A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel
David’s Comment: It’s The Week Before Christmas – or Is It ?

Most of the once Christian nations of the Western World are preparing to celebrate Christmas, even though the majority of people who live in those nations no longer believe in a God who created the Universe. If this God does not exist then the person most know as Jesus Christ can not be the son of this non-existent God, thereby disqualifying Jesus as the Saviour of the World. Even so, these unbelievers still celebrate Christmas on the eve of December 24th, spending a lot of time, energy and money to do some. Having said that, Christmas is very good for the majority of businesses in these nations, and it is a great financial blessing for China, where most of the items destined to become Christmas presents are made.

The name ‘Christmas’ means ‘the Birth of the Christ’ (Messiah in the original Hebrew) and the fact that billions of people who do not believe that the Messiah exists, is one of the most ludicrous things in today’s World. Even more so when you consider that many people who celebrate Christmas, which is in reality all about the birth of a Jewish baby, are anti-Semitic. However there are also millions of people in the World who do believe in, and worship the GOD of Israel, who sincerely celebrate the birth of Jesus, at this time of the year. However, as I have traveled the nations for the last 24 years, it became obvious that a large percentage of Christians, even Born-Again Christians, have no revelation that the Man they are looking to for their eternal salvation, was, still is, and will always be a Jew. In fact Jesus Christ is more accurately ‘Yeshua ha Mashiach,’ the Messiah of Israel and the King of the Jews, and He definately was not born on December 25th.

In our walk with the LORD, it is very important that we remain teachable and open to correction. Until recently I believed that Yeshua was born during the Feast of Tabernacles in September or October. However after watching 2 videos, one of theme by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, I am now leaning towards Passover in March or April as the most likely time of Yeshua’s birth. Here are some of the reasons that Rabbi Cahn and I believe that this is the case  …….

1/  No room at the Inn.  This would not be the case in December as there would have been very few foreigners in Bethlehem in December. Yeshua must have been born during a Biblical Feast (an appointed time for YHVH to come down to meet His people. Hundreds of thousands of Jews who lived in other nations returned to Jerusalem and close by towns to obey the Torah command to appear before the LORD in Jerusalem – all of the Inns were full at Feast times. Both Passover and Tabernacles are possible options

2/  The shepherds were out in the fields with their flocks. The sheep would not have been outside in December as it was very cold. It could have been Tabernacles when the weather is still very warm. The key point here is that the shepherds were with the sheep because the mothers were giving birth to their lambs. Lambs are only born in the Spring – March or April when Passover is celebrated. Ex 12 states that the lambs for the Passover celebration must be 1 year old (Exodus 12:5). So the lambs that had been born 12 months ago were being sacrificed and the lambs that were being born would become the next year’s sacrificial lambs. Yeshua is the Lamb of GOD

3/  While I was thinking about this comment, I believe that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that Yeshua’s life was foreshadowed by the cycle of the Biblical feasts. He was born at Passover time, the beginning of the year (Exodus 12:2), He was crucified on the day before Passover began, He rose again on the Feast of First Fruit, He sent His Spirit down to dwell in us on Shavuot (Pentecost) and He is coming back to dwell with in Jerusalem for 1000 years at the Feast of Tabernacles.

4/  The confirmation can be established mathmatically by pinning the dates that the father of the John the Baptist was carrying out his set time of serving in the Temple. At the time of King David a portion of the priesthood was divided up into 24 divisions to serve in the house of the Lord, and “the first lot came out for Jehoiarib, the eighth for Abijah.(1 Chronicles 24:7,10)  John the Baptist was conceived soon after Zacharias (Luke 1:5)  completed his set time of service and returned home to his wife, Elishaver. Six months later Miriam (Mary) conceives Yeshua and nine months later the Messiah baby is born. This still points to the two options of Passover or Tabernacles, however it is the lambs being born only at Passover that locks the birth of Yeshua to the month of Nisan.

  • So this is not the week before the birth of the real Messiah, so here are some questions that need to be asked   ….. 
  • Should the Body of Messiah celebrate His birth on the wrong date ?
  • What about the Bible verse where GOD declares that HE hates festivals that HE has not appointed (Isaiah 1:14) ?
  • Should Christians lie to their children about Santa Claus ?
  • Many of the symbols of Christmas are rooted in occult paganism, so should Christians have these things from the other kingdom in their homes ?
  • Can GOD approve of and bless things that are not of His Kingdom ? 

How much more powerful and anointed might our celebration of the birth of the Messiah (the One anointed with oil to be the King) be, if we were to reconnect it to the truth ?

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie

This Week’s News Items

1. PM Netanyahu to Resign from all Ministerial Positions

PM Netanyahu on Thursday notified Israel?s Supreme Court that he will leave his ministerial posts by January 1. He will remain as prime minister. According to Israeli law, a politician facing indictment cannot hold a ministerial position. The law does not apply to prime ministers. However, the law has never been tested as PM Netanyahu is the first prime minister to face charges while in office. PM Netanyahu holds four portfolios in addition to the premiership. They include health, agriculture, welfare and diaspora affairs. Until recently, he also held defense. The Movement for Quality in Government, an Israeli NGO, petitioned the High Court in November to deny Netanyahu the right to hold onto his position as prime minister as well. “We call on the court to order the prime minister to resign immediately from all his duties, including as prime minister,? the NGO said. Similarly, the opposition party, Blue and White, would like the law changed so that prime ministers will no longer be allowed to serve under indictment. PM Netanyahu?s allies have tried, unsuccessfully, to pass a law to prevent a prime minister from being indicted. The prime minister faces indictment in three cases. He is charged with fraud and breach of trust (one count in Israel) in three corruption cases (and bribery in one case). He is accused of trading legislative or regulatory favors in exchange for lavish gifts or favorable media coverage. PM Netanyahu denies wrongdoing. Pray that the truth will be revealed very quickly and that Israel will be protected by the LORD until a new government is formed

2. Large Group of UN Ambassadors Visit Jerusalem   Arutz 7 News   Dec 2019

Dozens of UN ambassadors from around the globe visited the City of David (Ancient Jerusalem) on Wed. 11 Dec. 2019. They came as the guests of Israel?s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon. The envoys toured the 3000 year-old archaeological excavations of ancient Jerusalem and recently uncovered Pilgrimage Road together with Moshe Leon, Mayor of Jerusalem. The visit comes as a new wind of change is felt at the UN with many nations beginning to change their traditional voting patterns in favor of support for Israel. Ambassador Danny Danon explained the significance of the visit to the City of David: ?I brought United Nations Ambassadors here to the City of David; to see where it all began. Three-thousand years ago, this is where King David established his capital city. The land of Israel is our ancestral homeland and Jerusalem is our eternal capital. We will continue to bring UN Ambassadors and diplomats here to the City of David because there is nowhere better on earth to demonstrate the Jewish people?s ancient roots in this land?. The City of David is Israel’s largest active archeological site, situated upon the ancient city of Jerusalem. It is the place recorded in the Bible upon which King David established Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel 3,000 years ago. The City of David is an Israeli National Heritage Site with over half-a-million visitors annually where some of the most compelling personalities and seminal events of the Biblical period unfolded. Pray that the UN will change its negative attitude toward Israel

3. Brasil’s President Pledges to Move Embassy to Jerusalem   United with Israel News    Dec 16th
Brazil officially opened a trade mission in Jerusalem last Sunday , which was presented as a significant step toward a full-scale move for the Latin American nation?s embassy in Israel. While the mission does not currently have diplomatic status, as opposed to the Jerusalem trade offices of Hungary and Honduras, Eduardo Bolsonaro, who is a senior parliamentarian and the president?s son, made comments during the opening on Sunday signaling that Brazil has made a committment to move its embassy to Israel’s capital. The opening of the office was first announced in March 2019, during a visit to Israel by Bolsonaro. Speaking in Jerusalem on Sunday, Eduardo Bolsonaro stated, ?I was with the president before I came here. He told me that for sure, the embassy move is a commitment. He?s going to move the embassy to Jerusalem. He?s going to do that. We want to [complete the move] to Jerusalem, not only for Brazil, but to be an example to the rest of Latin America,? Bolsonaro added, ?We?re doing a normal thing ? to recognize your capital.? Bolsonaro also quoted the biblical precept that those who bless the nation of Israel will be blessed. So far, the US and Guatemala have located their embassies in Israel?s capital city. Honduras is expected to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem in the near future. Pray that the number of nations moving their embassies back to Jerusalem will continue to increase

4. Mossad Spies Expose Terror Cell in Denmark

Israel?s Mossad was the first intelligence agency to track a recently busted ISIS cell, whose members had fought for the Islamic State in Syria. Several of them were born in Denmark while the rest were Pakistanis with relatives in the country. Mossad passed the information to Danish security services, who began tracking the group themselves. The Danes placed the cell under surveillance for several weeks and then undertook a major operation, raiding safe houses in seven different cities. Twenty-two terrorists were arrested in the raids. The Danes uncovered evidence that the group was in possession of weapons and explosives for use in an imminent attack. According to Hebrew news website Mako, despite the perception that many European countries often take politically hostile positions towards Israel, the Mossad is heavily involved in tracking and interdicting European-born Islamic State members and other jihadist terror operatives who have escaped the onslaught against these groups in Iraq and Syria and returned to Europe. Pray that Mossad is able to expose every terror attack being planned around the world

5. German Jews Dance With Torah Scolls in Hitler’s Street    Chabad News   Dec 15th

In Germany, on a street that was once named after Nazi leader Adolf Hitlerr, hundreds of Jews celebrated the inauguration of a new Torah scroll in their community on Sunday. The street, located in Freiburg im Breisgau, was blocked off by police for the festive, if not miraculous, occasion. Freiburg im Breisgau, a city in Baden, has a long history of Jewish persecution. Since at least 1230, Jews there have faced massacres, expulsions, synagogue burnings, imprisonment, heavy taxes, distinct clothing requirements, and total destruction during World War II. ?Today we proved that no matter what happens to the Jewish nation, we blossom and we are alive,? Rabbi Yakov Gitler, head of the Chabad Center in the city, said. Lets praise the LORD that Hitler is dead and Israel and the Jewish people are alive and prospering

6. Israel Will Export Natural Gas to Egypt

Israel became a major energy exporter for the first time on Monday after signing a permit to export natural gas to Egypt. Israel’s Energy Minister called the permit a ?historic landmark? for Israel. He said it?s the most significant economic cooperation project between the neighboring countries since they signed a peace deal in 1979. The European Union, seeking to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, has encouraged the formation of new delivery routes, including through the eastern Mediterranean. These routes could also curtail Iranian ambitions to use Syria as a gateway to the Mediterranean. The natural gas revolution turninb Israel into an energy power and affords us not just huge income for the country but also a dramatic decrease in air pollution. Israel is planning to wean itself off coal, thanks to the expected gas boon. Pray that the export of gas will bring a further boost to Israel’s strong economy

7. Thousands of Christians to Visit Israel at Christmas   Algemeiner News   Dec 2019

An estimated 165,000 Christians are preparing to visit Israel during the 2019 Christmas holiday season, according to Israel?s Tourism Ministry. Israel’s Tourism Minister will host the annual pre-Christmas reception for Israeli Christians and church leaders, which will also be attended by ambassadors, leaders of Christian organizations in Israel and other dignitaries. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the Tourism Ministry will provide free shuttle service between Jerusalem and Bethlehem for Christian pilgrims. Also scheduled is a parade through the main street of Nazareth to the city?s Basilica of the Annunciation on 24 December 2019 to be followed by a fireworks display. The Tourism Ministry reported that 55% of all tourists who visited Israel in 2019 were Christian. The most popular sites they visited were the Western Wall, the Via Dolorosa and the Mount of Olives, all in Jerusalem. Pray that these Christian visitors will have a revelation of the Biblical truth in regards to the strategic importance of Israel and the Jewish people

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