David Comment: The State of the Nations

Isaiah 60: For the nation and kingdom that does not serve you (Israel) shall perish. Those nations shall be utterly ruined


After learning the result of the Australian general election last Shabbat, it seems like YHVH has once again intervene in Human politics. Towards the end of the voting the local media began reporting that the present Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, a professing Christian and good friend of Israel, had lost the election. PM Morrison became Austalia’s leader just six months ago after the previous PM was voted out, and his deputy PM was Jewish, making a good team for Australia’s relationship with Israel. To the great displeasure of the liberal left wing politicians and the media, under PM Morrison, last December Australia officially recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. However the leader of the other party that looked likely to win  the election had already announced that when they became the new government, they would reverse the decision concerning Jerusalem. GOD was obviously watching Australia very closely. As the voting closed, almost everyone in Australia was either shocked or pleasantly surprised when it was announced that against the odds, Scott Morrison had won. When Josie and I first heard the news, we both felt that GOD has once again intervened and over-ruled the political situation. This result has inspired me to write this comment taking a look at the situation in the nations ……

Australia: With the surprise election win for PM Morrison, there is still hope for the favour and blessings of the LORD to be upon Australia, if PM Morrison’s new government continues to do what is Biblically correct concerning Israel. The left wing liberals and other GOD haters are already protesting and threatening to move to New Zealand. Australian Christians will need to keep their leader and his government in prayer.

New Zealand: The nation of our birth is in serious trouble as the present Prime Minister continues the New Zealand government’s shameful attitude towards Israel and their irrational support of Israel’s enemies. Since the terror attack at the mosque in Christchurch, the Prime Minister has become a champion for Islam, and from news I am receiving, once clean, green New Zealand is becoming a ‘Police State.’ Fellow Kiwi Believers, I am sure that you are praying as never before, for NZ to come to its senses, before the judgement of the LORD strikes the nation at the end of the Earth.

United States of America: Under Barack Obama’s pro-Islam leadership, the American government became an enemy of Israel, and thus an enemy of the Kingdom of YHVH. Under President Trump there has been a 180 degree turn around and the US is once again Israel’s strongest ally. With the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital city and the relocation of the embassy, the USA is flowing with the plans and purposes of GOD as far as Israel is concerned. For America to really see the blessings of the LORD return, the abortion and same sex marriage laws also need to be reversed. There is some movement on the abortion issue under the Trump presidency. Still much prayer and intercession is required to offset the militancy of the ungodly majority.

The United Kingdom: I believe that the Brexit vote victory was also the LORD over-ruling the situation on the ground. But the enemy camp has not given up trying to prevent the UK leaving the E.U. Confusion and rebellion has been the ‘norm’ since the vote, and is still the case today as PM Theresa May is engaged in a massive battle to honour the choice of the voting public and bring Brexit to its conclusion. The UK also needs to improve its attitude towards Israel, and reverse the abortion and same sex marriage laws, if it is to once again find full favour with the LORD. The UK’s many prayer ministries are hard at work interceding for a return to righteousness.

Canada: The previous Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was a Bible believing Christian and a great friend of Israel. That situation has changed dramatically under the present leader, Justin Trudeau who is a much younger left wing liberal. He has opened Canada up to large numbers of Islamic immigrants, thereby increasing the risks of more terror attacks in the nation. Canada also flies in the face of GOD in the area of abortion and same sex marriage. Much prayer and intercession is needed for Canada.

Europe: The nations that make up the European Union are doomed, unless they follow the UK and get out of the EU, which is Satanically inspired Anti-Christ organisation. Bibllical Christianity is all but dead across Europe, and the majority of Europeans scoff at anyone who still believes in the God of the Bible. The EU has openly stated that its goal is to complete what they failed to do at  the Tower of Babel, which is to exalt man above GOD. This is exactly what Satan declares in Israel 14:12-14, so it is easy to see who is really behind the EU, and to understand why they are so against GOD and His nation of Israel. Unless Europe repents, the EU and any nation connected to it is doomed to the same fate as the Tower of Babel !

Africa & Asia: The spiritual situation in much of Africa & Asia is totally opposite to the nations mentioned above. The majority of the evangelical churches in Africa & Asia are not corrupted by Replacement Theology. The Christians there love the GOD of Israel, they love His Word, and they love Israel and the Jewish people. The Anglican Church in Africa has rebuked their peers in the USA and UK for allowing Homosexuality in their congregations, but very few in the Western churches are prepared to stand up and speak out against that abomination. And when it comes to Israel, the Believers in Africa and Asia are miles ahead of Believers in the West, in their love and commitment to stand with and pray or Israel.

The Media:  The secular media seems to have univitedly taken up the office of responsibility for deciding what is good and what is evil, who is right and who is wrong. Most of them are unrighteous God haters, deeply under the influence of Satan, and are therefore totally incapable of discerning truth concerning good and evil. Not only does the media do their utmost to brainwash their audience to become as deceived as they are, they actually try to manipulate and influence the outcome of current events. For example in the recent Israeli and Australian elections, the media began to broadcast that the party that ended up winning the election was losing the vote, before the voting had ended. I believe they did this with the intent of changing the minds of the late voters, to vote for the part that they were declaring to be winning.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1. Balloon Bomb Lands in IDF Base   Arutz 7 News   May 19th

A bomb tied to balloons floated into an IDF base in southern Israel on Saturday. Although rockets are no longer raining down on Israel, terrorists continue to release fire balloons, which burn crops and nature reserves. Three such fires were reported on Thursday. Israel Police sappers deactivated the explosive device. No one was injured in the incident. ?If you see a suspicious object, report it immediately to the police,? a police statement said. Arab sources said that the bomb was one of 30 sent simultaneously released into Israel. The IDF reported that the border with the Gaza Strip was relatively quiet on Saturday, despite the explosive device landing in an IDF base. Pray that the terror groups do not ignite another missile war with Israel.


2. PM Netanyahu Urges Partners to Form Coalition Before its too Late   World Israel News   May 19th

With a deadline looming to form a new government, Prime Minister Netanyahu is urging his potential future partners to get off the ?treetops? in order to prevent losing an opportunity to form a right-wing government and potentially even forcing yet another Knesset election. On the heels of the April 9th parliamentary ballot, PM Netanyahu has until May 28 to build a new majority in the 120-seat Knesset, though he might have to suffice temporarily with 60 members to get the government running and lure in others later. Still operating with the ministers of his previous government, the prime minister said at the weekly Cabinet meeting: ?I regret that the parties are still in the treetops. I hope that a way will be found soon to bring them down to the ground of reality so that together we can form a strong and stable government for the State of Israel that will continue to lead the country to new heights.? Pray that PM Netanyahu will succeed in forming the new government before May 28 3.  PA Will Not Attend Trump Peace Summit in Bahrain  World Israel News   May 20th The ‘Palestinians’ are giving a cool reception to an American plan to hold a conference next month to unveil the first phase of its Mideast peace plan. The White House announced Sunday that it will hold the gathering in Bahrain to discuss large-scale investment in the Palestinian territories. It said the conference will not address the contentious political aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as final borders, and the status of Jerusalem and ‘Palestinian’ refugees. A spokesman for Mahmoud Abbas, said that ?any plan without a political horizon will not lead to peace.? Any solution to the conflict must be political ? and based on ending the occupation,? PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said Monday at a cabinet meeting. ?The current financial crisis is a result of a financial war waged against us and we will not succumb to blackmailing and extortion and will not trade our national rights for money.? A major industrialist with vast business holdings throughout the ‘West Bank,’ said ?I will not participate in this conference, and none of the representatives of our companies will participate. We reaffirm our clear position: We will not deal with any event outside the national consensus.? The PA severed ties with the White House after President Donald Trump recognized contested Jerusalem as Israel?s capital in December 2017. The U.S. has responded by cutting hundreds of millions of dollars of aid. Pray that the entire peace process fails and is dropped by the US adminstration


4. Israel’s UN Ambassador’s Biblical Based Speech at UN Goes Viral   INN News  May 20th  

The UN Security Council recently convened for a periodic discussion on the Middle East, during which Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, delivered a speech detailing the rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. In his speech, Danon presented the “four pillars” that link Judaism to the Land and even read a chapter from the Bible in Hebrew while wearing a kippah (skullcap). Danon mentioned the Balfour Declaration and the story of the tribe of Judah to illustrate the Jewish people’s historical connection to Israel. He also referred to the UN Charter and international law, saying that they too recognize the right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. A few days after the UN debate, websites around the world began to cover the speech extensively, calling it the “Biblical speech” and “the speech defending the rights of the Jewish people.”  He open his Bible and read from Genesis 17 about the covenant between God and Abraham. ?I will maintain My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you throughout the ages as an everlasting covenant, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you. I will give to you and to your descendants after you the land in which you are now residing as aliens, the whole land of Canaan, as a permanent possession; and I will be their God.? The message was translated into Spanish, Polish, French, Portuguese and even Turkish. The video of the speech also gained momentum among the Evangelical Christian community worldwide. After the message went viral, Danon was invited to be interviewed on CNN, and Fox News. The speech has already received tens of thousands of views in its Hebrew and English versions on the YouTube page of the Israeli delegation to the UN and continues to gain momentum on Facebook groups which support Israel. Pray that multitudes of people will be influenced in Israel’s favor by the videos of Ambassador Danon’s speech.


5. One Year After US Embassy Returned to Jerusalem    United with Israel News   May 23rd

The first anniversary of the U.S. embassy?s move to Jerusalem sparked multiple articles in the Israeli press declaring it a failure for both U.S. President Trump and PM Minister Netanyahu. From the left-wing Ha?aretz to the centrist Times of Israel, headlines trumpeted the fact that only one minor country, Guatemala, has followed America?s lead. And even that might prove fleeting, as several candidates in next month?s Guatemalan election have pledged to return the embassy to Tel Aviv. All this is true, but it also misses the point. And it thereby obscures the real and lasting gains of the embassy move. To understand why, it?s worth recalling America?s own history on this issue. In 1995, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which ordered the embassy relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It was approved by overwhelming bipartisan majorities in both the House (374-37) and the Senate (93-5). And in every subsequent election, every presidential candidate, whether Republican or Democratic, pledged to honor this directive. Yet despite this consensus, it still took more than 20 years for the move to happen. Successive presidents, Republicans and Democrats proved reluctant to defy international opposition. Consequently, they exercised a provision of the law allowing the move to be postponed due to national security considerations. These presidential waivers were renewed every six months for more than two decades. In contrast, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel?s capital was never been mooted as a possibility by any other country in the world. Outside America, not a single mainstream party?whether liberal or conservative?ever considered an embassy move, much less actively supported the idea.

No Longer an Inconcievable Notion What Trump?s decision did accomplish, however, was to break the global taboo on thinking and talking about this idea. Never again will recognizing Jerusalem as Israel?s capital be an inconceivable option. Indeed, in many countries, it has already become a hotly debated one. And the more the idea is discussed, the more realistic the possibility becomes. A few countries have already gone beyond talk and taken preliminary steps down the path to full recognition. For instance, Australia  didn?t move its embassy, but it did recognize western Jerusalem as Israel?s capital last year. That disappointed many Israelis, who view the entire city as Israel?s capital. But it?s a major advance from where Israel was pre-Trump, when not a single country in the world recognized any part of Jerusalem as its capital.  Pray that many more leaders will have the boldness to follow the US example and return their embassies to Jerusalem


6. BBC Covers Up Anti-Semitic Remark

The chilling interview was broadcast as part of the BBC documentary One Day in Gaza, about the ongoing border riots along the Israel-Gaza Strip border. Bader Saleh, 24, the subject of the interview, said, ?I?m not one for fighting or burning tires, but when I went, I was convinced by it. The revolutionary songs, they excite you, they encourage you to rip a Jew?s head off.? Saleh used the word ?yahud,? Arabic for ?Jew.? The BBC, however, translated it as ?Israeli,? leading to a storm of criticism charging the network with covering up the serious anti-Semitic remark. The BBC strenuously denied the charges, with a spokesperson saying, ?We sought expert advice on the translation before broadcast and we believe the translation of ?Yahudi? as ?Israeli? in this documentary is both accurate and true to the speakers? intentions.? The network?s Chief International Correspondent also defended the decision, saying, ?We talked to people in Gaza, we talked to translators.? She claimed they were told that when Gaza youths ?say ?Jews,? they mean ?Israelis.??  We felt it was a better translation of it,? she asserted. The senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews slammed the network?s response, saying, ?The anti-Jewish racism in the phrase ?rip a Jew?s head off? is there for all to see.? ?The BBC should explain why viewers were given a subtitle in which the word ?Jew? was substituted for ?Israeli,?? she added. ?Does the BBC believe that its job is to protect the perpetrators from their own racism?? Pray that the news media stops their unbalanced and dishonest reporting of the Arab – Israeli conflict.


7. Divine Providence ?   World Israel News   May 22nd

Dr. Adva Biton gave birth to a healthy girl Sunday on the Hebrew date of the birth of her daughter Adele, who died in 2015 after a terror attack had left her semi-comatose for two years. Adele was only four years old when she succumbed to pneumonia complications exacerbated by the injuries she sustained when Palestinians threw rocks at the car her mother was driving, causing her to crash into a truck. From her bed at Sheba Hospital, the religious mother said she always had the feeling that the birthdays would coincide. ?As soon as my due date passed, the 40th week, I saw Adele?s birthday on the horizon and felt that indeed it would happen on that day. When the baby emerged I felt an amazing connection, a Divine Providence.? ?It?s something very emotional,? she said, ?and there are no coincidences. The ways of God are hidden, and there is a huge message here of continuity, of choosing life? Despite what I have gone through, I am a happy woman and look at all the good that exists in this life.? Let’s praise YAH for His love and Divine providence.

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