a difference and at the least  multitudes will come to faith in the GOD of Israel by way of His Son Yeshua.

Psalm 55:17 Evening, morning and noon will I pray and cry aloud and HE shall hear my prayer.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie

This Week’s News Items
1. PM Netanyahu Implores Benny Gantz to Join Emergency Unity Government  World Israel News   March 22nd
Prime Minister Netanyahu on Saturday warned that the health care systems of countries around the world are facing imminent collapse if the spread of the coronavirus cannot be contained, and claimed that the virus may turn out to prove the biggest threat to humanity since the Middle Ages.  At the same time, he implored his opposition rival Benny Gantz to join him in an ?emergency unity government? in order to help save Israel from the virus, where he said it threatened to kill ?tens of thousands.? Netanyahu said he would share power on a completely even basis with Gantz?s Blue and White party for three years, although he would insist on serving for the first 18 months of that period as prime minister, with Gantz then taking over. Gantz was tasked by Israel?s president on Monday with forming a government, after receiving the backing of 61 of the 120 MKs. In an interview with Channel 12 news, PM Netanyahu issued a series of terrifying predictions about the possible global impact of the virus ? whose accuracy cannot definitively be determined at this stage ? but denied that he was trying to panic the Israeli public into retaining him as prime minister. He even offered to step down as PM in 2021 as part of a unity deal. PM Netanyahu acted quickly in recent weeks to close Israel?s borders and impose an internal semi-lockdown to try to thwart the contagion; as of Saturday night, almost 900 Israelis have been found to be infected, and there has been one fatality. Pray that all of Israel’s political leaders drop their own agendas and work together to defeat the virus

2. Israeli Start-Up Claims their Masks Stop the Virus  United With Israel News  March 22nd
With the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading globally and the world longing for medical solutions to the pandemic, all eyes are on labs in Europe, China, the US, and Israel, currently in the process of developing vaccines for Covid-19. One medical innovation that may not be able to single-handedly end the pandemic but is expected to succeed in slowing the virus? spread, is protective clothing, most notably masks, manufactured by Israeli medical company Sonovia. ?Cutting-edge nano-coating technology? allows the company to use sound waves to place chemicals and materials such as copper into textiles, thus ensuring long-term protection against bacteria. Dr. Migdal says he and his team are ?leading the revolution in this field,? with the materials produced by Sonovia ?stronger than antibiotics and even working against bacteria resistant to antibiotics.? As the number of Covid-19 cases grew, research showed that certain materials, including the copper nano-particles used in Sonovia?s materials, were able to kill off the virus. With the crisis reaching Israel, the company decided to import all of its raw materials from Germany and have them made into protective masks in a factory in Jerusalem. ?We have donated 98% of our masks, and merely kept a few for strategic purposes. We will deliver more, as soon as we scale up our production,? Dr. Migdal told TPS. With 120,000 masks already donated to be distributed among medical workers and employees in critical infrastructure, Sonovia is proud of its achievements. Pray that these masks will be successful in preventing the spread of the virus

3. Israel Closes all Borders to Halt the CoronaVirus  JNS News Service March 22nd
Israel is only permitting citizens and those with residency permits to enter the nation as part of its strategy to minimize the coronavirus? impact on the nation. Until the corona crisis is under control, Israel is not permitting foreigners to enter the country, unless they have residency permits, to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Population and Immigration Authority announced. ?Following two weeks of restricting entry to travelers who are neither citizens nor residents of the State of Israel, the Health Ministry has recommended stricter entry prevention measures to halt the spread of the virus ,? said the statement, according to a report by i24 News on Wednesday. Some exceptions would be allowed for people who are based in Israel, the statement said. Israel has over 500 confirmed coronavirus cases and no deaths yet from the virus. Israel’s Public Security Minister predicted last Wednesday that the country was headed to a ?full shutdown. In addition, Israel closed off Palestinian areas in Judea and Samaria on Wednesday in order to help stop the virus. Pray that the border closure will restrain the virus as hoped for.

4. Hamas Threatens to Infect Israelis With CoronaVirus    United With Israel News   March 23rd
Hamas threatened to intentionally infect Israelis with coronavirus if Qatar does not fork over millions over dollars to the Gaza-based terror group. Hamas has relayed messages to Egypt and Qatar threatening to ?put half of the Israelis into shelters and increase the number of corona patients? if Qatari financial aid is not handed over to the Gaza Strip in the near future. The Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper, which has reliable sources in Hamas, claims that in response to Hamas? threats, Israel responded that it would not tolerate renewed attacks from the Gaza Strip. Hamas? demands come as it seeks to increase aid to the Gaza Strip due to the state of emergency in dealing with the virus and following fears that Qatari aid to Gaza will be postponed. Al Akhbar reported that Hamas is demanding that mediator countries pressure Israel to provide medical equipment to prevent the spread of the virus, which has already been detected in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, the Hamas Health Ministry Director-General announced that two civilians, who returned from Pakistan last Thursday, were infected with the virus. He also called for the closure of restaurants, cafes and event halls and for the halt of Friday prayers at mosques until further notice. Pray that Hamas is rebuked for even thinking in such an evil, subhuman way.

5. Breaking News: Unity Government Finally Formed  Times of Israel News    March 26th
Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz is set to partner Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a unity government, serving initially as foreign minister but then taking over from Netanyahu as prime minister in September 2021, according to a reported deal taking shape amid immense political drama in Israel late Thursday afternoon. Gantz?s decision to join forces with Netanyahu immediately led to the collapse of Blue and White, with the party?s No. 2 Yair Lapid rejecting the move and apparently heading into opposition with others from his Yesh Atid component of Blue and White. ?Gantz chose Netanyahu over Lapid,? Channel 12 reported succinctly. Yesh Atid and Moshe Ya?alon?s Telem faction both filed a formal request to break away from Blue and White late on Thursday afternoon, leaving only Gantz?s Israel Resilience Party to join forces with PM Netanyahu?s Likud. Lapid had reportedly told Gantz he preferred that Israel go to fourth elections rather than see Blue and White partner Netanyahu in power. Pray that the 2 leaders can work together and become political partners to lead the country through the virus crisis.

6. Worst of the Coronavirus Yet to Come   World Israel News   March 26th
The worst is still ahead, Israeli officials warn as coronavirus cases continue to rise. As of Thursday evening the number of infected people in Israel is 2666 and 8 deaths. ?Unfortunately, we will continue to see more sick and deceased,? Director of Public Health Services Siegal Sadetzki told Kan Radio on Thursday morning. She said there is no doubt that there are more infected than Israel knows, warning that the worst is still ahead. ?We?re nearing the exponential phase of the epidemic,? Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said in a press conference Wednesday. ?We?re seeing accelerated growth in the number of serious corona-positive people who need respiratory support. This is worrying,? he said. Bennett said he would like to increase the number of available respirators to 10,000. There are currently only about 3,000 in the country with about half of those already in use. ?We need a lot more,? he said, adding, ?There will be no respirators available when our grandparents are dying.? Bennett told reporters, ?I will fight and will not give up until we convince everyone to do a 180? and change the policy to do mass testing. If the State of Israel wants to get back to normal, we should be carrying out 30,000 tests a day.?  ?There will be a deterioration in the scope of the health of patients, the economy, and society,? he said. Pray that the LORD will have mercy on Israel and the nations and cause the virus to begin to decrease in the next few days.
7. Level of Sea of Galilee at 16 Year High   Times of Israel News   March 25th
Thanks to a rainy winter, the Sea of Galilee?s waters have reached a 16-year high. The lake?s water levels are measured daily, and according to officials, reached a record high of 686.6 feet (209.275 meters) on Tuesday morning. This marks the highest level recorded at the lake since July 2004, nearly 16 years ago. The Sea of Galilee, located in northern Israel, is the Jewish state?s largest source of fresh water. As Israel?s typically dry spring season kicks off, heavy rainfall isn?t forecast for the foreseeable future. However, the lake?s water levels may rise further, due to melting snow from mountains in the Golan Heights, creating a major flood risk for the surrounding communities. Authorities may open an emergency dam that will divert water from the Sea of Galilee to the Jordan River. The Sea of Galilee?s water level currently stands at 18.7 inches (47.5 centimeters) below the ?upper red line? of 685 feet (208.8 meters), the level at which authorities would consider overflow likely and decide to implement emergency measures. An Israel Water Authority  spokesman told The Times of Israel last month that authorities were seriously considering opening the dam, located in Kibbutz Degania. Schor says there is a 50 percent possibility that the dam will be opened. Let’s give thanks to the LORD for the answer to prayer for rain this past winter

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