The CARMEL ALERT –  May 25th 2018
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israel

Guest Comment: What is the truth about Jerusalem, the American Embassy, the Gazan’s March to Return and the Nakbar?Errol Francis.
“So then,” Pilate said to him, “You are a king, after all.” Yeshua answered, “You say I am a king. The reason I have been born, the reason I have come into the world, is to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to me.” Pilate asked him, “What is truth?” (John 18:37-18a CJB)

Science and Philosophy claim there is no absolute truth, there are only “apparent truths” based upon our current knowledge. As our knowledge expands or is reinterpreted, what we believe to be truth shifts. Today even History is subject to reinterpretation so the once great The Second World War by Winston Churchill is full of untruths and we need to read new books that reveal the ‘evil imperialistic atrocities of the Allies’. Which of course say: the Holocaust never occurred and any suffering by European Jews was caused by themselves.

For believers in YHVH and Yeshua, the Bible is the source of absolute truth. Going further Yeshua said  “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.(John 14:6) To Christians and Messianics this statement becomes an absolute truth, which updates Judaism where The Laws of Moses are the way. And it contradicts Islam where the teachings of Mohammed are the way. In the modern world this immediately creates first: a choice and then a problem.

The choice is between: Moses, Christ or Mohamed OR perhaps Atheism. In the mind of Islam there is no alternative and not even relative religion is acceptable. Unfortunately the secular world seems to accept that Islam is full of “truths” especially regarding the history of the Middle East. The problem is that when Bible believers say we should believe, behave and worship as it directs: with Yeshua setting the standards of truth. Then it is claimed by liberals, that we are narrow minded old fashioned bigots, trying to constrict modern life into antiquated and irrelevant confines. The liberals go on that the worst of men prompting unacceptable biblical truth today, are Trump and Netanyahu.

For Bible believers Jerusalem has factually been the capital of Israel since the times of King David. The US Congress recognised this in 1995 and determined to shift their embassy to Jerusalem, at that time little was said, but now that the US has its embassy in Jerusalem, the world is in an uproar. Because the Palestinians in recent decades have claimed that Jerusalem is historically their capital and that the Israelis are illegal land grabbing occupiers. Historically in April 637 CE, Islamic Caliph Umar, took over Jerusalem by siege and warfare from the Byzantine (post Roman) governor. So why aren’t the Muslims since then been illegal land grabbing occupiers? In the Caliph of those days and since then Jerusalem has never been the capital of any other empire: Islamic, Crusader or Ottoman: not even of Trans Jordan after the British and UN partitions. In fact the Jordanian government after 1948 destroyed and never repaired a lot of the Old City and regarded it with disdain, even the mosques on the Temple Mount were left in bad repair.

Somehow on May 16th our television got onto Al Jazeera, within 30 minutes these are things I heard. On May the 14th 1948, when the Nakbar (the great disaster) of the Jewish State’s declaration occurred: that on that very day hundreds of thousands of Palestinian families were immediately forcibly ejected by the Israeli army which was in waiting to do that terrible act. The truth really is that the declaration was made just before sunset and then the new nation partied for 24 hours. And at that time no such thing as an Israeli army existed. If any Palestinians were evicted it was not on that specific day. Contrarily five Arab armies moved to the Israeli border ready to invaded and destroy Israel in the week ahead. The Israeli leaders made a public radio appeal for all people, Jews and Arabs to stay in their homes and to negotiate for peace and citizenship, which was then ignored. This invasive war continued until late 1949 when the Arabs capitulated to avoid total defeat.

The Al Jazeera report went on to say: in the British Mandate, Britain constantly confiscated Palestinian land giving it to 100,000s of Jews who they encouraged into land owned by Muslims. Also that the British disproportionally favoured the Jews. It may be true that the British expelled Arabs who rebelled against their police – in fact the British severely restricted immigration of Jews to Israel under-filling the British Government’s quota by many tens of thousands. In August 1929 a rumour was spread by Muslims in Hebron that Jews were going to damage the Al Aska in Jerusalem: at dawn Arabs began dragging Jews out of their homes and beating or killing them in the streets. When a British army group arrived in the afternoon, on the body littered streets they arrested many Arabs with weapons and a Jewish man with a hand gun. At the following court hearing most Arabs were acquitted for lack for evidence, two were hung and the Jewish man who hurt nobody was given a long jail sentence. (Hebron population 1929. Arabs 17,000. Jews 700)

Perhaps all of the above we already know. Al Jazeera then went on to the current demonstrations at the Gaza borders: their commentary saying: That Palestinians trapped by Israel in Gaza were frustrated by America turning against the Palestinian Cause by having an Embassy in Jerusalem. All they were attempting to do, by assembling at the border fence, was to peacefully request for negotiations to recognize their human rights which were being denied by the oppressive Israeli occupation. And show their disapproved of the American Consulate for Palestinian Affairs in South East Jerusalem becoming an International Embassy to Israel. We must ask then: why did they come with weapons, fire bombs and making rush charges at the fence? And why have Hamas leaders made no denial that they had called for rage, violence and martyrs ?.

While there are popular news services in the West who blame Israel and support the Muslims. Outside of America and Israel there are numerous Christian reporters who do defend Israel and try to be critical of some American viewpoints. These I would regard to be better supporters of truth. There is one single Biblical Truth that outweighs all others: one day Jesus of Nazareth will return to the Earth to reign as Messiah King from Jerusalem. Imams and liberals, even Orthodox Jews and atheists can ridicule this. But it is the Ultimate Truth!

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie

This Weeks News Items

1. PM Naetanyahu & Hamas Leaders Agree About Gaza    INN News May 19th

In a video posted to Facebook, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that in a “real shocker,” he agrees with Salah Bardawil, the Hamas leader in Gaza who admitted that 50 of the rioters who were killed in the violence along the Gaza border Monday were members of the terrorist organization. I completely agree with the leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization who?ve said this over the past few days. Mahmoud al Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas, said that calling the actions of Palestinians on the Gaza border “peaceful” is a clear “deception.” His words. “This is not peaceful resistance,” he said. I agree. Shooting guns and lobbing explosives at Israelis isn’t peaceful at all. Another Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said that the aim of the riots is to, quote, “tear down their border and tear out their hearts.” I agree that destroying Israel and killing innocent Israelis is his true goal. Well, how about senior Hamas official Salah Bardawil?  He said that 50 out of the 60 Palestinians killed Monday, that?s over 80%, were members of Hamas?in other words, members of a terrorist organization. The same Hamas that has called for genocide of every single Jew. I agree that Israel targets terrorists. Now if you don’t believe me, or if you don’t believe the leaders of Hamas, just take a look Palestinians breaking through Israel’s security fence?some of them waving meat-cleavers. “O Jews!” they shout. We’re coming to slaughter you! This is what we are defending our families against. And you would do exactly the same”. Watch the video for yourself   VIDEO: Hamas Leader Admits Gaza Protests are Not Peaceful

2. Terror Kites Start Fires Fanned by Heat Wave   INN News   May 19th

 Incendiary kites flown by Gaza terrorists and a heat wave are among the reasons being cited for numerous wildfires that have been raging countrywide Friday. The incendiary kites ? a new terror technique that is currently in vogue in Gaza ? reportedly set Jewish-owned agricultural fields on fire near Kibbuz Sa’ad and Kfar ‘Aza. Due to the fire that broke out in the Elad area, planes from Ben Gurion Airport took off only with the approval of the fire and rescue services, causing delays in air traffic. Following the brush fire in the Yarkonim area, Highway 5 was blocked from the Hatikva interchange to the Yarkon interchange in both directions. Route 4613 in central Israel is also blocked in both directions. Some residents of Givat Koach were evacuated from their homes. Firefighting planes are assisting the fire engines on the ground in combating the flames. A blaze wiped out 6,000 dunams (roughly 1,500 acres) at the Nahal Habsor Nature Reserve in the South. Much damage was reported, and much of the wildlife in the reserve reportedly fled or died. Fires also broke out in the Yarkonim area and near the railway at Lehavim, in the Negev. Train movement between Kiryat Gat and Be’er Sheva North was halted and buses were brought in to ferry the passengers who had been hoping to take the affected trains. Please pray that these fire attacks stop immediately and that the hot weather cools down

3. Yet Another Embassy Moves Back to Jerusalem     Israel Today News   May 21st

The ball is now rolling. US President Trump’s fulfillment of a decades-old congressional decision to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem has prompted a growing number of other nations to do the same. Last week, Guatemala followed close on Trump’s heels by moving its embassy to the Holy City, and this week Paraguay will become the third nation to thus cement its recognition of the Jewish state’s right to choose its own capital city. Paraguy’s president, Horacio Cartes, arrived in Israel on Sunday for the inauguration of his country’s new mission, which opened in Jerusalem on Monday. Pray that the number of nations moving their embassies back to Jerusalem continues to increase and especially pray that your nation will do so very soon

4. Iranian Electronic Warfare Facility Blown up South of Damascus, Israel News Report May 21st

Powerful explosions were reported early Monday, May 21, in the Naijah area south of Damascus.  A Syrian military academy situated there serves as an Iranian/Hizballah intelligence war room and an Iranian electronic warfare facility. The explosions were reported by Sky News in Arabic with no official confirmation or indication of what caused them. If confirmed, this would appear to be the second pinpointed attack in four days on an Iranian military target in Syria. On May 18, fuel, arms and ammunition depots at a Syrian air base near Hama were blown up, causing massive explosions. Despite Syrian official denials, a number of Iranian officers were killed in this attack on one of Iran?s most important bases in Syria. Our military sources learned later that the attack was carried out by an unnamed ground force, which fired eight missiles at the base. Pray that all of Iran’s bases in Syria will be discovered and destroyed.

5. Israel Condemns P.A. Over ICC Attempt

Israel condemned PA Efforts to have Israeli political and military officials prosecuted in the International Criminal Court in The Hague for ?war crimes? against rioters on the Gaza border. The Foreign Ministry said that the PA appeal to The Hague was ?a cynical move that is not legally valid. The PA continues to abuse the tribunal for political purposes rather than to promote political negotiations.? “It is ridiculous that the Gazans do this while they continue to incite to terror and use children and women as human shields to cover their violent attempts to harm the security of Israeli citizens.” Jerusalem adds that the PA appeal to The Hague is not legally valid, and that the court has no jurisdiction over the Israeli-Palestinian Arab issue – since Israel is not a member state of the court and the Palestinian Authority is not a state. srael expects the court and the prosecutor not to surrender to PA pressure and not to allow them to bring about further politicization of the tribunal or to divert it from its original mandate. Israel operates in accordance with independent and thorough judicial oversight and review mechanisms, as appropriate for a democratic state and in accordance with international law,” the Foreign Ministry said. Pray that the current Palestinian Authority be dissolved and replaced

6. IDF Retaliates for Gaza Border Incursion    World Israel News May 22nd

An IDF tank targeted a Hamas observation post in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday in response to a cross-border incident in which a number of Arabs infiltrated Israel and set an unmanned IDF post on fire. No Israeli casualties were reported. Sources reported that the infiltrators successfully returned back to Gaza territory. The bombing of the Hamas position is in line with the IDF?s more stringent rules of engagement which state that every act of aggression coming from Gaza will be met with an immediate and stern response by its forces. The IDF stated that the infiltrators were monitored from the moment the event began. The IDF has repeatedly said that it holds the Hamas terror organization, which rules the Strip, responsible for all terror activities emanating from the Gaza Strip. Earlier on Monday night, a drone flying from Gaza breached Israeli airspace and fell in an open field.  These latest events occurred amid the daily violence on the Israel-Gaza border, orchestrated by Hamas, the Islamic terror group that rules the Strip and calls for Israel?s destruction.Since then, the border has been the quietest since the riots began eight weeks ago, while the IDF remains on high alert in the area in anticipation of another possible flare-up. Pray that the IDF manages to keep all the borders of Israel sealed

7. Soldier Critically Injured  During West Bank Mission    Ha Aretz News    May 24th

An Israeli soldier in an elite unit was critically wounded early Thursday morning during a military raid at a refugee camp near Ramallah in the ‘West Bank.’ The military said in a statement that the soldier, from the Duvdevan unit, was hit on his head by a heavy brick during arrests carried out at the Am?ari Refugee Camp. He was taken to the hospital and his family was notified of his condition.
The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated. In a separate incident late Wednesday night, a Palestinian opened fire at the Border Police at a checkpoint near Jerusalem. The police were not hurt. They arrested the Palestinians assailant after a chase. A pistol and knife were found on his person. Please pray for a quick and full recovery for the injured soldier

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