The CARMEL ALERT – March 10th 2017
.;A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to..praying..for the restoration of Israel

David’s Purim Comment: Demonic Influence  Always Leads to Hatred of the Jewish People
1 John 5:19  The whole world lies under the influence of the evil one

This weekend Jewish people in Israel and around the world celebrate Purim, the remembrance of how a young Jewish woman, Esther, saved the Jewish people in Persia, from destruction at the hands of the evil Haman. That was 2500 years ago, but nothing has changed – the Jewish people are still in peril in 2017. (please see the list of recent attacks against Jewish people in this weeks news section)

Over the last 3 weeks I have shared my recent experiences in the hope of alerting as many people as possible to the influences above us and amongst us, visable and invisible, that do their best (the Kingdom of GOD), and their worst (the kingdom of darkness) to affect and shape our lives. Because of the lateness of the hour in which we are living, this clash of the kingdoms over the souls of human beings is coming to a climax, and the kingdom of darkness is holding nothing back. Rebellion, Witchcraft, Satanism and sexual immorality are no longer hiding in the closet, but everything is unashamedly out in the open.

Their is another manifestation of the influence of the kingdom of darkness on the nations, that I have not yet mentioned, and that is viscious hatred of the Jewish people. As the nations come increasingly under the influence of the evil one, the Jewish people are always increasingly hated and persecuted. I was going write ‘anti-Semitism’ but that is not really the correct word. Jews and Arabs are both Semitic people – many who hate the Jews love the Arabs. Hitler was a very close friend to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, so the problem is not anti-Semitism but anti the Jewish people. If the return of the Messiah is connected to and dependant upon the full restoration of the Jewish people (Acts 3:21), then anything that comes against the Jewish people is actually anti Yeshua. It is the spirit of anti-Messiah or anti-Christ. The New Testament tells us that Yeshua is the visible manifestation of GOD, therefore anything that comes against the Jewish people is really coming against GOD.

Since the time that war broke out in Heaven (Rev 12:7) Lucifer has been at war with YHVH and the verse goes on to tell us that Satan and his rebellious angels were cast down to the Earth and the war that broke out in Heaven has been raging on the Earth and under that demonic influence, human beings have been harming and killing each other ever since. The ultimate and most senseless manifestation of that influence is hatred and persecution of the Jewish people. Most of the medicine, technology and art that people of all nations enjoy has come from the giftings that YHVH placed in the Jewish people, and yet the Jews are the most hated and persecuted people on the Earth.

I am sure that most decent people thought that after the horrors of the Holocaust, the mistreatment of the Jews was behind us – sadly not so ! As the demonic influence on the world has steadily increased since 1967 (refer to last weeks comment), the level of hatred of the Jewish people has increased to the point that today Israel and the Jewish people are the most hated race on the Earth. It is happening everywhere – in Muslim nations, in France, Belgium, Germany, Britain, the USA – the list goes on and it is getting worse by the week. I wish I was exaggerating, but sadly I am not. And just like in Nazi Germany, the Satan uses the news media  in the secular world and Replacement Theology in the Church, to fan the flames of the hatred of the Jews.

The bottom line is that all of the wickedness that is rampant in our world today, Abortion, Idolatry, Satanism, Witchcraft and all occult activity,  Freemasonry, same sex relationships and all sexual immorality, and all forms of negativity towards Israel and the Jewish people, is actually hatred and rebellion against GOD. In the Church, Replacement Theology is just as wicked as the behaviour of those outside of the Church. The people who believe in Replacement Theology say they love and serve God, but they must be serving a different god, because the GOD of the Bible has not replaced Israel (Romans 11:1) How can a person say that they love God and not love the things that He loves ?. The most serious fact of the matter is that Replacement Theology always leads to the persecution and murder of Jewish people.

I will let the GOD of Israel have the last word in this week’s comment from Psalm 2  Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot a vain thing; the kings of the Earth (leaders) set themselves together and the rulers take counsel together, against YHVH and His Anointed, saying “let is burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us.”

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the God of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their God.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for that breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie
This Weeks News Items – Special Purim Focus on Violence Against Jewish People

1.  Dramatic Increase of Hatred and Acts of Violence Against Jews  –  Various Recent Reports


  •  July 1, 2016 ? Santa Fe ? A local Jewish club was threatened with a bomb. A bottle with cement inside and a message in Arabic that read ?This is a warning, the next one explodes? together with ?Allahu alAkbar? was sent through the closed windows of the institution.
  •  April 3, 2016 ? Santa Fe ? A swastika was found on the walls of the Asociaci?n Cultural Israelita Argentina.


  •  April 3, 2016 – Sydney – The Maroubra synagogue was spray painted with several swastikas.


  • March 26, 2016 – Brussels – A visibly Jewish male and his friend had stones thrown at them while they were walking through a park.
  • March 23, 2016 – Braine-le-Comte ? The Auschwitz slogan ?Arbeit Macht Frei,? swastikas, and ?Jews? were spray-painted on the wall of a school.


  •  May 16 ? Rio de Janeiro ? Three swastikas were found on walls in a Jewish neighborhood.


  •  November 14, 2016 – Ottawa – A bright red swastika and the word ?kike? were painted Monday on the home of Rabbi Anna Maranta.
  •  November 14, 2016 – Montreal – A swastika was spray painted on the wall of Hof Kelsten, an iconic Jewish bakery
  •  October 12-14, 2016 – Toronto – Swastikas were found at seven sites on and near the campus of the University of Toronto in two separate incidents.
  •  April 1, 2016 – Quebec – The Laval neighborhood was spray painted with anti-Semitic graffiti, including the slogan “no Jews”, swastikas and other neo-Nazi symbols.


  •  November 9, 2016 – Strasbourg – A visibly Jewish man was attacked near the city?s synagogue. He was hit in his face and legs by an attacker shouting ?dirty Jew, I?ll kill you.?
  •  August 19, 2016 – Strasbourg – A visibly Jewish male was stabbed and lightly injured by an individual shouting “Allahu Akbar.”
  •  March 5, 2016 – Paris – A 13-year-old visibly Jewish boy walking to synagogue was physically assaulted by three youths who called him a “dirty Jew.”
  •  January 11, 2016 – Marseille – A visibly Jewish teacher on his way to synagogue was attached by a teen wielding a machete. He sustained light injuries to his       hand.


  •  December 1, 2016 – Gori – A synagogue in the city was vandalized with some of its religious texts stolen and its Torah scrolls torn by unknown individuals.


  •  June 22, 2016 – Berlin – A visibly Jewish male was physically assaulted by three individuals who were shouting anti-Semitic slurs.
  •  March 16, 2016 ? K?then ? A bucket of feces was put on the wall of the Jewish cemetery.
  •  January 11, 2016 – Puttgarden – Two individuals approached a visibly Jewish man, verbally abused him and knocked him down before kicking and robbing him.


  •  Thessaloniki – November 24, 2016 – Vandals toppled over and broke a menorah at the Jewish cemetery.
  •  Ioannina – September 12, 2016 ? The city?s synagogue was vandalized with swastikas spray-painted on its walls.


  •  May 11, 2016 – Guatemala – Anti-Semitic signs with the image of Jesus that read ?Jews killed me on the cross. Now Jews from Energuate are killing my people in Guatemala with the light. Leave Guatemala Energuate Jew! ? were seen throughout Guatemala at protests against the Israeli electric company ICPower.


  •  September 11, 2016 ? Budapest ? A Holocaust memorial was vandalized, with symbolic items of remembrance destroyed or thrown away. The attack occurred shortly after the neo-Nazi website posted an article with a threat to destroy the monument.

South Africa

  •  November 1, 2016 – Johannesburg – Graffiti reading “Kill a Jew” and “F**k the Jews” was spray-painted on the walls of the University of the Witwatersrand.
  •  February 10, 2016 – Johannesburg – A vehicle threatened to run down six identifiably Jewish men, while the driver made offensive hand gestures


  • January 19, 2016 – Istanbul – Vandals spray painted anti-Semitic slogans including “terrorist Israel, there is Allah” on the outside walls of the Istipol Synagogue


  •  Uman – December 20, 2016 – The grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was desecrated with blood, red paint and a pig’s head.
  •  Uzhgorod – November 28, 2016 ? Masked vandals threw red paint on a Holocaust memorial and left anti-Semitic flyers which read, ?Holodomor 1932-1933.
  •  March 23, 2016 ? Cherkassy – ?Kill the kikes? was spray-painted on a synagogue.

United Kingdom

  •  October 6, 2016 – London – A man walking by a Jewish school shouted abusive slogans at students, including ?Jews, dirty Jews, I’m Hitler, I’ll kill the Jews.?
  •  July 4, 2016 – London – An image of a Star of David hanging from a gallows was spray painted in two seperate areas of the city.
  •  May 19, 2016 – Manchester – A Jewish cemetery in Manchester was vandalized, with 14 gravestones destroyed.
  •  May 11, 2016 – Bury – Two unidentified men were seen on security camera footage dousing the kosher Ta?am Restaurant with a liquid before the restaurant burst into flames.
  •  April 11, 2016 – London – Two visibly Jewish boys were walking when they were approached by a man shouting ?Allah Akbar!  Kill the Jews!?
  •  January 5, 2016 – London – Three visibily Jewish shoppers in London were pelted with gas canisters, by individuals shouting ?Hitler is on the way to you? and ?Heil Hitler.?

UNITED STATES  –   There have been 90 incidents this year alone, at 73 locations in 30 states 


  •  At Providence?s Rhode Island School of Design a swastika made of feces was discovered over the weekend in a dormitory bathroom
  •  Dozens of tombstones were found toppled at Jewish cemeteries in Missouri and Pennsylvania
  •  Nearly 100 Jewish Community Centers and schools nationwide received bomb threats
  •  21 bomb threats were called in to 13 Jewish community centres and eight Jewish schools in across the USA..
  • February 27th   About 100 headstones at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia have been knocked over, police said on Sunday, 


  • February 29th   At least 29 Jewish community centers and Jewish day schools across the country received bomb threats on Monday in the latest wave of threats to hit Jewish institutions.  The incidents are the fifth wave of such threats in less than two months.


  •  March 9, 2016 – Paysand? – David Fremd, a 54 year-old Jewish businessman, was stabbed to death by a man shouting “Allah Akbar”.

2. Here are some more recent related news reports – on the positive side

BRITISH PM: UNIVERSITIES HAVE A DUTY TO FIGHT ANTI-SEMITISM: British PM Theresa May on 1 March 2017, called on universities in the UK to ?investigate and swiftly address? anti-Semitism on their campuses.

NETANYAHU: WE EXPECT EUROPE TO CONDEMN ANTI-SEMITISM: PM Binyamin Netanyahu on 1 March, 2017 thanked President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for condemning recent incidents of anti-Semitism in the United States, urging leaders in Europe to follow suit. “Anti-Semitism certainly has not disappeared. But there is much we can do to fight back

DONALD TRUMP Donald Trump recently said that the anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish communities and communities centres are horrible and painful and more work needs to be done to root out prejudice.

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