The CARMEL ALERT – March 22nd 2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Report: 2019 Intercessors for the Restoration of Israel Prayer Summit O


Our annual I.R.I prayer and intercession summit was held March 10 – 16. The main theme was RETURN to ZION – Aliyah. Forty three intercessors representing 13 countries arrived in Jerusalem on March 10th. The countries represented were New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Korea, China, Canada, USA, Colombia, South Africa, Ireland, England, France and Israel. We opened the prayer summit (we do not call it a prayer conference as we do not gather all of these people together to confer, but to engage in Bible based spiritual warfare) on the night of the 10th with introductions, instructions and a good time of worship, which this year was led by a very anointed sister – Katie from Australia. After that great start we gave the team an early night to assist them to get over the jet lag, and be focused on the mission set before them. Our major prayer focus was  ….  continuing increase of Aliyah from the nations  –  all Israel to be saved  –  protection on the borders  –  protection over the IDF soldiers and pilots  —  the upcoming Israeli elections on April 9th

Early on Monday morning we boarded the bus and prayed at Tekoa (Amos 9), and on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. After lunch we visited the Temple Institute for a very informative update on the progress of rebuilding the House of GOD on its rightful location on the Temple Mount.

On Tuesday we visited the Friends of Zion Museum, the ancient Biblical town of Shiloh where the Tabernacle stood for 300 years. There is a strong presence of the LORD in that place and Josie sensed that it was the perfect place to allow the people to make a new commitment to serve the LORD in regards to Israel.  Then on to large Menorah outside the Knesset to pray for security on the borders and for stability for the April 9 General Elections and the LORD will select the man to be Prime Minister for the next 4 years.

Wednesday we spent the morning worshipping and pray at one of Jerusalem’s prayer towers – that was an amazing time with a strong presence of the LORD in the sanctuary. Then we headed north to Haifa, visiting the Atlit detention camps that were built by the British to incarcerate the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust who dared to return to the land that GOD gave their forefathers.

Thursday we travelled to Misgav Am Kibbutz and IDF base on the northern border. We blessed the soldiers with cookies and other goodies and we prayed for supernatural protection and success in preventing Hizbollah who are located just a few meters away. The 3 young soldiers we ministered to were very blessed. After lunch we had a little bit of R & R (rest and recreation) as we worshiped the LORD from a boat on the Sea of Galilee. Final stop of the day was the ancient village of Magdala where we worshipped and prayed for healing for Israel.

Friday we woke to the breaking news of the terrible terror attack in New Zealand, and the 2 rockets that were fired at Tel Aviv from Gaza, so we decided to have a time of prayer and intercession before heading out to pray and blow shofars at the Elijah site high on Mt.Carmel, overlooking the Valley of Armageddon. Our last assignment of the day was a 2 hour prayer and worship watch at Carmel Congregation. That was one of the most powerful and anointed times of the week, as the LORD ministered to us through our daughter in-law Keren, as she sang Kumi Ori (Arise Shine) from her news album – King of Glory. We returned to the hotel and finished the week with a wonderful Shabbat dinner celebration and evening meeting. Saturday morning we attended the weekly Shabbat service at Carmel Congregation and after lunch we prayed and blew shofars at the security gate on the Israel – Lebanon border. We also presented more cookies and goodies to the IDF soldiers who man that very strategic base. The religious soldier who we gave the goodies to was totally blown away by the worship, prayer and blowing of the shofars, which the LORD responded to with thunder and lightning that was preceding a very powerful storm.

The 2019 summit ended with a run back to the bus. which most of us managed to do before the very hard rain arrived. We know that everyone was blessed and we believe that our prayer and intercession for Israel was heard and will make a difference. Each night we invited a local guest speaker who were all excellent. Here is a quick precis of their messages ……..


Rabbi Joseph Shulam     Main Points –  Yeshua spoke in parables –                                                                               

  –  Parable of the mustard seed is misunderstood by most people – is about the Kingdom not faith  Matthew 13:31

 –  The mustard seed is Israel … very small country but hot, spicy bitter people ….. but will grow to be a great nation.

–  The birds that nest in the branches are the people of the nations (the grafted-in Believers)


Pastor Ofer Amitai    Main Points  –  God is faithful to Israel even though Israel trusted in themselves and “played the whore” – Ezekiel 16:1-30                                                                                 

–  He loves Israel with an everlasting love and will be faithful to

His promises   Ezekiel 16:60  Jeremiah 31:2 –  He is keeping His covenant promises and bringing the Jewish people back to the Promised – Jeremiah 31:7 & 9               (see the Summit theme video  – clik here  Return to Zion)


Pastor Shmuel Aweda     Main Points –  Church should not be a social club as it is for many people

–  Every Believer should be open about our faith and share the Gospel at every opportunity                                                                                 –  We must teach the younger generation the real meaning of the Scriptures – do Bible studies


Pastor Stefan Silver       Main points

–  God is bringing the Jewish people home for several reasons –  to fulfill the prophecy of the Dry Bones Ezekiel 36

 –  as a banner (sign) to the nations that He is GOD and He keeps His promises


Karen Davis – The Warrior Bride    Main points – to have personal intimacy with the LORD (as a bride with groom) – to war in the spirit with the Word of God which is our arrows   2 Kings 13:15-19

The 2019 summit was an amazing time and the LORD blessed and anointed it. Please pray about being a participant in the next one.


The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.


Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items

1. Terror Attack in Samaria Claims Life of Israeli Soldier   Israel Today News   March 16th

Two shootings took place in the Samaria region on Friday. An IDF combat soldier, identified as 19-year-old Gal Kaiden from Beersheba, was kiiled. Two Israelis were wounded and remain in serious condition. IDF forces are in pursuit of the killer. Early reports say that the terrorist stabbed his first victim and stole his weapon, shot him and fled. The same attacker then stole a car, traveled to nearby Giti Avisar junction and opened fire. Paramedics evacuated two of the victims to hospital, including a 35-year-old man and a 20-year-old man. The deputy director of the hospital, said one of the wounded is in very serious condition and the other in critical condition. ?We are fighting for their lives,? he said. An emergency medical technician recounted that when he was passing through the Ariel intersection he noticed a commotion. ?I saw soldiers running and I heard shooting. When the shooting stopped, I saw a young man of about 20 lying unconscious with gunshot wounds to his upper body.? The terrorist fled the scene of the attack, and massive forces, including a helicopter, were deployed to capture the terrorist. Yossi Dagan, head of the Shomron Regional Council, said ?We will never break, we will never retreat. The Israeli communities in Samaria are part of the Jewish people and part of the State of Israel.? Israeli President Rivlin tweeted shortly afterwards: ?My thoughts are with the families who are coming to terms with the news of the horrific terrorist attack, and with the security forces who are right now in pursuit of the terrorists. The State of Israel will seek out, find and defeat all those who attack us.? Pray that every person behind this attack will be apprehended and dealt with accordingly.


2.  Rabbi Father of 12 Dies of Terror Attack Wounds    World Israel News  March 18th

Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger is the second victim to die at the hands of the terrorist, who attacked IDF soldier and civilians in Samaria last Sunday. Rabbi Ettinger, 47, who was in his car at the Ariel junction during the attack, drew his weapon and was about to fire at the terrorist when he was struck in the head by bullets. In a heroic act, the rabbi apparently turned back to the site of the shooting to try and stop the terrorist but was killed in the attempt. A close friend of Ettinger told Ynet news, ?In a split moment?s decision, he decided to turn around and return to the scene of the incident, drew his weapon and tried to neutralize the enemy. Unfortunately, the terrorist shot him first. He saw that a Jew was about to be hurt and he went to help. That?s what he did all his life.? Ettinger leaves behind a wife and 12 children, ages one to 22. One child serves in an elite IDF unit, according to reports. The Ettinger family, in announcing his death, thanked the staff of Beilinson hospital, the security people of Samaria and ?all the people of Israel who prayed for his healing.? They said they will donate his organs to help others. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: ?The people of Israel mourn today the murder of Rabbi Achad Ettinger, I wish to send condolences to his family at this difficult time.? Pray for the rabbi’s wife and 12 children, that they will come to faith in Messiah Yeshua


3. Rockets Fired at Tel Aviv    World Israel News   March 15th

Two long-range rockets fired from Gaza were fired at Tel-Aviv Thursday night. No injuries were reported as sirens howled over Israel?s commercial capital. One missile missed built-up areas and no casualties or damage were reported. The rockets set off Israel?s Iron Dome interceptor missiles and one of the Hamas rockets was shot down. In response, overnight Thursday and early Friday morning, Israeli Air Force combat aircraft and helicopters attacked about 100 terrorist targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization throughout the Gaza Strip, an IDF Spokesperson said. Among the terrorist targets was the offices of the Hamas headquarters in Gaza City responsible for directing terrorist operatives in Judea and Samaria, building terrorist infrastructures and transferring money to those responsible for terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens. In addition, an underground compound to produce rockets was destroyed, several military compounds were attacked as well as a Hamas naval post which is also used to manufacture weapons, the IDF spokesperson reported. There was no immediate word of casualties from the air strikes on the terrorist strongholds, some of which had been evacuated as a precaution. Witnesses said the powerful explosions from the air strikes rocked buildings in Gaza and lit up the skies over the targeted sites. Sirens were also sounded in Israeli communities near the Gaza border. This is the first attack on Tel Aviv since the 2014 Gaza war between Hamas and Israel. ?This was basically a surprise,? military spokesman Brigadier-General Ronen Manelis told Israel Radio. ?Hamas carried out the rocket fire against Tel Aviv yesterday evening,? Lieutenant-Colonel Avichay Adraee said. Pray that Israel will further refine the missile detection and destruction systems to ensure that no enemy missiles will ever reach their targets


4. Israel Election Candidates Call for Hamas to be Destroyed   World Israel News   March 17

With a little less than a month before Israelis are scheduled to go to the polls for national elections, candidates call for ?defeating Hamas? after the rocket barrage at the end of the week. Following the rockets being lauched from Gaza, warning sirens were triggered three times in Jewish communities along the border, with nine rockets reportedly fired at Israel?six intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system, two landing in an open field and one failing to exit the Gaza Strip. The dramatic escalation took place a little more than a month before Israelis are scheduled to go to the polls for national elections. As a result, a number of politicians and candidates demanded that Israel take action in response to the rocket attacks. On Thursday night, the Union of Right Wing Parties called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to issue a decisive response in order to ?restore security and national honor to the State of Israel.? Yisrael Beiteinu chief Avigdor Lieberman, whose resignation due to Netanyahu?s ceasefire agreement with Hamas sparked the upcoming elections, took to Twitter to chastise the government for transferring funds to Gaza just this week, saying ?protection money does not bring quiet. On the contrary, it instigates further provocations.? New Right Party co-chair and current Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett said ?the time has come to defeat Hamas once and for all. No more shooting at sand dunes causing injury to the enemy, [it?s] time for an uncompromising pursuit and systematic neutralization of Hamas? leaders.? Longtime journalist Caroline Glick, now a New Right Knesset hopeful, added, ?Gantz and Ya?alon who didn?t even want to destroy the Hamas tunnels just won?t do,? and said Bennett should receive the Defense Ministry position. Blue and White No. 2 Yair Lapid said ?whoever fails to act with strength against Hamas will get missiles on Tel Aviv. In our government, there will be zero tolerance for fire on Israel, and we will respond forcefully to any violation of the security of the state and its residents.? Meanwhile, at last Sunday?s cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said ?I heard people from Gaza saying that since we are in an election campaign a wide-range operation is out of the question. I posit to Hamas?don?t count on it.? Pray that if Hamas fires rockets again, Israel will carry out the demand of much of the population to destroy Hamas


5. Muslims Try to Plant Another Mosque on the Temple Mount    Israel Today News    March 19th

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court has ordered the state to immediately shut the Bab el-Rahma structure that is facing the Golden Gate, or Gate of Mercy. A month ago, the Islamic Trust (Waqf) that oversees the Temple Mount decided to reopen the structure and turn it into yet another mosque, the fifth atop Judaism’s holiest site.  To recap, until 1967, there was only one active mosque, Al-Aqsa, on the Temple Mount. During the 1970s, the regular Friday prayers started to be conducted at the Dome of the Rock, until then only a sacred shrine. In 1996, the underground Solomon’s Stables at the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount were turned into a third mosque, Al Marwani. The fourth was built also in the late 1990s, directly under the Al Aqsa Mosque, where Huldah Gate is located. And now, the fifth, Bab el Rahma, established in a building closed by court order 16 years ago after it became a center of Hamas activity. Pray that Israel will back full control of the Temple Mount in the near future. 6. Arab Terrorists Attack Jewish Holy Site with Explosives    World Israel News  March 20th On Wednesday, the Israeli military announced that two Palestinians who threw explosive devices at soldiers in Samaria on Wednesday, drew fatal fire from troops. The IDF explained that several explosive devices were hurled at troops securing Jewish worshipers at Joseph?s Tomb in Shechem (Nablus), not far from the city of Ariel. Joseph?s Tomb remains a popular pilgrimage site for Jews, who require security details to pray at the site and are often attacked by local Arabs, who have killed Israelis there and committed major arson attacks. On Wednesday, troops opened fire and killed two of the terrorists. The skirmish on Wednesday follows a raid late Tuesday in which Israeli forces discovered the location of Omar Abu Leilah, who carried out a weekend stabbing and shooting attacks in Ariel during which he killed father of 12 Rabbi Ahiad Ettninger and IDF soldier Gal Qeidan. Cornered in a building near Ramallah, Leilah opened fire on the soldiers pursuing him and was fatally shot. The two-day manhunt for Leilah raised tensions in Samaria. Pray that all terrorists will be apprehended by the IDF before they are able to carry out their planned attacks


7. Murdured Rabbi’s Daughter: Civilians Now Defend IDF Soldiers

Efrat Ettinger, the daughter of Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, killed in Sunday?s terrorist attack, criticized on Wednesday the prevailing legal atmosphere in Israel which causes soldiers to hesitate to use deadly force. Upon hearing of the news, she told Israel?s Channel 13 that while it was ?no comfort,? she was happy the terrorist was eliminated. The late rabbi?s daughter, who is 21, noted that her father didn?t speed away in his car after he was hit by the terrorist?s bullets but rather tried to shoot him with his own weapon, but to no avail. Other soldiers at the Ariel junction where the terrorist began his attack shot at the terrorist, but only one of them, the commander, managed to wound Leilah. Nevertheless, the terrorist succeeding in escaping. ?I don?t know what was going through the soldiers? heads there,? Ettinger stated, ?but I can know that in our country there?s not much support for soldiers to try and reach the target.?  ?We?ve gotten to a situation that a civilian has to protect a soldier,? she said. Israel?s political right has contended for years that IDF lawyers have restrained soldiers from engaging with terrorists by enforcing onerous rules. They have also said that the legal system is too eager to punish soldiers who have used lethal force, leading to hesitation among soldiers to engage with the enemy. Pray that this ridiculous situation that prevents IDF soldier and security personel from taking quick and decisive action will change immediately.

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