The CARMEL ALERT – March 15th 2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Purim 2019 – For Such a Time as This – Nothing Has Changed

Esther 4:14  “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”  (NKJ)


On Thursday night Jewish people in Israel and around the world once again celebrated the festival of Purim, which remembers of the story of how Esther saved her people from destruction at the hands of the demonically inspired Haman. Haman was just one in a line of many men who did their best to destroy the Jewish people as Satan attempted to prevent Bible prophecy being fulfilled. Ever since Israel became a nation almost 4000 years ago, Satan has tried to destroy it. The account of history is a succession of wicked men who Satan anointed and used to try to destroy Israel. The list includes the Pharaoh in Egypt, Haman in Persia, Antiochus Epiphanes, Herod, Titus and Hitler. Praise YAH, they all failed and Purim is still being celebrated by the Jewish people, and since1948 we have own country back to celebrate Purim in.

There is nothing new under the sun and nothing really changes in the spiritual realm or the natural realm. Israel is still under attack by those who serve the purposes of Satan today. I try not to be unduly pessimistic, but at this year’s Purim time the scene still looks set for a major escalation in the situation here. Iran (ancient Persia) continues to threaten to destroy Israel and has suffered numerous and embarrassing losses of their military installations that they attempted to establish in Syria. Many Iranian military personnel have been injured and killed as at the hands of the Israelis. The radical Islamic regime must be desparate to strike back at Israel. The Israeli / ‘Palestinian’ peace process is as good as dead and we need to pray that it stays that way. The PA leadership is warning that the prospects of a peace agreement are almost zero following the US and other nations returning their embassies to Jerusalem, and the ficticious ‘Palestinian’ people have lost all hope in having a state with Jerusalem as its capital, leaving violence and terror as their only options.

The situation is even worse in the Hamas controlled Gaza strip with a sharp increase in the level of violence at the riots that takes place at the Israel / Gaza border every Friday and Saturday. Unless Hamas cease, another Gaza war is a certainty in the near future. Anti-Semitism is once again on the rise in most of the world, even in nations like the USA and the United Kingdom, where even politicians are making their views obvious for all to see. That should not surprise or shock us as the Bible tells us that Satan is currently the god of this age (2 Cor 4:4) and the whole world lies under his influence (1 Jn 5:19). Satan hates Israel and the Jewish people because he knows the prophecies, so it follows those who are knowingly or unknowingly under his influence have the same hatred. The Jewish people know that the world, at the very best, doesn’t like us, and at the worst hates and despises us.

The reason for the intense hatred of the Jews is not because of who we are, but because of Who our very existence as a people, testifies to. It is reported that the last Russian Czar asked one of his advisors to prove the existence of GOD. The man answered in two words  – THE JEWS ! The Jewish people and the nation of Israel are a ‘banner ‘ (Isaiah 11:12) to the world that GOD is who the Bible says He is, and Satan hates us for it. Over the last few decades the Devil has been very successful in returning almost all of the once Christian nations, back to be Pagan nations once again. Now most of the world also hates on-fire Born-Again Christians, because they also testify of the same God – the GOD of Israel. Soon most of the world, under the influence of the evil one, will vent its demonically inspired wrath in a way never seen before against Israel, the Jewish people and the Body of Messiah. However this is not a time to be fearful.

This is a time to work with the LORD as He brings this present evil age to its climax. Josie and I believe that like Esther, we have all come to the kingdom “for such a time as this”. Those who regularly receive our updates will have heard me say that before, but I truly believe it is true and will continue to say so. I sense a call to continually remind and inspire the people of GOD to be about the Father’s business, especially the business of restoration and protection of Israel and the Jewish people as the Father prepares to supernaturally reveal His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, to Israel (Zechariah 12:10), in preparation for the restoration of His Kingdom on the Earth in Jerusalem. I want to repeat my challenge to every Christian at this time of Purim, to be an Esther, and to fulfill the purpose and the destiny for which you have come to the kingdom at this strategic time.

The world is closing in on Israel and for that matter, on the true Church. Now is very definitely the time to be like Esther, to allow the Spirit of The LORD of Hosts who resides within you, to rise up within you and empower you to go before the ‘kings’ and plead on Israel’s behalf. There needs to be heard many prophetic voices speaking for GOD on Israel’s behalf. It is actually a lot easier for us than it was for Esther. She had to go before a real king at the risk of her life. We all know those famous words she spoke “I will go before the king, and if I perish, I perish” (Esther 5:16) Now is not the time to remain silent ! God forbid that we would be amongst those of whom  it was said, “for if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise from another place, but you and your father’s house will  perish”.  (Esther 4:14)

Please pray and intercede spiritually, and also intercede in the natural whenever there is an opportunity to speak up. If Josie and I can assist you in any way with information or resources, please do not hesitate to email  us. T


The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.


Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


 1. Missile Launched from Gaza   World Israel News   March 10th

A balloon launched from Gaza carried an anti-tank missile warhead into Israel on Saturday, representing a new stage in the airborne attacks that have remained a key feature of the Hamas terror group’s nearly year-long ‘March of Return’ riots along the Israel-Gaza border. While balloons, kites, drones, and even a live falcon have been used by rioters to send incendiary devices into Israel, the incident on Saturday represents the first time they sent an anti-tank missile warhead into Israeli territory. Police sappers arrived to the area immediately and carried out a controlled explosion. To date, fires started by airborne incendiary devices have burned thousands of acres of Israeli farmland and nature preserves, causing millions of dollars of damage. On Friday, Gazans rioted along the fence bordering the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, and Palestinians and the Israeli military clashed in Samaria earlier in the day. Terrorists also fired a rocket from Gaza on Friday, which landed in an open field in Israel and failed to cause any damage or injuries. The Israeli Air Force responded with several strikes on the Strip, hitting a Hamas base and other underground infrastructure. Thousands participated in Friday’s riots along several sections of the fence, which occurred shortly after Egyptian mediators met in Gaza City with Hamas leadership in a bid to calm the situation. There were no immediate details about the results of the discussions. Also on Friday, the Israeli military said it detained two Palestinians shortly after they crossed the border from Gaza. They were hiding a grenade and a knife in their clothes, according to the military. In Samaria, meanwhile, clashes erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian rioters in Beit Sira village, the site of a car-ramming attack earlier in the week that left an Israeli officer seriously wounded, prompting troops to open fire, killing two Palestinians assailants in the car. Pray that the IDF will bring the situation under full control and those responsible for the violence will be prevented from doing so in the future.


2. Israel – US Military Exercises to Prepare for Missile War Against Israel    United With Israel News  Mar 7th

Israel’s future conflicts will most likely see major enemy fire on the civilian home front, meaning that air defense is more crucial than ever, a former Israel Air Force chief stated at the beginning of an Israeli-American joint exercise. The unprecedented move is part of a drill testing the ability of American forces to quickly arrive in Israel and help the IDF protect the country from incoming ballistic-missile attacks. The exercise could be seen as a signal to Iran and its proxies of Washington’s commitment to help Israel defend its air space in the event of a future war. Iran has hundreds of ballistic missiles in its arsenal, while its proxy, Hezbollah, has an estimated 130,000 projectiles, including long-range rockets and missiles that can strike any point in Israel. Maj.Gen.(ret) Eitan Ben-Eliyahu, said from here on out, in any combat scenario, whether it is local or regional, there will be widespread use of rockets and missiles [by the enemy]. Even if the IDF conducts a successful offensive, this will not be sufficient to suitably protect the fighting forces, and it especially will not suitably protect the home front. Hence, there is no choice but to combine between offense and active defense at the same time. Ben-Eliyahu assessed that future significant wars would involve the formation of coalitions between countries, and that this required their militaries to practice working together on air defenses.  He explianed, Therefore, it is not enough to hold joint drills as we have seen in the past, in which the coordination is limited to cooperation between planes in the air, said Ben-Eliyahu. He added that in light of the Trump administration’s recent policy of withdrawing armed forces from the Middle East, it is comfortable for it to fill the vacuum by exhibiting a defensive, rather than offensive presence. An IDF spokesman told reporters this week that the purpose of the exercise is to drill the America’s rapid deployment across the globe and to enhance cooperation between the IAF and U.S. air-defense systems.  He added that the deployment emphasizes the U.S./s commitment to the defense of Israel. Pray that the LORD will enable Israel and the US Military to repel and defeat any missile attack from Syria, Lebanon or Iran.


3. Israel Ranked 8th Most Powerful Nation  Arutz 7  March 7th

Israel was ranked the eighth most powerful country in the world, according to USA News and World Report’s 2019 power ranking. The power status is based on leadership, economic influence, political influence, international alliance, and military strength. Israel received a high ranking because of its strong military, along with its strong political influence and international alliances. The United States occupies the number one spot because it has the largest economy and biggest military budget in the world. Other highly ranked countries include Russia, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Lets give thanks to the LORD that He has called and anointed Israel to be one of the most powerful nations in the world


4. Hamas Preparing for Large Scale Israeli Attack    Israel Today News  March 12th

Amid speculation that a major Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip could take place before the April 9 Israeli general election, Hamas ? the terror group which rules the Strip ? reportedly is preparing for such an eventuality Arab media reports reveal that Hamas has detained Palestinians who are suspected of collaborating with Israel, and learned through these informants that the Israeli military was mobilizing for a major strike. According to the information relayed, say media outlets, Israel would ?exploit? an attack from Gaza that causes major damage or loss of life in order to hit back hard at Hamas. A senior Hamas official is cited in a Palestinian weekly published in Lebanon, as saying that Israel has bolstered its effort to recruit Palestinian informants to help lay the groundwork for a large-scale military action. Members of the Hamas ?military wing? have reportedly received instructions on how to prevent such collaborators from gaining inside information about the terror group. Hamas sources are quoted as saying they have reason to believe that the Israeli action might include targeted killings of top terror figures. As a result, reports Al-Hadaf, the preventive measures include a warning to the military wing members to refrain from accepting gifts, driving alone at night, and using smartphones that haven?t been checked.Hamas source told the Palestinian magazine that the Israeli attack might be of ?unprecedented? proportions. Pray that Israel will not move ahead with any attack out of the LORD’s timing


5. Hungary to Open Diplomatic Office in Jerusalem   Arutz 7  March 7th

Hungary will open a trade office in Jerusalem on 19 March 2019 Israeli media sources have reported. The trade office will be located in the center of Jerusalem, and will have “diplomatic status.” Its dedication ceremony will include Hungarian Foreign Minister P?ter Szijj?rt?, who will launch Israel’s Hungarian Culture Month. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban announced his decision to open the office in Jerusalem after several bilateral meetings with Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu. The initial announcement did not include a timeline for the move. The United States relocated its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv last May, five months after President Donald Trump announced that the USA would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Guatemala moved its embassy to Jerusalem two days later. Pray that even more nations will make preparations to move their embassies back to Jerusalem


6. Three Arab Nations Reject Call to Isolate Israel   World Israel News   March 13th

The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt rejected on March 4 a clause in a statement by the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (APU), that called for a stop to normalization with Israel, laying bare a growing divide between Arab governments and individual parliamentarians in their approach to the Jewish State. The speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, had urged the group to include in its final statement at the 29th Conference of the APU, which kicked off on March 2 in the Jordanian capital Amman, a clause that rejects normalisation between Israel and the Arab world. Pray that more Arab nations wake up to realise that Israel is not their enemy.


7. Breaking News: 2 Rockets Fired From Gaza  i24 News   March 14th

Israel’s Defense Forces confirmed on Thursday that two rockets were fired from Gaza toward the center of Israel, triggering rocket sirens in Tel Aviv. Immediately after the IDF confirmation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would convene the security cabinet in the military headquarters in Tel Aviv. Israel’s municipality announced that public bomb shelters in the Tel Aviv area would be opened. Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai told public television one of the Gaza rockets “apparently fell into the sea, the other hit somewhere but not in Tel Aviv.” There were no immediate reports of any casualties or damage.  Pray that the IDF or Air Force neutralises the terror cell which fired the 2 rockets

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