The CARMEL ALERT – September 15th 2017
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israel

David’s Comment: Watch and Pray and …..
Luke 21:9  – 11 But when you hear of wars and disturbances, do not be terrified, for all these things must first occur, but the end is not at once. And He said to them, Nation shall rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And great earthquakes shall be in different places, and famines and plagues. And there shall be terrors and great signs from Heaven.
I have just returned home to Mt.Carmel after a 10 day speaking tour in Wales and England. It was one of the most fruitful visits I have made to the UK in the 19 years that I have been ministering in the nations and I believe that is partly due to an increase of prayer in the UK and the time in which we are living. Many of my messages focused on possible signs over the last 2 or 3 years, and the events we are witnessing right now, that may well be indicators, (signs from GOD), that the return of Yeshua is getting very close. I will share my message in this comment ……..

Over the last several years we have seen an notable increase of natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, and fires caused by hot and dry weather conditions. Many of these events have been described as the strongest, biggest, windiest, wettest or worst events of their kind ever recorded. I am sure we are all aware of the intensity and damaged caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These extreme weather events may have been caused by 2 massive solar flares that erupted from the Sun over the last 2 weeks, but then let us not forget that YHVH controls the entire universe. We also recently passed through the time of the 4 blood red moons or the Tetrad. Red moons are simply caused by atmospheric conditions and occur regularly, but these 4 red moons all occurred on the first night Passover and the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles, 2 years in a row – back to back, which is very unusual, and when the Tetrads have occurred in the past, there have often been serious events concerning Israel and the Jewish people taking place. Now we are coming up to a very rare and very interesting alignment of the stars on September 23rd (for more information, go to Googel)  And again YHVH controls the sun and the moon and the stars.

Turning to YHVH’s calendar, many believe that the period between September 2015 and September 2017 was a Shmitah year, or the year of release that GOD commanded the Israelites  to keep every 7 years. That Shmitah may have been the 7th in the set of 7, which would make 2016 to 2017 a Jubilee year, or the year of return. We are about to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the British Partition of Palestine, and the liberation of Jerusalem from the Turkish Otterman Empire in 1917 – 1918, which led to the return of Israel as a nation in 1947 – 1948. Then in 1967, at the end of the Six Day War, Jerusalem was reunited under Jewish control after 1900 years of foreign occupation. The next 50 year step brings us to 2017.

Also in connection with the LORD’s calendar the Fall Feasts are now approaching. These are not Jewish feasts but the Feasts of the LORD which He calls My Moedim or Appointed Times, and
seem to be a prophetic blueprint of YHVH’s plans and purposes for Planet Earth. The first 4 have been fulfilled exactly by the death and resurrection of Yeshua and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on what we call Pentecost, and the last 3 are the blueprint for the End Times. You can imagine what is happening in the spirit realm when the LORD’s feasts are approaching – The Host in Heaven are rejoicing and the evil ones in the other kingdom are trembling with hatred. How much more so with the Fall Feasts that shadow their final defeat !!!  This is proven by the fact that many attacks against Israel happen just prior or during the time of the Feasts.

I am not predicting that something definate is about to happen, but I am posing the question Could it be ? that the extreme weather, the patterns in the heavens and the feast season that is now approaching are an indication that GOD is about to do something dramatic? Add to all of the above the very tense situation with North Korea. A conflict could erupt there any day now and the insane leader of North Korea is more that likely to use nuclear weapons. That very possible scenario will dramatically change all of our lives, crashing the world’s financial system and bringing in the New World Order that has been spoken of for many decades now, beginning the final 7 year countdown to the return of Yeshua to the Temple Mount to rule His Father’s Kingdom for 1000 years, and then the new Heavens and the new Earth will be revealed.

Just as every other end time forecast has been wrong so far, nothing may happen in the next 30 days, but it must surely be close. Some nay sayers are suggesting that it is wrong to attach any significance to the natural disasters and the signs in the heavens, but they are wrong to do that. In Matthew 16:3, Yeshua rebukes the people for not being aware of the signs of the times in which they lived. And the words of Yeshua in the opening verse from Luke 21:9 – 11, clearly tell us that these things are a sign that we are living in the last days. Whether it is now or 5 years away, there are some things that we should all be doing, more and more as the time draws near  ………

On the last evening of His earthly life, Yeshua instructed His disciples to Watch and pray. The reason I wrote this comment is to encourage you to do the same  …. Watch world events and the signs in the heavens and pray as the Spirit leads. And I will add one more word to Yeshua’s instruction ….  Watch and Pray …..  SAY  (speak up). This is not the time to be silent – we need to speak up and warn our unsaved family, friends, neighbours, work mates, and everyone we meet about the imminent return of the Messiah and the urgency to accept His blood sacrifice as the only way to come into an eternal relationship with the Father, before all Hell breaks loose and the gates are closed.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the God of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their God.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for that breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie
This Weeks News Items

1. Terrorist’s Parents Turn Him In    Israel Today News   Sept 10th

If only this were the norm, rather than the exception. A Palestinian couple last month discovered that their teenage son was planning to carry out a terrorist attack against Israeli soldiers, and rather than let him become a “martyr,” they turned him in. Israel’s Tazpit News Agency reported that the parents became concerned after finding a “farewell” note written by their son, along with his cellphone. They immediately contacted the Israeli army, which managed to find the boy near a military installation in Samaria. He was carrying a large knife. Incessant propaganda in Palestinian schools and in the regime-controlled media seeks to encourage young Arabs to carry out spontaneous “lone-wolf” attacks against Israelis. Pray that more Arab parents will care more about the lives of their young ones than any religious or political agenda

2. Israel’s Defense Minister: Iran is the Greatest Threat to Israel    INN News   Sept 11th

Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman gave a speech at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism?s 17th annual international conference held in Herzliya on Monday. “All Islamic terror is supported by Tehran,” Liberman said. “This includes Sunni terror, the groups in Yemen, and even Al-Qaeda. And we are all aware of the cooperation between Al-Qaeda and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.” “Terror is a radical ideology which abuses the week and supposedly works for their benefit. Brutal methods and a lack of red lines characterize all terror organizations throughout the generations. Another characteristic is the attempt to ‘export’ the terror, to ‘export’ the revolution.” What enables terror to exist? According to Liberman, the answer is a sovereign government. “Terror will always have a charismatic and stirring leadership,” he said. “The most frightening and dangerous organization is the Revolutionary Guard.” “The most important characteristic of any terror organization is a governmental framework which supports it, whether openly or secretly. Without this government support, terror could not exist.” Liberman then discussed possible courses of action. “As long as the Muslim government in Tehran supports the terror ideology – there will be terror. You need to understand that for Tehran, terror is just one way of accomplishing their goals. Tehran works on four different levels to destroy the State of Israel: In addition to financing terro, Iran also works to acquire non-conventional weapons, to create a large conventional army, and to wage a cyber battle against Israel.” “Will Hizbollah continue to exist without Iranian support? Absolutely not. Can Hamas exist without Iran? Certainly, the Islamic Jihad cannot exist without Iran. “We can identify the source, but not always do we say it in public. The main issue today is Iran.”
Pray that the rest of the world leaders will wake up to the evil ploys and plans of the Iranians

3. Israel’s Enemies Respond to IDF Exercises

Iran, Syria and Hizballah sharpened their responses to the large-scale Israeli military war game against a potential Hizballah invasion when, on Tuesday, September 12, the drill began its second week with a simulated 30 kilometre-deep thrust into South Lebanon – up to the Awali River. Lebanese sources claimed that on Monday, Syria had fired S-200 missiles against two Israeli F-15 fighter bombers flying over the southern Lebanese port town of Sidon – but missed their targets.  The Syrian missiles, they claimed, had been fired from ?an air defence base in southern Syria.? This report was not confirmed by any other source. But it was accompanied by a photo on Syrian social media, which claimed to depict the firing of these missiles and also presented a Lebanese military spokesman as saying that the Syrian missiles were fired at precisely 11.30 a.m. when the Israeli planes were over Sidon. Lebanese and Syrian media accounts are clearly coordinated. If this episode really happened, it would be a game changer, in that for the first time, Syria would have launched missiles from one of its bases against a purported Israel war planes flying over Lebanon. Even if the two allies were just sending a message to Jerusalem by drumming up an incident, it gains substance from its timing, five days after an Israeli air strike on Syria?s chemical and missile weapons facility near Masyaf, 38 km west of the central town of Hama. Syrian military sources are moreover reporting an onrush of Iranian officers, troops and military advisers to southern Syria. According to one official, ?Many Iranians are deployed as advisers and police in southern Syria, especially in the de-escalation zones.?  An Iranian military build-up indeed appears to be taking place on Syria?s borders with Jordan and Israel, in response to Israel?s mock thrust into Lebanon. Pray that all of the plans and preparations of Israel’s enemies will come to nothing and that any attack against Israel will be doomed to total failure

4. Israel Warns US that it Will Attack Syria Again if Necessary    Times of Israel News   Sept 13th

Israel sent a clear message to the Trump Administration that it will not hesitate to again attack neighboring Syria if forces cross two red lines. Speaking at a  gathering that included a large number of senior US officials, Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, stated: “Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been very clear about Israeli red lines in Syria, and Israel has acted to enforce those red lines.” Those red lines are the transfer of “game-changing” weapons from the Syrian regime to its Hezbollah allies, and the establishment of an Iranian “beach head” in Syria. While it has never officially admitted to doing so, Israel has repeatedly launched aerial strikes against Syrian convoys transferring weapons to Hezbollah. The Syrian regime has threatened serious retaliation against the Jewish state, but has never followed through on those threats.  Pray that Israel will not hesitate to thwart any potential threat to the safety of the country

5. U.N.T.O Refuse ‘Palestinian’ Authority Membership

The United Nations? World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on Wednesday turned down a request by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to join the organization as a member state. UNWTO, the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of sustainable and universally accessible tourism, announced it was postponing its decision on the issue for another two years. The PA Ministry of Tourism applied for membership for ?Palestine? last year. Israel has taken diplomatic measures to block the request. An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman warned of ?expected damage? to UNWTO if it accepts the Palestinians? request for membership. The Palestinians have been attempting in recent years to gain access to international bodies in a bid to unilaterally gain recognition of its statehood and by doing so, bypassing peace negotiations with Israel. The PA had launched a diplomatic attack agianst Israeland has been utilizing these forums as a platform for that purpose. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was the only UN body to accept ?Palestine.? It has since become virulently anti Israel.  Pray that the illegitimate PA will never be accepted as a member of any major organisation

6. Israeli Teams Assisting Hurricane Victims   Israel World News   Sept 13th

Several Israel aid teams are working their way through areas hit by Hurricane Irma, offering help in any way they can. Israeli volunteers are already at work in Florida, bringing light in the darkness, sometimes literally, to the area devastated by the hurricane. Israel’s ZAKA Search and Rescue teams are operating in the North Miami Beach area. As soon as the five ZAKA volunteers arrived in Florida from their week-long clean-up operation in Houston, they joined forces with Miami’s (Chesed Shel Emes), to help the local community. ZAKA International Rescue Unit Chief Officer Mati Goldstein flew in from Israel to lead the team. ?We are working in the area which is without power, helping families with sick children and elderly people who were unable to evacuate from the area,? Goldstein said. The team is working in coordination with the local emergency forces and the North Miami Beach Police. The team removed a fallen tree that was blocking access to a resident?s home and helped restore power. ?I?m so grateful that you guys are here and can communicate with the police force,? said local resident Mr. Franz. ?You saved my life?. Local police chief Major Richard Rand expressed his gratitude to the team who came to join the community. ?This is an unbelievable effort. People [the rescuers, are] going from house to house at 01:30 in the morning when everyone else is sleeping, to make sure they are safe.? Pray that the Israeli team will be a true blessing to many victims of the extreme weather conditions

7. Jewish Books Miraculously Protected During Hurricane Harvey     Israel Today News   Sept 12th

After the deluge from Hurricane Harvey, a Christian man from Houston showed members of ZAKA, an Israeli search-and-rescue team, the only thing in his home that survived the flood.  ?The moisture had turned the house into a swampland,? he said. Pointing to the books stacked in the trunk of his car, Adrian Penn said his beloved interlinear Hebrew/English Bibles and study texts were the only undamaged items in his home. ?All my secular books were destroyed, but the pages of these books are still dry, still usable and without any mold,? he said. Penn says he studies the Hebrew texts to better understand the Jewish people. His goal: to foster ?cohesion between Jewish and Christian communities.? In an age of increasing anti-Semitism that seems without boundaries worldwide, it?s an encouraging message. ?We are trying to build a bridge here,? Penn said.

Penn?s story is reminiscent of the late Edith Schaeffer?s ?Christianity is Jewish,? in which she ?lovingly encourages Christians to embrace the Jewishness of their faith.? ?This book deserves a re-edition at a time of unrelenting persistence of anti-Semitism, when much of the world turns their backs on Israel and the Jews. The global community of nations risks abandoning its Judeo-Christian heritage. This book?s simple message may be what is needed to open the eyes of the Church to what Christianity owes to the Jews: gratitude, love, and the knowledge of their Jewish Messiah as the true Passover Lamb,? the text states. It seems Penn and others at Gulf Meadows Church understand that biblical principle. Pray that millions of Christians will wake up to realise that their faith is the true faith of Abraham

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