The CARMEL ALERT – March 16th 2018
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israe

David’s Comment: YHVH’s Reverse Psycology – The Best is Yet to Come !
Exodus 1:12  The More they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and prospered

Following on from last week’s comment on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in Washington, in which he outlines some of the statistics of the amazing growth that is taking place in almost every sector in Israel, I want to make sure we all understand that this growth that we are witnessing is the Hand of GOD at work. What makes the growth even more amazing, and confirms that it can only be from YHVH, is that Israel is blossoming at the same time that most of the world is coming against this tiny nation that GOD declares is the nation that HE is burning with jealousy for and that HE is zealous for with great Zeal (Zechariah 8:2)

Sadly I am not exaggerating when I say that today Israel is the most hated nation, in spite of the fact that most of the good things that we enjoy in the 21st century, comes from Israel, or from Jews who are yet to return to the land of their forefathers. I am referring to scientific advances, medical advances, communication and computing advances, education, irrigation and food production technology, art and literature, and much more. It is the fulfillment of GOD’s plan to use Israel to bless the nations. How foolish the nations and the people are who are opposing the ongoing restoration of Israel, and who are trying to deprive others of the blessings that Israel brings to the world by encouraging businesses, organisations, universities, and the public to boycott and divest from anything that is connected to Israel.

What I am talking about here is nothing new – it goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. The leaders in Egypt saw the Hebrews prospering, even under their cruel slavery and mistreatment of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s descendants. We read in Exodus 1:9 – 10, Look the sons of Israel (Jacob) are too numerous and too powerful for us. Come let us deal shrewdly with them, or else they will grow even more numerous. As we read on we see that the Egyptians increased the affliction and hard labour on the Hebrews, but YHVH saw pain and heard the cries of HIS people, and HIS hand caused them to multiply. And of course we know that GOD had a plan to bring them out of slavery in Egypt and into the land that HE promised to Abraham. Egypt was the land of blood, sweat and tears but the Promised Land was the land of ‘milk and honey.’

Ever since the Israelites entered the Promised Land almost 4000 years ago, the Devil has had a succession of his proxies, who have attempted to destroy them, in the hope of aborting the plan of GOD to re-establish His Kingdom on the Earth. As a result, millions of Jewish people have been murdered over the millenia, climaxing in more than 6.5 million Jewish men, women and children perishing in the cruelest way during the Nazi Holocaust. However YHVH played His hand again and out of the ashes of the Holocaust, the nation of Israel was resurrected. Over the 70 years of modern Israel’s existence, GOD has brought about the same supernatural growth and increase, to the point that Israel leads the entire world in many ways.

Even though most people in the Western World claim to abhor war and violence, and say they seek peace and love for all, under the influence of the evil one, they hate Israel and they exhibit the same anti Jewish attitudes and behaviour that led to all of histories attacks against the Jews, culminating in the Holocaust. The scene is being set up for the final attempt to destroy the Jews and stop the 2nd coming of the Messiah to re-establish the Kingdom in Jerusalem. And if that is true, then we can also expect GOD to be true to His form, and we will see Israel and the Jewish people continue to increase and prosper to an even greater level than we have seen until now. If the Devil’s final and worst attack is about to come, then YHVH’s best is also about to come.

Last November Deutches bank placed the Israeli currency the 2nd strongest in the world after China. The Israeli economy is being reported as one of the strongest in the world. The purpose of this comment is to again encourage you to place your investments in Israel. Invest your resources where the future is the best. Invest your prayer life into Israel. Invest your solidarity into Israel. Invest your holiday time in Israel. And if you have some cash on hand we suggest that you invest it in Israel. Our son Stefan can give you good advice in that area –   One of the best financial investments in Israel is property. With millions of Jews still to return (Ezekiel 36:8 – 10), the value of apartments can only increase. Anyone is allowed to buy an apartment in Israel. If you are interested in learning more about what is involved, please write to me at

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie

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This Weeks News Items

1. Czech PM Wants to Expedite Embassy Move to Jerusalem  INN News  March 9th

Milos Zeman, recently elected to his second five-year term as President of the Czech Republic, would like to speed up the process of moving his country?s embassy to Jerusalem, reported the Lidov? noviny newspaper.  It makes me truly happy because, as I said during my visit to Israel four years ago, I would like to transfer the Czech Embassy to Jerusalem, and had it happened, we would have been the first to do so,? he noted. ?Now we may sooner or later follow the United States.? The report said that Zeman considers the move a ?top priority?, following a meeting held in Israel in late February with a Czech interministerial working group to discuss the transfer. After Prague announced the country would follow the US lead, the Czech Foreign Ministry limited the country?s statement to western Jerusalem by saying that it ?recognizes Jerusalem to be in fact the capital of Israel in the borders of the demarcation line from 1967?. After later consulting its EU colleagues, the Foreign Ministry said it objects to moving the embassy at this time and does not even own property in Jerusalem. Pray that the Czech PM will have his way and the embassy will be relocated this year.

2. IDF Concerned About Tent City at GazaBorder   INN News   March 9th

Hundreds of tents are to be erected near the Gaza-Israel border for a six-week protest, officials said Thursday, in what may stir fresh tensions with Israeli forces. Gaza families are to set up hundreds of tents — possibly thousands – for the protests running from March 30 to May 15th. Protesters plan to call for the granting of a right of return for millions of so-called ?Palestinian refugees? across the Middle East. Organizers said the families could stay in the tents for prolonged periods, with youth and community activities planned. The demonstration has the backing of all political factions in the Gaza Strip, including the terrorist group Hamas, which rules the Strip. Israeli media said the army viewed the event as a potential security threat, while authorities were concerned over how to respond if violence erupted with women and children among the protesters. The protests will coincide with Israel Independence Day ? a date mourned by Palestinian Arab opponents of the Jewish state as the ?Nakba?, or day of ?Disaster?. Hamas has denied it initiated the tent protest. According to a report by Yediot Aharonot, IDF officials are concerned that families could become involved in marches toward the border with Israel. Army “officials are worried that any attempt to stop the people marching by force will severely damage Israel’s public image”, it said. “Officials are also worried about possible civilian casualties and about the possibility that the protests along the fence might devolve into armed conflict.” Pray that the Gaza border remains calm and peaceful and that the IDF will be prepared for any attempt to infiltrate Israel from Gaza

3. Early Elections Likely to Strengthen Right Wing    Israel Today News   March 11th

If various coalition partners make good on their threats to abandon the Netanyahu government in a vote of no-confidence by the opposition, polls show that the right-wing Likud party will only benefit from early elections. A new poll conducted last week found that if elections were held today, the Likud would win 34 of the Knesset’s 120 seats. In second place would be the centrist Yesh Atid faction with 24 seats. The opposition Zionist Union (Labor) would suffer the most, dropping from its current 24 seats to just 10 in the new Knesset, while the right-wing settler faction, Jewish Home, would rise from 8 seats to 14 seats. The other drastic change, according to this particular poll, is that the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, one of the sources of the current government’s headaches, would fail to pass the electoral threshold and would be absent from the new Knesset. These numbers would enable the head of Likud to establish a stable government of 67 seats, even without Shas. However, whether or not Netanyahu would be the one to lead that new government would also depend on the outcome of the various corruption investigations targeting himself, his wife and numerous of their political, personal and business associates. Pray that the anti Netanyahu factions will realise the folly of forcing early elections

4. Assassination Attempt on PA Prime Minister During Visit to Gaza    Israel Today News    March 13th

On Tuesday PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah survived what appeared to be an assassination attempt while entering the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Hamdallah was traveling to Gaza for the inauguration of a new wastewater treatment facility. As his convoy passed into the Gaza Strip, a large roadside bomb was detonated, wounding several members of the Palestinian leader’s entourage. Hamdallah himself was unharmed. PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, to which Hamdallah also belongs, called the incident a “terrorist attack” and blamed it on Hamas.
Hamas violently seized control of Gaza in 2007 after Abbas refused to honor the outcome of Palestinian legislative elections by appointing one of its leaders as prime minister of the PA. Hamas had won a clear parliamentary majority in the election. Pray that this incident will bring an end to the reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas

5. Hezbollah Has Stock of Chemical Weapons

The general who formerly headed Syria’s chemical weapons program before defecting in 2013 said that Iran?s proxy Hezbollah has a store of chemical weapons and that Iran itself is testing missiles with chemical warheads, The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday. General Sha?arq Zuhair al-Saqit, who defected from Syria when ordered to deploy chemical weapons against civilians and now heads the Center for the Detection and Monitoring of the Use of Chemical Weapons in Belgium, said that Hezbollah received most of the chemical weapons from Syrai, when the regime of Bashar al-Assad was trying to conceal the weapons from international monitors following the gas attack in East Ghouta in August 2013. The possession of ?game-changing? weapons, including chemical weapons, by Hezbollah is one of the ?red lines? Israel has declared that it would not allow. He also said that Iran is a major supplier of chemical weapons to Syria. Pray that Hezbollah will never be so foolish to use chemical or biological weapons against Israel

6. IDF Strikes Gaza After Explosions Near Border Fence   INN News   March 15th

Several improvised explosive devices (IED) were detonated adjacent to the Israel-Gaza border fence Thursday morning. No njuries were reported, and IDF tanks returned fire at Hamas targets inside the Strip, including at least one Hamas lookout point. The incident was the latest in a series of incidents along the border fence in recent weeks. Last month, four IDF soldiers were injured, including two seriously, when an IED exploded as sappers checked for suspicious devices.  Two days before that attack, hundreds of Palestinians rioted on the Gaza side of the border fence; IDF officials believe the events served as cover to place the explosives that seriously injured the soldiers. In response to that incident, the IDF launched one of the largest strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip since the 2014 Operation Protective Edge, including a Hamas attack tunnel running from the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City toward Israeli territory, and Hamas military compounds in the Netzarim and Khan Younes regions. Pray that the IDF keeps the Gaza border under control

7. Israel Provides 40 Generators to Papua New Guinea    Algemiener News   March 10th

In the wake of a devastating earthquake in Papua New Guinea, Israel?s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has delivered 40 electricity generators to affected communities. The generators were delivered on 8 March 2018 at the Israeli Embassy in Australia. On 26 Feb. 2018, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake left 100 people dead and cut off electricity to 150,000. Israel was one of the first countries to send aid. On 8 March 2018 the country was rocked by a 6.8 magnitude aftershock. Papua New Guinea PM Peter O?Neall thanked Israel for its friendship and support. ?Relations between Papua New Guinea and the State of Israel are strong, and our government and the people of PNG appreciate the support and friendship of Israel during these challenging times,? O?Neall said. ?We look forward to further cooperation and the enhancement of the close ties between our countries and our peoples.?  Praise the LORD that Israel is always among the first to offer and to send aid to areas torn by natural disasters? even to enemy states. 

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