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.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

Josies’ Comment: The Perfect Passover Pattern – ‘Knees are Falling”  
Romans 14:11 Surely as I live says Adonai, every knee will bow before Me and every tongue will declare allegiance to Me.

A few weeks ago while David and I were worshipping I heard the words “knees are falling.” Over the last 3 weeks I have been watching the news reports on television concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, and also reading a number of testimonies that have been circulating on the internet and social media sites. I am sure that at this tragic time in world history, with more than a million people sick with the virus and 85,000 people dead, many many people are falling on their knees and crying out to God in desparation (see Psalm 107:8  …  read the whole Psalm).

One testimony I heard before the virus took hold, was during the ‘plagues’ of drought, fire, hail and floods that hit Australia in December and January. I saw and heard a man young who had been an athiest, trapped by the approaching firestorm, testify that he fell to his knees and called upon the name of Jesus Christ. Last week I saw on a BBC news documentary report on the effects that the virus outbreak was having on the UK health system, I heard a doctor say these words to the reporter “the system is on its knees.”

Knowing that the God of Israel is a God of patterns, I asked myself “what is happening spiritually and is there a pattern here?” With Passover fast approaching, I began to think about the pattern of the Israelite’s exodus from Egypt, and the plagues that God used to set the Israelites free. In our time ancient Egypt represents the nations of the world and the system that most of the world is connected to. The plagues intensified to the point of that 10th and final plague cost the lives of all of the first born males in Egypt, animals included. The first 9 plagues did not change Pharaoh’s heart, and the Egyptians carried on with their lives, but the last plague finally brought the Pharaoh to his knees, pleading for Moses to take the Israelites and get out of Egypt.

Could this be the pattern for what will continue to take place in our world today? Could it be that this first global ‘plague’ will not be the last one to hit the world, and other plagues or natural calamaties will follow, causing multitudes of people in the nations to fall to their knees in desperation, calling on the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? In Psalm 107 we see a perfect example where a nation (Israel) came to the end of themselves and cried out to God. At that time Israel was very divided between God fearing people and others who were involved in idolatry, witchcraft, adultery and homosexuality. When they finally cried out to God, He heard, He answered them and He delivered them from their distress. (Please read all of Psalm 107)

The Exodus from Egypt and the entrance into Israel is a pattern of two events –  the death and resurrection of Yeshua – slavery in Egypt was like death for the Israelites and the Exodus was like a resurrection back to life. When we accept Yeshua as Messiah and are baptised in water, we go down into the water, signifying death to our old life (Egypt), we come up from the water, we are risen into a resurrected life (Israel), exactly according to the perfect pattern.            

One day soon heads of state, community leaders, ministers, the people of Israel and people in the nations will bow the knee to the God of Israel. Enjoy the following video clip from Brasil as knees are bowed and hearts cry out to the Lord. Because He Lives – could this be a prophetic picture of knees falling ?

This week, as we celebrate and meditate on the Passover story and the death and resurrection of the Lamb of God, will you join us in praying that many Jewish people fall to their knees and cry out to their God for deliverance, and that many people in the nations also fall to their knees in this time of distress and call out to the God of Israel, accepting the sacrifice of Yeshua, that they may passover from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of the light of His Son, Yeshua the Messiah of Israel and the world.
The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie

This Week’s News Items
1. Israeli Arab Survives Healed from Coronavirus – Mother: It Was our Prayers to Jesus     Ron Cantor News   April 1st
The first person in Israel to contract COVID-19 is returning home and giving credit to Yeshua?Jesus. Johnny is a Christian Arab Israel who works as a bus driver for Christian tourists. He was with the South Koreans in late February that tested positive for the virus after leaving Israel. On Match 4th Johnny was hospitalized and placed in intensive care. He remained in critical condition and many did not expect him to survive. Johnny, a husband and father from East Jerusalem, almost did not make it. When he arrived at the hospital he was having trouble breathing. His condition deteriorated and he was put in a coma and on a ventilator for a week. When he woke up, he had no idea that he had been out that long. Only after several more days, did doctor begin to see a positive development. Finally, a test confirmed that the virus was completely out of his system. ?I was very worried, I was afraid to die,? he said. The Israeli medical team fought for his life, and he is now being released and reunited with his family: ?The first thing I want to do is go to see my kids.? In an interview Israeli television his mother says it was, ?Our prayer to Jesus.? That saved him. ?This was a miracle from Jesus.? His doctor, Moshe Matan who works in the intensive care until said: I am happy to share good news today, the first corona patient in critical condition in Israel is going home. He?s leaving here when he when he is smiling and feeling good. Considering the condition, he was in just two weeks ago, this is a great achievement for us.? Pray that this testimony will impact multitudes of Jews and Arabs in Israel and around the world to repent and accept Yeshua as Messiah

2. Fatah Terrorists Defy PA Virus Restrictions    World Israel News    April 5th
Gunmen from the Fatah terror group fired their guns in the air at a mass celebration they organized at a refugee camp adjacent to Jerusalem in clear violation of health rules, an Israeli reporter revealed on Thursday. Despite clear rules from the Palestinian health ministry against large gatherings, masked terrorists brought hundreds of people into the streets of the Qalandiya refugee camp just outside the Jerusalem municipal boundary and beside the runway of Jerusalem?s Atarot Airport, abandoned during the second intifada due to gunfire from the camp. Hundred of people  were seen congregating in the street as masked terrorists fired their automatic weapons in the air to celebrate the release of a man identified as Mohammed Naim Hamad from an Israeli prison. It was not known what crime Hamad was jailed for.  Pray that the PA brings Fatah terrorists under control to stop the spread of the virus

3. PM Netanyahu & Benny Gantz Continue to Negotiate Unity Government    Arutz 7   April 7th
The Likud and Blue & White parties issued a joint statement regarding the meeting that took place between the Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the chairman of Blue & White, Benny Gantz, earlier in the day, with a view to reaching understandings on the establishment of a national emergency government. However, neither party disclosed details of the content of the meeting, nor did the statement reveal whether agreements were reached between the parties on the key issues remaining in dispute: application of soveignty in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley; and the appointing of judges. Other reports emerged on Monday afternoon that Benny Gantz and Amir Peretz, chairman of the Labor party, had held discussions this morning on cooperation between their two parties.
The first stage will involve determining rules for coordination between the two parties, with the intention of unifying them in the near future. At a later stage, teams will be set up to work on political cooperation and to prepare for future elections. Pray for a very fast agreement so that they can get on with leading the nation at this time of crisis

4. Israel on 4 Day Lock Down Over Passover   World Israel News    April 7th
On Monday a somber Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israelis the government was imposing a total nation-wide lockdown as the country prepared to mark the Passover holiday, known as the ?time of our freedom.? Intercity travel will be banned from Tuesday through Friday and citizens will be totally confined to their homes Wednesday evening as Jews hold the traditional Seder meal and recite the story of the Jewish people?s biblical exodus from slavery in Egypt. Police had earlier said they would deploy in force to impose heavy fines and send violators back home. The virus is running wild, it is rampant in New York, and we see hundreds of dead every day in Europe. The situation is much better here and there is a trend to improvement, he added. The prime minister spoke only minutes after the latest health ministry statistics showed 8,904 Israelis were confirmed to be infected and four more patients died during the day bringing the death toll to 57. Netanyahu said if the infection rate started to slow over the week-long holiday the government may start to reduce some of the restrictions after Passover. ?There are positive signs on the horizon, but we cannot be complacent,? he said, adding that it lifting restrictions in the future will depend on everyone staying at home to stop the spread of the virus. Netanyahu added that if all goes well Israel can start opening up the economy after Passover. Pray for a Passover miracle in Israel and then your nation, that the virus will start to dramatically decrease and disappear.

5. Passover Curfew Ends but Restriction Still in Place   Times of Israel News   April 9th
A curfew for the start of Passover ended Thursday morning, with Israelis again permitted to leave their homes but barred from intercity travel. The curfew, which began Wednesday at 3 p.m. and ended Thursday at 7 a.m., was aimed at preventing Israelis from spending the festive holiday meal with family or others, which officials feared could lead to a fresh wave of COVID-19 infections and set back Israel?s efforts against the virus. With the lifting of the curfew, Israelis could travel more than 100 meters from their homes for essential purposes only, and businesses could reopen, though it was unclear if many would so during the holiday. Israelis continued to be barred from leaving their home towns as part of a general lockdown nationwide that won?t be lifted until Friday at 6 a.m. In Jerusalem, which has the most virus cases in the country, residents could not travel beyond the one of seven city designated zones in which they live. However, the government was set to convene Friday and may further extend the lockdown. Pray that life in Israel can soon begin to turn to some form of normality

6. India Sends Possible Virus Drug for Testing in Israel     Times of Israel News   April 9th
A plane from India carrying materials used to make medicines for treating coronavirus patients has arrived in Israel. The five ton shipment, which the Ynet news site said arrived Tuesday, includes ingredients for the drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, which are used to treat malaria. Several countries have been experimenting with hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus symptoms and US President Donald Trump has touted its potential. Experts, however, have urged caution until bigger trials validate hydroxychloroquine?s effectiveness, as it and chloroquine can have potentially serious side effects, especially in high doses or administered with other medications. India has limited exports of medicines amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but on Tuesday partially eased a recent ban on exporting hydroxychloroquine after Trump pressured the Indian Prime Minister. Pray that Israeli experts can quickly prove whether this drug is effective against COVID-19

7. Eilat is Hard Hit by the Effects of the Virus     World Israel News   April 7th
Eilat usually hosts thousands of tourists during the Passover holiday. The Red Sea resort town, known for its family-friendly hotels and nightlife, is a popular destination for both foreign and domestic tourists during the Jewish holidays. This year, Eilat?s hotels and beaches are empty, and the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis has devastated Israel?s southernmost city. Now, Eilat is one of Israel?s top cities for unemployment, with official numbers placing the city at 70 percent. However, those counts don?t include self-employed people or municipal workers, the real number of unemployed people in Eilat has reached 85 percent. Of the city?s 60,000 residents, 80 percent work in the tourism industry. On March 15th, the Israeli government formally shuttered all hotels in the country. Fifty hotels in the city closed, sending some 6,000 employees onto the welfare rolls. At the same time, many attractions and businesses dependent on tourism shut down, from  restaurants reliant on tourists, scuba diving and boating excursions to shopping malls. Pray that tourists are soon able to return to Eilat and the rest of Israel  

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