The CARMEL ALERT – March 1st  2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: How Great is Our GOD !

Name above all Names – HE is worthy of our praise – How great, how great is our GOD s


As most of you will know the title of the comment this week are the words of a song that is currently one of the most popular worship songs being sung in churches around the world. I have written previous comments encouraging you to consider the how great YHVH – the GOD of Israel truly is. I don’t think any human being can even begin to comprehend how great GOD is. I believe that it is very important to stop every now and then and think deeply about the GOD who created us, loves us, and has called us into His Kingdom. Israelis are known to be extreme people – which is understandable because we serve a GOD of extremes. I enjoy watching National Geographic and Discovery science programs on TV, especially programs about the Universe because it is so enormous. Actually I don’t think there is a word in any language that can describe the Universe. It is so unimaginably huge, and the power that is generated out there by the creation and collapse of stars, black holes and other things going on out there in space also defy human understanding. Scientists try to come up with explanations and theories as to how the Universe came into being, but they have no way to explain how the expanse and power of the Universe came from nothing. If they really want to know how the impossible happened, they should read the Bible and believe it.


Very simple explanation from Genesis chapter 1: The Spirit of the GOD of Israel spoke from the invisible spiritual realm and the physical realm came into being – and it was very good. The Holy Spirt spoke the natural Universe into being as He uttered the words of creation in Hebrew. Every letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a numeric value and I believe as the Spirit declared the Universe into being, the numeric value of the Hebrew words that He was uttering created the physics that created the physical reality. On one hand my theory is very simple, but on the other hand the Universe is extremely complicated, ordered and controlled, so the level of intelligence behind it can only be attributed to the GREAT GOD of the Bible – YHVH the GOD of Israel. I also like to watch programs about nature as they also increase my faith in YHVH. The way every living thing is designed and created is also beyond comprehension. From the largest creatures  on Earth (whales) to the smallest (insects), everything on this planet is so perfectly designed for its function and survival, that the only reasonable explanation is the GREAT GOD of Israel ! Just a simple cell and the DNA that causes it to function is millions of times more intricate than anything man has created. I like how evangelist Ray Comfort confronts people who claim that there is no God. He takes a regular 200 page book and asks the person if the cover, the paper, the ink just materialised from nowhere and the book began to exist. The people always say “of course not – that is impossible and riduculous.”  Ray then tells them the text of the book contains less than 500,000 letters, that are arranged perfectly to produce the content of the book, and then he tells them that their own body contains about 37.2 trillion cells. Each cell is about 1/4 the thickness of a strand of your hair. In the centre of each cell is your DNA code which contains more than 3 billion letters. It is these 3 billion perfectly arranged letters in the DNA code that makes a person who they are. Height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, body shape, facial features are all produced by the DNA. Ray then asks the person, that if a book which contains only 500,000 letters can not come into existence without intelligent design, do they really believe that their infinately more intricate body can exist without an intelligent Creator ? Most people have no response to continue to deny the existence of GOD. My point is that every living thing, from a simple blade of grass to the crown of creation, the Human Being, exist because the GREAT GOD designed the DNA code. Your body contains 3 billion times 37.2 trillion letters in your DNA. That = 3 billion x 37.2 trillion letters of DNA in your body that make you you. My calculator can not even do the calculation, but the DNA letters in your body would stretch out for over 5592 miles or 9000 km in a straight line. I am not telling you these facts to boggle your mind, I am telling you in the hope that you will stop reading for a few minutes and meditate on the awesomeness of the GREAT GOD of Israel.


Hopefully, because of this week’s comment, next time and every time you hear the song How Great is Our GOD, you will think about the incredible size and power of the Universe, and the absolute wonder of how GOD had created and designed your DNA, and as you sing How Great is Our GOD, your spirit, your mind, and your heart will soar up into the Heavenlies, and you will encounter the GREAT God of Israel in a way that you have never experienced before. YHVH truly is worthy of our praise !


The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.


Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1.  World Council of Churches Caught Spying on Israel   Israel Today News   Feb 22nd

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has been caught funding spies posing as tourists to present biased and incendiary reports about Israel?s ?brutal and oppressive treatment? of Palestinians. The WCC program called the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) sends foreign nationals to Samaria and Judea pretending to be tourists. Posing as Christian pilgrims visiting biblical sites around Jerusalem and Hebron, these politically-motivated activists take pictures and publish fake news reports slamming Israel?s so-called ?abuses? against Palestinians. In their ?news reports,? these anti-Israel spies use Bible verses and theological terms ?loaded with antisemitism,? said Amit Barak, one of the Israelis who exposed the group. They even posted antisemitic pictures like a ?Star of David bleeding on Palestinian children,? he said. Pray that the members of the WCC will wake up to the fact that the God they claim to believe in is the GOD of Israel


2. Israeli Rocket Blasts Off to the Moon   United With Israel News   Feb 24th

Israel?s first lunar-bound spacecraft successfully blasted off early last Friday morning, embarking on a seven-week trip to land on the moon. If the privately funded Beresheet project is successful, Israel will become just the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon.  Beresheet lifted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 3:45 a.m. Israel time (8:45 p.m. Thursday EST), catching a ride on one of Elon Musk?s SpaceX commercial space launches. The start of the flight went smoothly, with the first stage entry burn completed uneventfully less than three minutes after lift-off. At 4:25 am, 38 minutes after takeoff, Beresheet successfully detached from the Falcon 9 rocket, in the first test of its ability to function under its own power. Hundreds of people gathered at the Israel Aerospace Industries in Yehud to watch a live feed of the launch from Florida. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was also on hand, blessed the initiative, calling it ?a great step for Israel, and a giant step for Israel?s technology.? Pray that the mission is a total success and the capsule will achieve all its intended goals


3. Muslims Still Trying to Block the Return of the Messiah

Thousands of Muslims, chanting ?Allahu Akbar!? and waving Palestinian flags broke through into the Golden Gate area that leads up to the Temple Mount last weekend. Israel had closed the area by court order in 2003 after Hamas and the Islamic Movement activists engaged in subversive activities against the state. The chairman of the Islamic administration of the Muslim religious areas on the Temple Mount, praised the ritoers for using force to enter the Golden Gate site. He said they were now moving to open the way for Muslims to enter on a daily basis. The senior Fatah (PLO) official, said that Friday?s events on the Temple Mount were part of an effort ?to stop settlers from defiling al-Aqsa Mosque.? He said that the people who stormed the Golden Gate, ?scored a big victory on behalf of all Arabs and Muslims.? The area known as the Golden Gate is one of eight gates in the walls surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem. To this day it remains one of the most important places for Jewish prayer. The gate was sealed by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman in 1541 to prevent the return of the Jewish Messiah through the gate as foretold in the Hebrew Bible. Jewish literature details that when the Messiah arrives, he will enter Jerusalem through the Eastern, or Golden Gate. The Turkish invaders also planted a Muslim cemetery in front of the gate to keep Jews away, as it is considered unclean for a Jew to enter a Muslim cemetery. Pray that the LORD will continue to reveal that He is the true GOD and that Yeshua is the Messiah to the Muslim world


4. Two Arab Women Caught Smuggling Knives into Israel    World News Israel   Feb 26th

In two separate incidents, Palestinian women with knives were caught trying to cross through a checkpoint into Israel.  Israel Police say that two armed Palestinian women were arrested Sunday on suspicion of planning terror attacks. A woman from Nablus (Shechem) aroused the suspicion of border police personnel at the Qalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem when she approached the crossing in the vehicle lane instead of the area for pedestrians and refused to stop when called upon to do so, the police said. Security forces detained her after firing in the air, the statement added, finding a knife in her possession. Earlier in the day, police said an Arab woman from the Ramallah area was arrested at the same crossing after Israeli security forces found a knife in her belongings. Both women were said to have been taken in for questioning by the border police. Pray that all weapons being smuggled into Israel will be discovered and the smugglers dealt with accordingly


5. Israeli Fields Destroyed by Fire Balloons are Now Blooming It was not too long ago that many fields in Israel?s south were charred by the incendiary kites launched from Gaza. Now the area is blooming ! Beautiful farmland and nature reserves were completely scorched last year by the violent riots along the Israel-Gaza border and especially by incendiary kites and balloons launched by Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists. Now, those same fields are blossoming again, bringing back tourists and locals to enjoy. With the renewed violent protests and attacks at the border fence, let?s hope that the vibrant recovery is not short-lived! Lets give thanls to the GOD of Israel for blessing the land that was damaged by the enemies of Israel.


6. Israel’s Attorney General to Charge PM Netanyahu in Bribery Case    Jerusalem Post  Feb 28th


Israel’s Attorney-General announced his intent to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery on Thursday in a blockbuster decision that could decisively impact the April 9 election.  PM Netanyahu will be indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust and fraud. Even if PM Netanyahu wins the election, there is a strong chance that the High Court of Justice will force the prime minister?s resignation if he does not voluntarily step down. The Attorney General  also ruled in favor of Sara Netanyahu, closing charges against her which the police had recommended and which prosecutors also supported. Please pray that the LORD will ensure that justice be done in the case against PM Netanyahu and that His choice for the next government will stand.


7. Chief Rabbi of Argentina Badly Injured in Assault at Home   World Israel News  Feb 26th

Argentina?s Chief Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich was assaulted in his home in the capital of Buenos Aires in the early hours of Monday morning and has been hospitalized with serious injuries, according to the Jewish community center. They issued a statement on Monday saying that Davidovich was ?beaten and savagely attacked.? Unknown individuals broke into his home at 2 A.M., entering through the roof, and said to him that they knew he was the AMIA rabbi, according to media reports. Davidovich was reported to have suffered nine fractured ribs and a punctured lung and remains hospitalized. He has served as Argentina?s chief rabbi since 2013. Pray that this is another wake up call for Jews in every nation to return to Israel before it is too late.

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