The CARMEL ALERT – March 2nd 2018
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israe

David’s Comment:   What I Would Like to Have Said to Them
I want to lighten up a little this week and share something more personal.   There are a number of famous people who I would have loved the opportunity to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with.  Sadly that opportunity never arose and never will as some of them are no longer alive and most likely they found out the hard way that what I would have said to them was true.  So here are some of  the people I am talking about and what I wanted to say to them  …………….

George Harrison (the Beatles) – died some time back now. George was the Beatle who introduced the rest of the group into meditation and Eastern religion. I think George was a pretty down to earth, sincere person, only he was sincerely wrong when it came to GOD, as he turned to Hinduism for spiritual fulfillment. The LORD first laid George on my heart when he was seriously injured by someone who broke into his English mansion. This inspired me to write him a letter, sharing my testimony as a Jew who had a revelation of the truth of the spiritual realm and chose to follow that truth at the expense of my reputation amongst family and friends to whom the name of Jesus was an anathama. I wrote that if a Jew like me can believe in Jesus, then why did he and so many other young people who had been brought up in a Christian country, choose to go looking for spiritual truth in the Eastern world. It was a great letter, even if I say so myself, only problem is I never posted it. Then a few years later George got cancer, which took his life in the end. Sadly, I doubt that George ever repented of worshipping other gods, and ended up in Hell forever.

John Lennon (the Beatles) – is a sad case indeed. I believe that deep down John was searching for the truth, but couldn’t find it in the nominal Christian culture of Britain in the 1960’s. Obviously something must have turned John off GOD in a major way to the point that he wrote the lyrics  ….. imagine there’s no Heaven  –  no Hell below us,  above us only sky  … If I could sit and talk to John I would ask him what it was that made him become and enemy of his own Creator, who loved him and created him to be His son. I would also say to John  … ” you can imagine theres no Heaven, Hell or God as much as you like, but I can tell you for sure that there is, and you are in BIG trouble with GOD “.  Sadly John died many years ago at the hand of an assassin and he already knows there is a Heaven, a Hell and a GOD, and unless he repented, he is now confined to the Hell that he imagined didn’t exist, forever and forever.

Cat Stevens –  was a popular British singer in the 1960’s and 1970’s with many hit songs. I am not sure when, but many years ago now Cat Stevens converted to Islam and changed his name to Yousef IslamHad he been a Gentile that is a very sad and foolish move to make, but his conversion is even more tragic because his father was Jewish, which makes him 100% Biblically Jewish. Given the chance I would love to sit down with him and ask him why he did what he did. Then I would tell him that he is 100% Jewish by birth and try to explain the Yeshua based relationship between Judiasm and Christianity in the hope that he would understand why he could not find what he was looking for spiritually, in the Replacement Theology rooted Western Christian faith, and that Islam is not the answer.

The Bee Gees – two of the Gibb brothers who made up this legendary pop group have already passed on to meet their Maker.  As far as I could see the Bee Gees were decent guys, but I never heard that they were Christians.  If I had the chance I would have suggested some different lyrics for one of their hit songs Saved by the Bell. When I hear this song played instead of singing I cried for you, I died for you – Saved by the Bell …… I sing I cried for you, I died for you … Saved by the Blood ….  of the Lamb.   Had the Bee Gees given their gift of melody and harmony back to GOD, the group could have brought multitudes into the Kingdom, as well as ensuring their own eternal salvation. Lets pray that the remaining Bee Gee, Barry Gibb wakes up and gets saved, not by the bell, but by the Blood of Yeshua, before its too late for him too.

Byran Adams – is a very popular and talented Canadian singer. He seems to be a very clean cut guy whose powerful musical gift could be used mightily for the Kingdom. If I had the opportunity to talk to Bryan I would have shared with him what a powerful Gospel song his hit Everything I do, I do for you could have been if he had dedicated those words, I cry for You, I’d die for You, You know its true, everything I do, I do it for YOU to the Holy One of Israel, many young people could have been influenced to give their lives to Yeshua.

George W Bush – the former  US president claimed to be a Bible believing Christian, but rather than abide by GOD’s prescribed borders for the Promised Land, GWB was just another politician wanting to appease the Muslims, by trying to pressure Israeli leaders into giving YHVH’s land away. I would love the opportunity to sit down with George Bush and show him what the Bible that he claims to read says about Israel, and what the God he claims to serve says about those who attempt to divide His Land.

Bob Dylan – I didnt used to like Dylan at all – his raspy nasal voice never appealed to me. I preferred hearing others singing his songs. But now I see Bob Dylan (real name Robert Zimmerman) as one of the most amazing people on the planet. Dylan is Jewish and he accepted Yeshua as Lord in 1975. It was a radical transformation of an already radical person. Almost immediately Dylan began preaching the Gospel at his concerts. He used to invite Jewish evangelists to hand out tracts outside the venues. After he came to faith the lyrics of his songs also changed with his albums Saved and Slow Train Coming. About 12 years ago now, at a house church meeting in Stockholm, a brother came up to me and asked if I liked Bob Dylan. Then he asked me “what about the album Slow Train Coming ? Just a few days earlier the Holy Spirit imparted to me the concept of using the train map to illustrate my message about Israel. I originally titled the map God’s One Track Plan of Salvation but when that brother said those words, Slow Train Coming, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to change the title, which ultimately became the title of my book which is now printed in 8 languages. I began to study Dylan’s life and quickly came to admire him as not just a singer/songwriter, but as a prophetic voice. I am not sure where Dylan’s faith is today, but surely the revelation that he had back in 1975 has remained with him. I would love the chance to sit down with Bob Dylan and help him to see (if he does not already recognise it) just how prophetic his pre 1975 songs like  Blowing in the Wind and The Times Are A Changing were, and encourage him to once again use his GOD-given musical gift to help his fans come to faith.
The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie
This Weeks News Items

1. Israel Signs Contract to Supply Egypt With US $ 15 Billion Worth of Natural Gas    Times of Israel News    Feb 21st

The partners in Israel?s Tamar and Leviathan natural gas fields, including a unit of US Noble Energy Inc and Delek Drilling LP, have signed $15 billion in deals to export natural gas to Egypt over 10 years. In a filing to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Monday, Delek Drilling LP, a partner in the Tamar and Leviathan fields offshore Israel, said Noble Energy Mediterranean and its partners in the fields have signed accords with Egypt?s Dolphinus Holdings Ltd. for the sale of some 64 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the two fields. Delek said the partners were considering various options for the supply of the gas to Egypt, including via a Jordanian-Israeli pipeline that is currently being built or the use of the existing East Mediterranean Gas pipeline. Delek Drilling and Noble plan to start negotiations with EMG for the use of the pipeline to Egypt, the companies said in a separate statement. Another option is to transport the gas to Egypt by connecting the Israeli local  supply system to its Egyptian counterpart, the statement said. Please pray that this contract will bring a further boost to Israel’s economy

2.  One Gazan Dead After Fishing Boat Enters Restricted Waters   INN News  Feb 27th

IDF forces open fire on boat which strayed from designated fishing area, entered restricted waters. One person was killed and two more arrested Sunday afternoon after a boat off the coast of the Gaza Strip strayed from the permitted fishing area and entered restricted military waters, an IDF spokesperson said. After the Hamas terror organization took control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007, Israel and Egypt imposed a security closure on the Strip, limiting passage through border crossings to and from Gaza. Israel also barred the passage of naval vessels to and from the Strip, out of concern that Hamas could import heavy weapons from its allies abroad, principally Iran. Israel has permitted local fisherman to use boats in a designated area of water close to the Gaza coast. On Sunday, however, IDF forces spotted a vessel straying from the permitted fishing area and into restricted waters. The boat deviated from the designated fishing zone in the northern Gaza Strip. IDF forces approached the vessel and ordered it to return to permitted waters and fired in the air, but were ignored. After repeated warnings, the IDF forces opened fire on the suspicious boat, hitting one of the three suspects on board. The suspect was seriously wounded in the incident, and later died. IDF forces arrested the two other suspects, and transferred them for questioning. Pray that the IDF continues to maintain security along the Gaza coastline

3. President Trump Accelerates Relocation of US Embassy     Israel Today News  Feb 26th

Much to the chagrin of the Palestinian Authority, US President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he’d be accelerating the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  The US mission is slated to being moving in phases to its consular facility in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona starting in May. The first stages of the move are expected to see Ambassador David Friedman and a small personal staff take up offices at the Arnona facility, officially granting it the status of “embassy.” Later, a full embassy annex will be added to the complex, with a new embassy facility to be built elsewhere in the city during the years to come. Israeli government ministers called Trump’s announcement and “Independence Day gift,” given that the May transfer coincides with Israel’s 70th anniversary celebrations. PM Netanyahu is expected to extend a formal invitation to Trump to visit Israel at that time to both join the anniversary celebrations and oversee the embassy’s initial transfer. Unsurprisingly, Palestinian leaders were furious over the announcement. Please pray that the planned opening on May 14th will go ahead

4. Canada’s Concervatives Vow to Move Embassy    Israel Report  Feb 27th

Canada?s opposition Conservatives said Monday they would follow the US lead and recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel if they beat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?s Liberals in the next election in 2019. Isn’t it funny how in the Bible it says that tiny, unremarkable, landlocked Jerusalem would be the stone that brings the entire world to its knees? Here we are in 2018 and what is the defining position in world politics today? It’s where you stand on Jerusalem. ?Canada?s Conservatives recognise the obvious fact that Israel, like every other sovereign nation, has a right to determine where its capital is located,? the party said on its website. Let’s pray that the Conservatives win the next Canadian election and carry out their promise to move the embassy

5. Israel Warned 30 Countries of Terror Threats   Times of Israel News    Feb 27th

In a stunning claim that would suggest far-reaching worldwide reliance on Israel?s intelligence agencies, Economy Minister Eli Cohen (Kulanu) on Sunday said that Israel warned 30 countries worldwide about specific terror plots in the course of 2017. ?You all heard last week that Australia got a phone call from the state of Israel [with a specific warning that terrorists] intend to blow up a plane. Actually, 30 countries got phone calls from Israel in 2017, in which the State of Israel called them, and said to them: You need to know, this and that [are being planned], in this and that place, pay attention, there?s going to be an attack,? he said. Cohen made the remarks at a law conference at Tel Aviv University in the wake of reports that Israeli military intelligence foiled an Islamic Stae attempt bomb flight from Australia last year. The event was well-attended and open to the public, the radio report noted. Pray that the nations wake up to realise it is in their own best interests to stand with Israel rather than against as most currently do

6. Israeli Court Overules Ministry of Interior in Messianic Citizenship Case   Kehilah News  Feb 28th

In a direct challenge to Ministry of Interior policy, an Israeli court of appeals has ruled in favor of a Messianic couple in a family reunification case. The couple, of whom one spouse is Israeli and the other a foreign national, appealed a Ministry of Interior decision to reject the foreign spouse?s request for citizenship. The request was denied on account of the spouse?s faith, something not unusual in many cases involving Messianics? applications for Israeli citizenship. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) went further and used the original application to open an investigation into the Israeli spouse?s citizenship ? this after 15 years of citizenship, living in Israel and serving in the Israeli army. The MOI claimed the spouse lied on his immigration application since he was already a Messianic at the time. The MOI even called for investigations into the citizenship of the Israeli?s spouse?s extended family, including his mother and a brother. The couple filed an appeal saying that the MOI?s conduct in this case was illegal and contrary to Israeli citizens? rights of equality and freedom of religion. Please pray that the Ministry of Interior will be defeated in every case against Messianic Jews.

7. Survey Finds that Most Arabs Would Support Israel in War With Iran    Israel Today News   Feb 28th

In an unofficial survey, a firm majority of respondents from across the Arab Middle East said they would back Israel in a war against Iran and its proxies in Syria. The poll was conducted on Twitter by Faisal al-Kasim, an Al-Jazeera host who is one of the most influential TV media personalities in the Arab world. Nearly 24,000 of al-Kasim’s followers responded to the poll, 56 percent of whom said they’d side with the Jewish state against the Islamic Republic. While the survey is, again, not scientific, it is nevertheless significant given al-Kasim’s prominence and the massive number of Arab media consumers who bothered to respond. Already for years Arab leaders have been quietly leaning toward Israel in the face of regional threats like Iran’s nuclear program and the rise of ISIS. In so doing, they have acknowledged that the “Palestinian issue” is a side concern, at best, and that Israel has more to offer as an ally than an enemy. Al-Kasim’s poll would indicate that the Arab masses are waking up to that reality, too.

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