The CARMEL ALERT – February 21st   2020
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Rediscovering the Biblical Roots of our Faith – Come to Israel in November
Roman 11:17 Natural branches have been broken off and wild branches have been grafted in ……………

I wrote a comment a few months back about being a bridge to help reconnect the Church to the roots of the Olive Tree (Israel). The reason that this reconnection is necessary is that the so called Greek & Roman ‘Church Fathers’ were rabidly anti Jewish and purposely cut what we call the Church today off from the roots of the Olive Tree. They did this by alienating the non-Jewish Believers from Israel and the Jewish people. They even turned a very Jewish Messiah into a white skinned, blue-eyed man who looked more Scandanavian than a man who was from the Tribe of Judah. For the last 1900 years most people who considered themselves to be Christians did not even think about the fact that their hoped for Saviour was, is, and will always be an Israeli Jew. And so it is in much of the Church in the nations today.

In light of the fact that everything a Christian has is absolutely connected to Israel and the Jewish people, and the fact that when the Messiah physically returns to Earth, He is coming to physically sit on the Throne of David, in a rebuilt Temple which will replace the Al Aksa Mosque, the current situation where most Churches never teach about or pray for Israel and the Jewish people is ludicrous, and is the proof that most of the Chrisitans are indeed disconnected from their true Biblical roots. To be fair, I also have to say that most Jewish people in Israel and in the nations are also disconnected from their Biblical roots.  Today approximately 80% of  Jewish people claim that they do not believe in their GOD and only about 1% believe that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel.

As most of you know,I have spent the last 22 years traveling the nations speaking to Christians about the restoration of Israel – the miraculous restoration of the nation of Israel in May 1948, and the restoration of more than 8 million Jews to their ancient homeland over the last 100 years, and the restoration of Jews in Israel and the nations, to faith in their Messiah. There are more than 250 Messianic Congregations in Israel and more than 650 around the world, and will continue to increase as the return of Yeshua gets closer. My message to the Church has always been that we can hasten the day of the Lord’s return (2 Peter 3:12) by praying for the full restoration of Israel and the Jewish people.

I am sure that most of our readers have the same sense that we do, that we are truly witnessing ‘End Time’ events in Israel and around the world. In addition to the restoration of Israel being the greatest sign, the natural disasters, the financial, political and social chaos that are on an unmistakable increase, surely point to the end of the present age and the return of Yeshua to rule over the Kingdom of GOD in Jerusalem. If this is true then there is also a restoration necessary in the Christian world – restoration to the original roots of the faith.

More than 2 years ago now, I began to sense the Holy Spirit moving me to begin to expand my messages to include the restoration of the Church, which I believe is also a pre-requisite to the return of Yeshua. To answer the LORD’s calling to do this I have written a 35 page booklet The Restoration of the Church which you can request by email or you can read it on our Website – available in English, German. Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

We are also planning to organise a special tour of Israel we are calling Discover the Roots of Our Faith Study Tour from November 1 to 9 this year. Of course we will visit the strategic Biblical sites, but we will include teaching that will focus on the roots of Christianity. We will also worship and pray as we move around the country and attend the Shabbat service at one of the Messianic congregations. We are taking provisional registations now – we are limited to 50 people so please contact me by email if you are sensing the LORD prompting you to be a part of this tour –   I have attached the tour flyer to this email.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie

This Week’s News Items

1. Three Iranian Military Personal Killed In Airstrike in Syria   World Israel News   Feb 15th
Three Syrian terrorists and four Iranian members of Iran?s Revolutionary Guard were killed on Thursday night in an air attack against a military compound near the international airport in Damascus.
According to the report,  a vehicle had also been hit in what ?seems to have been an attempt to stop a weapons delivery.? In a rare response to the attack, PM Netanyahu suggested that maybe another country did it. ?I don?t know what happened last night. Maybe it was the Belgian air force,? Netanyahu said during ainterview with Radio Haifa. Attacks on Iranian strongholds in Syria have been a common occurrence throughout the years. On Feb. 6, alleged Israeli airstrikes killed 23 pro-Iranian militants at an airbase near Damascus. Israel has been very resolute to stop Iran from gaining a foothold on its northern border. On Tuesday, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett warned Iran that their presence in Syria will not be tolerated. In response, an Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said on that Iran would ?give a crushing response to any aggression or stupid move by the Zionist regime? against Iran?s interests in Syria and the region. Pray that the situation on Israel’s northern border remain under control.

2. Israel Will Not Stop Until Iran is Out of Syria    United with Israel News   Feb 15th
Israel?s defense minister issued a stern warning to Iran on Tuesday, saying that Jerusalem was ?changing the paradigm? and would no longer content itself with striking back at Iran;s proxy forces in the region. Speaking at a memorial event in northern Israel, Defense Minister Bennett said, ?When the octopus tentacles hit you, you must fight back not just against the tentacles, but also make sure to suffocate the head of the octopus, and the same applies to Iran. The time has come to move from fighting against Iran?s proxy forces to confronting the regime directly. For years on end, we have fought against the Iranian tentacles in Lebanon, Syria and the Gaza Strip, but we have not focused enough on weakening Iran itself. Now we are changing the paradigm. We are now engaged in an ongoing effort to weaken the Iranian octopus through economic, diplomatic and intelligence measures, as well as with military means and various other approaches.? Israel?s northern border remains a source of concern,” said Bennett, adding that the relative quiet does not confuse Israel, and that  the Israel Defense Forces is ready for any scenario. Israel will not stop targeting Iran, and Iran must not make the mistake of thinking otherwise. He vowed to ?continue denying Iran a foothold on our northern border. Pray that the Islamic regime in Iran will be overthrown and removed from controlling the good people of Iran, and making their lives miserable.

3.  PM Netanyahu: Israel Preparing for War in Gaza  World Israel News    Feb 17th
On Sunday, Israeli PM Netanyahu met in Jerusalem with a group of leaders from communities near the Gaza border. PM Netanyahu held the meeting amid an increase in rocket attacks from the coastal enclave and the return of arson terror via airborne incendiary devices sent into Israel using balloons and kites. According to a statement released by the premiere?s office, ?PM Netanyahu updated the council heads on the latest developments regarding Gaza and told them that Israel was prepared for any scenario, including a wide-ranging operation. The PM praised the steadfastness of the residents of the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip.? While Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that rules Gaza, has attempted to publicize its willingness to decrease arson terror, it appears to lack meaningful control over Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the faction suspected of launching the most recent barrages of rockets at Israel. Both groups are bankrolled by Iran, which openly seeks Israel?s destruction. ?For the last two years, we have been in a war that can?t be ignored any longer,? said the group of Gaza belt leaders after the meeting. ?In the last month alone, we have been hit with dozens of rockets and at the same time terrorist balloons from the Gaza Strip are becoming more and more dangerous,? they continued. ?This cannot continue,? they concluded. Pray that Hamas stops the rocket & fire balloon attacks before it becomes necessary for Israel to launch a military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

4. Thousands Demonstrate Outside PM Netanyahu’s Office Calling for Annexation to Proceed    World Israel News   Feb 15th
Several thousand demonstrators gathered in Jerusalem outside Prime Minister Netanyahu?s residence on Thursday to protest his reluctance to apply swift sovereignty over settlements in Judea and Samaria. With the crowd chanting ?Am Yisrael Chai ? (The Nation of Israel Lives) and ?Sovereignty now,? Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan took aim at Netanyahu for bowing to US  pressures to hold offon immediate annexation. ?Did we vote for [U.S. special envoy] Jared Kushner? Did we vote for the State Department? Would England or Italy allow another nation to poke its nose in its business in the same way? We chose you. Mr. Prime Minister, and the ball is in your court here in Jerusalem not in Washington. We are not a banana republic,? Dagan declared. Yesha Council head and Jordan Valley Regional Council David Elhayani said that failure to act now will damage Netanyahu?s chances of winning the upcoming election. ?I fear that your voters won?t come out to vote. They are sitting at home, waiting. They know that this is a dramatic history moment,? Elhayani said. Since President Donald Trump?s release of the ?Deal of the Century,? leaders and activists representing the settlements in Judea and Samaria have been getting restless for annexation to begin. Pray the PM Netanyahu follows the will of the LORD in the matter of annexation.

5. IDF Neutralises Sniper on Israel – Gaza Border   World Israel News   Feb 20th
The IDF returned fire at a squad of Palestinian Islamic Jihad snipers on Wednesday after the terrorists shot at IDF soldiers on the Israeli side of the Gaza fence. IDF troops and the Israeli Police Counter Terrorism Unit identified the squad through observations and fired at it. A hit was identified, a later statement said. The Army said it will continue operating to thwart any terror activity emanating from the Gaza Strip to Israeli territory. It doesn?t appear that the sniper attack will influence Israel?s earlier announced decision on Tuesday to relax a number of restrictions on Gaza, a result of relative quiet from the Strip. Easing includes expanding the Gazans? permitted fishing zone from 10 to 15 nautical miles and granting permits to 7,000 day workers to enter Israel instead of the current 5,000. Pray that the people of Gaza realise that it is in their best interest to live peacefully with their Israeli neighbours.

6. Israeli Treatment Effective in Treating the Corona Viru    United with Israel   Feb 17th
With China?s National Health Commission confirming Sunday that at least 70,600 people are infected with the coronavirus (now called Covid-19) and over 1,775 have died from the flu-like illness, a device developed in Israel that simulates coughing to ease the removal of bronchial secretions is being fast-tracked for production in Beijing. Called ?CoughSync,? the non-invasive product helps speed patient recovery, frees up medical staff and reduces the dangers of contagions. The device is attached to a ventilator, saving caregivers the extra work of removing and inserting tubes. ?Removing the ventilator manually takes overworked healthcare staff far more time than an automatic system and also exposes them to more risk of catching the virus,? Dr. Be?eri said. ?This is what makes it so suitable for treating coronavirus patients with pneumonia.? With the Covid-19 spreading worldwide, the need for this Israeli invention has never been greater. Dr. Be?eri made clear that CoughSync does not cure coronavirus. Rather, it can significantly impact the treatment of those suffering from pneumonia, a symptom of the illness, and reduce the exposure of healthcare workers to the contagion. Should the device get approval, it is expected to become available in the next few months. Pray that this Israeli created treatment will be successful and that it will become available in record time.

7. Israeli Breakthrough in Cancer Detection    United with Israel News   Feb 17th
Researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev recently announced a breakthrough method to screen and detect new antibiotics. This paves the way for identifying medications that can inhibit the growth of bacteria, cancer and other illnesses, by targeting the Ribosome in cells. Ribosome is the protein-manufacturing machinery of all living cells targeted by antibiotics. Inhibiting ribosomal activity in cells ultimately leads to cell death, a desired outcome for those with bacterial infections, cancer and other debilitating diseases. However, identifying RNA molecules and various proteins in cells in order for the correct drug to be prescribed is a complex challenge. Akabayov added that his team?s ?workflow design is applicable not only to antibiotics targeting the ribosome RNA, but also for other RNA targets, such as RNA viruses responsible for diseases such as hepatitis or HIV, as well as for other conditions such as cancer.? The development, funded by the Israel Innovation Authority, has a patent pending. Pray that this latest Israeli medical breakthrough will prove to be effective in the early detection of cancer and other diseases.

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