The CARMEL ALERT – Sept 20th  2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel  

David’s Comment:  Preparing for the Next Ministry Trip  & the Fall Feasts


Just a low key comment this week as Josie and I have been very busy preparing for a 2 week ministry trip to Hilo and Kona in Hawaii, and then 2 meetings in Monterey, California on the way home in the first few days of October. It is only 2 weeks since I returned home from Brasil, and it has been very busy with meeting 2 tour groups and 2 groups of friends who are visiting Israel, as well as taking care of our 3 wonderful grand-daughters, and trying to find time to pack our bags for our flight at 01.00 am on Thursday morning. By the time you read this comment we should be in Hilo, resting after a 15 hour flight from Israel to San Francisco, a 2.5 hour transit time, a 5 hour flight to Kona, and a 2 hour drive to Hilo on the other side of the island. Not an easy journey – that is why I am praying for the ‘Philip anointing’ to make it easier on my physical body. This will be the first time we will share the messages that the LORD has given us in each of the 3 locations, so we are looking forward to see what HE will do through us.

Sunday next week is the first of the Fall Feasts, Yom ha Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets. We are booked to speak at a Church in Kona that Sunday morning and I been asked to share a message on The Feast of Trumpets. As in previous years, I plan to send a comment on the Feast of Trumpets next week and the other 2 Fall Feasts of the LORD as they come around – Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and Succot (Feast of Tabernacles). Please would you stand with us in prayer over the next 3 weeks until we arrive home on Thursday October 3rd. Here are our prayer requests for the trip …….

  • for a quick recovery from the effects of the flights and that we quickly adapt to the new time zone which is 13 hours behind Israel time
  • for excellent health for Josie and I and for safe travels as we drive to and from the meetings (and hopefully a little sightseeing)
  • for Angelic protection over our hosts and their families
  • for our flight from Kona to San Francisco on Monday September 30 and the road travel to and from Monterey
  • for our drive back to San Francisco airport and the flight back to Israel on Wednesday October 2nd – arriving in Tel Aviv on 3rd
  • for the Holy Spirit to lead us and anoint us as we share the Word of the LORD and for signs and wonders to follow

Thank you and GOD bless you as you bless us with your prayer support. As we prepare to celebrate the Fall Feasts, if you are not a regular financial supporter of Out of ZIon Ministries, would you please consider making a special Feast of Trumpets offering to help us cover the travel expenses of this ministry trip. clik here to partner with us


The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1. PM Netanyahu:  “War in Gaza Could Happen at Any Minute”   World Israel News   Sept 13th

PM Netanyahu warned on Friday that a war with Gazan terrorists could break out even before Israelis go the polls on Tuesday to vote for a new government. ?An operation in Gaza could happen at any moment, including four days before the elections. The date of the elections does not factor into a decisionto go to war.? Rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip have continued. On Tuesday night last week, PM Netanyahu was forced off the stage at an election campaign rally in the southern port city of Ashdod when a siren sounded and his security detail demanded that he take cover. The rocket fired at Ashdod and another on the same night headed for the coastal city of Ashkelon were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system. Israel has been striking back at terror targets but has avoided getting engulfed in a full conflict since 2014. PM Netanyahu?s comments on Friday morning followed his talks in Sochi with Russian President Vladimir Putin which centered around the issue of hostile Iranian activity against Israel, by funding and arming Hamas, the terror group which controls the Gaza Strip. PM Netanyahu told an Israeli radio station. ?There probably won?t be a choice but to launch an operation against Hamas and the other terror groups in Gaza.? Pray that Hamas is not so foolish as to push Israel into another conflict.


2. Israel to Start Exporting Natural Gas to Jordan and Egypt   Jerusalem Post   Sept 13

It is a modern miracle that natural gas has been found off-shore within Israel territorial waters, and that Israel has now developed into one of the largest suppliers of natural gas in the region. One of the largest natural gas fields discovered worldwide in the last decade, the Leviathan reservoir is expected to contain up to 605 billion cu.m. (BCM) of natural gas, equivalent to 65 years of domestic gas consumption. Project partners Delek Drilling, Noble Energy and Ratio Oil Exploration have invested a total of $3.75 billion in the development of the reservoir since its discovery in 2010. The natural gas production platform, located 10 km. from Israel?s shores, is currently in its final stages of construction and will undergo a series of commissioning tests before starting to pump gas. “The Israeli market consumed approximately 11 BCM of natural gas last year, and we have Leviathan with more than 600 BCM of gas and Tamar with approximately 300 BCM,” Abu said. “Israel is completely independent in energy production, and we have decades of energy security. That ought to lead Israeli policy makers to get rid of everything that isn’t natural gas for producing energy.? Pray that GOD will reveal even more gas & oil fields to Israel


3. Israel – USA Defence Treaty is Being Planned    TPS Sept 15th

President Trump announced that he intends to explore a mutual defense treaty with Israel that ?would further anchor the tremendous alliance? between the two countries. Israel has warmly welcomed the President?s announcement that he spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu ?to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a mutual defense treaty, between the United States and Israel, that would further anchor the tremendous alliance between our two countries.? ?I look forward to continuing those discussions after the Israeli elections when we meet at the United Nations later this month,? Trump added. The two leaders are slated to meet on the sidelines of the United Nation?s General Assembly in New York at the end of the month, assuming PM Netanyahu wins the election and is able to establish a coalition after Tuesday?s elections. Pray that the US and Israel will continue to strengthen diplomatic and security ties.


4. Palestinian Authority Broke but Still Pays Salaries to Terrorists   United with Israel    Sept 17


The Palestinian Authority (PA) has announced its intention to begin international arbitration proceedings regarding the tax revenues Israel collects and transfers to the PA, reports Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Israel has been withholding a sum of money equal to the finances which the PA pays out to terrorists and their families. The Israeli government?s action is being carried out in accordance with a law passed by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. Meanwhile, the PA?s finance minister, ?chose to obfuscate reality presenting a financial picture that has little to do with real facts, but rather simply reinforces the PA narrative,? says PMW, an Israeli research group. According to PMW, ?comprehensive statistics? from Israel?s Finance Ministry which ?show that Bishara?s claims are outrageous.? Specifically, Bishara claimed that the original financial accord between Israel and the Palestinians ?includes allowances for the families of Palestinians kliled or imprisoned by Israel,? some of whom are terrorists who harmed and  killed Israeli civilians. Israel would never have agreed to this, PMW notes. The PA?s ?pay-for-slay? policy, as it is commonly known, entails paying monthly salaries to terrorist prisoners and released prisoners, and allowances to wounded terrorists and the families of dead terrorists. Knesset legislation penalizes the Palestinians for this practice by deducting funds in the amount of annual pay-for-slay payments. Based on an Israeli Defense Ministry report compiled as required by the law, says PMW, the security cabinet decided to deduct NIS 502 million from the 2019 PA tax revenues in 12 equal parts, as prescribed by the law, totaling almost 42 million shekels a month. This sum was deducted from the tax income which, on average in 2018, was 670 million shekels, the watchdog adds. In response, the PA decided to refuse to accept any of the tax revenues and ?plunge the entire PA into a self-inflicted financial crisis,? says PMW. Pray that the PA ceases the financial support of terrorists.


5. Blue & White Defeats PM Netanyahu in the Election 33 to 31 Seats   Times of Israel News   Sept 19th

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz has dismissed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?s offer of a unity government that includes all the religious right-wing parties, insisting that the next coalition should have himself as prime minister, not Netanyahu, and be committed to liberal policies on religious issues. Earlier in the day, after the leaders of all the parties in the right-wing religious bloc signed a document pledging to recommend Netanyahu as the next prime minister and vowing to enter a coalition only as a single unit, the premier called on Gantz to join a government that includes those parties, pressuring him to drop his demand for a ?secular? unity government with Likud. At a faction meeting Thursday afternoon, Gantz responded to the proposal: ?The nation went to the ballots and made a clear choice ? the nation chose unity. Blue and White won the elections, Blue and White is the biggest party. I intend to form a broad unity government headed by me, which would reflect the people?s choice and our basic promises to the public and our priorities.? Pray that the LORD’s will be done in forming the new government


6. Israel’s President Will Do All He Can to Prevent 3rd Election if Winner Can Not Form a Government  World Israel News   Sept 16th

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin tapped into Israelis? sense of political exhaustion Monday evening when he went online to pledge to do all he could in order to avoid the necessity of going to a third round of elections in case Tuesday?s vote ended in a stalemate. The president did not just give a standard ?Get out and vote? speech, although he did stress that ?We have to remember that in the democratic game, influence is only felt through the ballot box.? Instead, he went into great detail to explain the various ways a government could be formed in Israel ? some of which have never occurred in the history of the state ? and what his role would be in each case. But an outcome that would result in yet another election cycle was anathema to him. ?For my part, I will do everything I can within the framework of the law and the authority vested in me by virtue of my position, so that an elected government will be established in Israel as quickly as possible, and to prevent another election campaign, God forbid,? he said. Rivlin?s video post came in reaction to a slew of requests from the public that begged the president to prevent another round of elections. Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz had also asked the same thing of the president at a Sunday election rally. ?I call on President Rivlin, in order that we won?t go to elections for a third time: give the mandate for forming a government only to whomever will promise to return it, if and when he doesn?t succeed in forming it,? he said. Please pray for a positive result from this election


7. Latest Immigration Statistics    United With Israel News   Sept 14th

During the first seven months of 2019, 20,506 new immigrants arrived in Israel, according to figures released by the Central Bureau of Statistics, reports the Globes business news outlet. The figure marks a 21% increase over the 15,965 immigrants who came to Israel during the same period of time in 2018, says the report. The newcomers are said to include the returning children of Israeli citizens living abroad and who already have Israeli citizenship. Israel?s population is also being boosted by a decrease in emigration, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. The annual emigration rate in 2017, the number of Israelis not returning from abroad for more than a year, fell to 14,300, the smallest number since 2010, says the Globes report. ?The increased level of immigration is due largely to a surge in the number of immigrants from Russia, a trend which began in 2018.? According to the Jewish Agency, there was a 45% increase in immigration from Russia in 2018, even as immigration from other Eastern European countries like Ukraine declined in 2018, said the news website. ?More than 10,500 immigrants from Russia moved to Israel in 2018,? it noted, adding that ?immigration from Eastern Europe continued to increase in 2019, and by mid-year, it accounted for 74% of all immigration to Israel.? Pray that more and more Jewish people from every nation where they are scattered will hear the LORD calling them home to Israel.

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