The CARMEL ALERT – Oct 13th 2017
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israel

Special Comment: Urgent Prayer Missiom – We Are Still Jewish Campaign  Eric Morey (Aliyah Action Council)
 Ezekile 36:24-26 “For I will take you from the nations and gather you out of all the countries where I have scattered you and bring you into your own land?  Then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you shall be clean: I will cleanse you from all your?  filthiness and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and I will put a new spirit within you. I will take out?  the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

God is bringing His Jewish people home to their Promised Land. In modern Hebrew it is called Aliyah – Ascending to the Land..  As this incredible and miraculous physical restoration takes place, it is changing world history and is connected to many things all true believers long and pray for the spiritual restoration of His people; the pouring out of God’s Spirit on Israel and on the nations; a worldwide spiritual awakening and the very return of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

However, there is problem here.  The very people God most wants to come home–Jewish believers in His son Yeshua – are being systematically excluded from making Aliyah. The root cause of this goes back almost 2,000 years.  During much of that time the Jewish people have experienced discrimination, persecution, inquisitions, pogroms and finally the Holocaust, from so-called ‘Christians,’ and even from the Church itself. There is a deep wound in the Jewish soul concerning Yeshua and His followers. Because of this horrible history, most Jewish people in Israel (and world-wide) are under the misconception that Jewish people who believe in Yeshua are traitors to their people, and at the very least that they are no longer Jewish. This allows certain government and legal entities to justify excluding them from making Aliyah.

Many Jewish believers in Yeshua who are active in Aliyah are agreed that the time has come for us to take action to change the way we are viewed by the Israeli public; that it is time for the Jewish Israeli public to understand that WE ARE STILL JEWS, and thus prepare the way for a revolution in Messianic Jewish Aliyah. To change the way a whole society relates to a very sensitive subject is a huge undertaking and can ONLY be accomplished with much prayer and the favor of the LORD.

We believe the best practical strategy is to work with a professional public relations firm in Israel to insert positive stories in Israeli Hebrew media (newspapers, television, radio and internet) about Jewish believers in Yeshua. The goal is to bring about the understanding in the mind of the Israeli Jewish public (and, by extension, the government) that WE ARE STILL JEWS; to help the Israeli Jewish public understand that Jewish believers in Yeshua are valid and valuable members of Israeli Jewish society; and to appeal to the Israeli Jewish public’s sense of justice and fairness that it is wrong for Jewish believers in Yeshua to be excluded from making Aliyah.

Our desire is to find those that relate to this and understand how vitally important it is to all of us who believe in Yeshua, finding  those who will commit to praying on a daily basis if possible to enable us to have the breakthrough we are believing God for.  We are trying to break down gates of iron almost 2,000 years old. This is the word we are standing on Isaiah 45:2 – 3  “I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron.  I will give you treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places.” Isaiah 45:2-3

Please will you stand with the Messianic Body here in Israel and pray into these specific points.

  1.   The right public relations firm will be selected.
  2.   The Israeli media ? decision makers will be receptive to positive stories of ? Jewish believers living in the land and making a difference here.
  3.    Appointments with men in positions of influence in the land, to listen to us and our appeal to change the status of who is a Jew, and correct the impression that accepting   Yeshua changes your religion.  We’re still Jews.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the God of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their God.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for that breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie
This Weeks News Items

1. Sea of Galilee at Lowest Level Ever   Algemeiner News  Oct 7th

As thousands of Israelis prepare to enjoy the Succot holiday at the Sea of Galilee, Israel?s Water Authority has warned that the country?s largest freshwater lake is critically low and in danger of reaching its ?lowest water level ever recorded.? The Sea of Galilee is currently 703 feet below sea level, just a few feet above the historical low of 705 below sea level measured in 2001 – beneath the water source?s so-called ?black line.? When water levels in the Kinneret cross below the black line, severe ecological complications can irreversibly contaminate the water and disrupt the lake?s fragile ecosystem. The situation in the Kinneret has deteriorated in recent years, as Israel?s north faces an ongoing drought. Israel has substantially invested in water conservation, reclamation and desalination technology, allowing the Jewish state to significantly reduce its use of water from the Sea of Galilee. Nevertheless, the lack of water flow into the lake has led to deep concern over its vitality, as the drop in water levels causes the salinity of the lake to rise, threatening marine life. The Sea of Galilee has played a prominent role in both Jewish and Christian history, with much of Yeshua?s early ministry centered around the shores of the lake, according to the Christian Gospels. Please intercede for an abundant rainy season for Israel during the autumn and winter months. The need for more precipitation much rain is critical

2. Prominent UK Cabinet Member: There is No Difference Between Anti-Zionisn and Anti-Semitism   Algemeiner News   Oct 5th

There is no difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, a prominent British Conservative politician declared last week. Speaking at a Conservative Friends of Israel event in Manchester, Michael Gove – currently the secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs – said, ?At a time when people say that ?I?m not an anti-Semite, I?m just anti-Zionist,? it is important that we should say no, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.? Referring to the 100th anniversary of the issuance of the Balfour Declaration – in which the British government announced its support for ?the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people? – Gove exclaimed, ?At a time when people are casual, cruel and callous towards the fate of the Jewish people, it is time for all of us to say that over the last 100 years if we have learned anything it is that when there is prejudice and hatred directed towards the Jewish people darker times will follow, and it is our moral duty to say that what begins with the Jews never ends with the Jews. We stand with Israel. We stand with the Jewish community.? Pray the this correct understanding begins to spread exponentially

3. US Lawmaker: Anti-Semitism A Growing Threat on US College Campuses

Lawmakers in Ohio are working to pass legislation expressing support of Israel and denouncing attacks against its supporters, especially on university campuses. Speaking days ago at the Ohio Statehouse, Rep. Andrew Thompson (R-Marietta) raised awareness of House Concurrent Resolution 10 (HCR10), which is also sponsored by Rep. Dave Greenspan (R-Westlake) and co-sponsored by over two dozen other lawmakers. The resolutions condemns the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign – which seeks to isolate Israel until it complies with Palestinian demands – as well as efforts to silence Israeli academics and students. It further calls on Ohio universities to ?take an active stand against all anti-Semitic actions and intimidation taken against Jewish students on their campuses,? and to act against any attempts to restrict free speech on campus. A recent report by the Israel on Campus Coalition advocacy group found that BDS activists routinely engage in ?hostile disruptions of pro-Israel events? in order to silence dissenting voices. ?Anti-Semitism is not just in existence, but it?s a growing threat on college campuses across the state of Ohio,? Thompson said. ?We should not kid ourselves,? the lawmaker added. ?The BDS movement is about wiping Israel off the map. And if we don?t stand strongly and firmly against that, if we do not insist that our campuses protect the rights of Jewish students and allies of Israel, we could potentially face much darker outcomes.?  Continue to pray that university groups, teachers, leaders and individuals who promote and participate in campus anti-Semitic activities or delegitimization campaigns against Israel will be confronted, penalized and silenced.

4. Iran Attempted to Buy Nuclear Material   131 Times SInce Obama Deal   Fox News   Oct 6th

Iran has made numerous attempts to obtain illegal technology that could be used for its military nuclear and ballistic missile programs, according to three German intelligence reports obtained by Fox News. According to Fox News report, the first German intelligence details ?32 procurement attempts ? that definitely or with high likelihood were undertaken for the benefit of proliferation programs? after the 2015 nuclear deal was signed. According to the report, all the attempts took place in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The North Rhine-Westphalia intelligence agency accused the Islamic Republic of using front companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey and China to skirt international restrictions on its nuclear and missile programs, as dictated by the nuclear deal.
The intelligence report, which covered only the year 2016 and only in one province in Germany, calls into question Iran?s compliance with the agreement. In 2015, the agency recorded 141 attempts by Iran to purchase supplies for its illicit programs. In a second intelligence report obtained by Fox News, the German state of Hessen said Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and Sudan use ?guest academics? in the country for illegal activities related to nuclear and other weapons programs. ?An example for this type of activity occurred in the sector of electronic technology in connection with the implementation of the enrichment of uranium,? the intelligence report reads. A third German intelligence report, from the state of Saxony-Anhalt, said Iran works ?unabated? on its missile program. Iran claims its military development is for defense purposes only. However, many of these weapons were given to the Hezbollah terror organization and used against Israel?s civilian population during the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006. Iran has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel. Pray that any Iranian attack against Israel will fall back on Iran.

5. PM Netanyahu Announces New Building Program    Israel Today News   Oct 10th

In a move that is certain to draw international criticism, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved the construction of new housing units for Jewish settlements in the so-called “West Bank.”
Some 3,800 homes will soon be built in disputed areas like the Jewish sectors of Hebron. The approval was granted subject to consultation with the US government. An understanding between PM Netanyahu and President Trump whereby Israel seeks American approval for any new settlement construction is expected to bring an end to the routine condemnation that flowed from the Obama Administration. As part of the understanding, the Americans will no longer differentiate between large settlement blocs and smaller, more isolated Jewish communities. For instance, the small Jewish neighborhood in the heart of Hebron is expected to gain approval for 30 new housing units, a major breakthrough for the Jewish residents of Judaism’s second holiest city. Pray that the building program goes ahead as planned

6. More Than 60,000 People in Jerusalem March   World Israel News    Oct 10th

More than 60,000 people from 80 countries participated in the annual Festival of Tabernacles parade in the Israeli capital, expressing love and support for the Jewish state and a united Jerusalem. Tens of thousands of Israel supporters from around the world joined the 38th annual march through the streets of Jerusalem, organized by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), held during Succor or the festival of Tabernacles. ?The Feast of Tabernacles is always a wonderful foretaste of that future time when all peoples will come up to Jerusalem to celebrate Sukkot,? ICEJ says on its website. This year?s celebration was unique, however, as Israel celebrates the 50th year of the reunification of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War. For this reason, the march was ?more exciting than ever,? said Jerusalem Mayor Nir Birkot ?Of all the sacred seasons that God commanded Israel to observe, the festival of Tabernacles has the strongest implications for the nations of the world? Sukkot was mandated by the Creator Himself to be a holiday for all the world,? the Temple Institute explains.Thousands of locals watched the parade, cheering as the enthusiastic visitors expressed solidarity with the Jewish state, shouting ?Am Yisrael Chai,? proclaiming the eternity of the Jewish nation. Lets rejoice with the Jewish people and the Christians from the nations as they celebrate in Jerusalem

7. First Rains Fall During Succott     INN News

Israel’s north, center, and northern Negev received rain on Mon. 9 Oct. 2017, temperatures for the week are expected to remain below seasonal average. Israel’s first rains fell during the week-long holiday of Succot, providing hope for the Kinneret’s (Sea of Galilee) recovery. In Sept, 2017 Water Authority spokesman Uri Shore said that the Kinneret hit a record low the previous month, and “if God forbid the coming winter is similar to the previous four, then our water sources are going to be in huge trouble.” Monday morning saw rain showers in Israel’s north and center. There were also isolated thunderstorms. Thank you to all who are praying for an abundant rainy season in Israel. Those prayers are already being answered! Please continue to intercede for much needed precipitation across Israel.

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