The CARMEL ALERT –  June 29th 2018
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israel

David’s Comment:  Maybe it is Also a (GOD) Setup for Israel Too ?
Romans 11:26  One day as it is written, all Israel will be saved  (NKJ)

Last week I asked the question, “is God setting the nations up for His judgement?” In this week’s comment, we will consider if YHVH is also setting Israel up – not for judgment, but for national repentance and salvation ?. We believe that as the Apostle Paul writes in Romans 11.26, all of Israel will accept Yeshua as their Messiah before He returns. I fact it is when this long overdue event finally happens, it is the newly saved Jews crying out, “Baruch Ha Bah B Shem Adonai” – (Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD) which brings Yeshua back to the Temple in Jerusalem (Matthew 23:39).

However at this point of time, the people of Israel are a long way from desparately uttering those words. More than 80% of the Jewish people claim to not even believe that GOD exists, and they look for spiritual fulfillment in every place, except the right place. And one of the few sins that YHVH calls and ‘abomination’ – homosexuality, is fully accepted by the majority of Jewish people, with Gay parades taking place in Tel Aviv, Haifa and even Jerusalem. Abortion, corruption, divorce and every other activity that GOD deplores, are rampant and seen as acceptable behaviour.

At the same time as the ungodliness in Israel increases, hatred, persecution and the threat of serious war against Israel also increases. Just 70 years after the Holocaust, the Jewish people once again feel their existence under serious threat. All of which leads me to ask the similar question, “is YHVH also setting up the Jewish people?”. But it is a different kind of set-up. Could it be that the GOD of Israel is setting up the situation, to bring the Jewish people to that point of desparation, where they will fall to their knees in repentance, and then look up to the Heavens and cry out “Baruch Ha Bah B Shem Adonai”. These words, rising up to the Throne Room, will bring Yeshua back to Jerusalem to wage war against all who have waged war against Israel, and to ultimately bring peace to this very troubled world.

The main reason we need to consider the above possibility is that if we really mean it when we say or sing “Maranatha”, (come Yeshua), we need to be sure that as we see the anti-Semitism and the danger of terrorism against the Jews increasing in the nations, and as we see the growing threat of war against Israel by Iran, Hamas and Hizbollah, that we pray in line what GOD is really doing. If He is indeed setting the Jewish people up for their redemption, then we should not pray against the things that He is using to bring them to that point of desperation. In fact to fulfill our calling to hasten the day that Yeshua returns (2 Peter 3:12), we should actually be praying that He increases the pressure to bring Israel to the place where He wants her to be – back home in the Promised Land, and grafted back into the Olive Tree, crying out “Baruch Ha Bah B Shem Adonai”.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie

This Weeks News Items

1. Hamas Paid Family to Lie About Baby’s Death  World Israel News   June 21st

Remember that baby girl who died in Gaza last month allegedly after inhaling teargas fired by Israeli soldiers against Palestinian protestors? Well?surprise, surprise?it turns out 9-month-old Layla Ghandour wasn’t the victim of heartless Israeli brutality after all. At least not according to her cousin. During his interrogation, he detailed a planned terror attack, and also volunteered that he was related to Layla Ghandour. Omar reported receiving a phone call from his mother informing him that his baby cousin had passed away. When he arrived home, Omar was told that Layla had succumbed to the same blood disease that had killed her brother less than a year earlier. It was at that point, Omar recounted, that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar got in touch with the family and offered them NIS 8,000 ($2,200) to tell reporters that Layla had died from inhaling Israeli tear-gas. This type of deception is not uncommon in the Palestinians’ portrayal of Israeli defensive and counter-terrorism measures. Nor is the mainstream international media’s willingness to publish each and every unsubstantiated Palestinian claim against Israel absent even the most rudimentary fact-checking. As the above video notes, Hamas had already removed Layla from the official Gaza border death toll at the end of last month, but not until longer after the damage to Israel’s reputation had been done. Pray that the Hamas regime is fully removed from the Gaza Strip

2. Three Israelis Injured in Car Ramming Attack  World Israel News   June 24th

An Arab driver rammed his car into four IDF soldiers?among them three women and one man?lightly hurting them. The driver initially fled the scene, driving into the nearby village of Husan in what the IDF suspected was a terror attack. The soldiers were lightly wounded and received treatment from a first response unit at the scene before being transferred to a nearby hospital for additional treatment. Car-ramming attacks are among the tactics used by Palestinian terrorists to target Israeli civilians and soldiers alike. While terrorists in Gaza have turned to fire kites as of late, which have been used to infiltrate Israeli territory and damage thousands of acres of farmland and nature preserves, vehicular attacks remain a significant risk in Judea and Samaria. Pray that the injured soldiers are quickly restored to full health and are able to return to their duties

3. High Chance of Large Scale Attack Against Hamas   World Israel News  June 21

Cabinet member Gilad Erdan today discussed the continued rocket fire and incendiary kite warfare emanating from Gaza, and rejected observations that deterrence vis-?-vis Hamas had weakened.  “We’re very troubled and don’t stop thinking about how to improve the security situation in the Gaza vicinity, and I think the last four years since Protective Edge proved it,” Erdan suggested in an interview with Army Radio. “I don’t think we lost deterrence,” Erdan tried to convince listeners, “I think Hamas understands the price it pays. They had a hundred-and-fifty dead in recent weeks. “We can’t ignore the last four years of relative quiet that led to growth and prosperity, and even to people looking to live in the Gaza area,” Erdan alleged. However, Erdan estimated, “There’s a great chance we’ll have to embark on a military operation to create long-term deterrence. There may be no choice, and we’ll have to enter into a large-scale operation in the Gaza Strip.”
Pray that the Israeli government and the military come up with a solution to the Gaza problems

4. Iranians Chant “Death to Palestine”   Israel Today News   June 25th

On Monday, Iranians took to the streets of Tehran to protest against their oppressive regime. Their primary focus was on domestic issues. But, when they did turn to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, guess what they shouted? “Death to Palestine” was the call replacing the “Death to Israel” they had been so long forced to chant by the ayatollahs. The protests, which turned violent in several places, were sparked by Iran’s crumbling economy, the result of a defiant nuclear program and unrepentant Iranian support for regional terrorist organizations. Among the chief beneficiaries of Iranian patronage have been the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and the Palestinian terror group Hamas, both of which were founded for and remain dedicated to Israel’s destruction. Iranians have grown tired of their regime involving them in conflicts in which they have no interest at the expense of the nation’s economic prosperity. Videos posted to social media showed the demonstrators chanting slogans like “Death to Palestine,” “No to Gaza, no to Lebanon,” and “Leave Syria and think of us.” Many Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, remain convinced that were the regime of the ayatollahs to fall, Iran would return to being a close and strong ally to the Jewish state, as it was prior to the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Lets pray for an anti Islamic revolution that will overthrow the present evil regime

5. Prince William Arrives in Israel – UK Position on Jerusalem Angers Israeli     Israel Today News   June 25th

Britain’s Prince William arrived in Israel on Monday evening for the first official visit by a member of the royal family since the end of the British Mandate. His three-day tour in the Holy Land is part of a broader Middle East trip. While here, the future king was scheduled to make high-profile stops at major sites across the country, including Yad Vashem, Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western Wall, as well as meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. But it was the wording of the official itinerary published by Kensington Palace that irked Israeli officials. According to the itinerary, when Prince William visits Jerusalem’s Old City and Judaism’s holiest site, he will be doing so in “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” “United Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for 3,000 years and no distortion in the tour itinerary can change that reality,” insisted Israel’s Minister of Jerusalem Affairs. The British ambassador to Israel defended the working of the itinerary, telling reporters that “all the terminology that was used in the program was consistent with years of practice by British governments and it is consistent with British government policy.” He further stressed that Prince William is not a political figure, nor is his visit political in nature. Even so, many Israelis were displeased that the British government chose to use the wording of the prince’s itinerary to drive home the point that it doesn’t accept Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem. Pray that the future king of Britain meets the GOD of Israel and His Messiah, during his time in the Holy Land.

6. Thirteen Rockets Fired from Gaza   INN News   June 27th

Gaza based terror groups fired at least thirteen rockets on Israel from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening. Three of the rockets fired were intercepted by the Iron Dome and at least three launching sites were spotted by the IDF in the Gaza Strip. The rockets were fired by Hamas after an IAF strike was reported by Gazan media sources in which a car owned by a Hamas militant responsible for launching incendiary balloons was targeted in the Nuseirat refugee camp on Tuesday night. It was reported that the car was blown up while empty. The IDF spoksperson’s unit released a statement that it used a tank and an aircraft “to strike a car owned by a Hamas militant active in a unit that sent terror balloons into Israel and two Hamas observation points north of the Gaza Strip.” The statement said that Hamas bears full responsibility “for the terror and instability.”  Pray that the IDF uses its full capacity to end the terror from Gaza

7. Israel Now Has a Solution to Stop the Fire Kites     Israel Today News   June 27th

The Israeli army has finally found an effective solution to the so-called ?kite terror? that has already destroyed hundreds of acres of agricultural land and forests in southern Israel. This solution was initially developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to counter the growing threat of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV?s) that are used by Hamas and Hezbollah to spy on Israel or to carry out terror attacks against the Jewish state.The IDF has begun using the ?electronic eye? to identify where the incendiary kites and balloons are launched from in Gaza, to track them down before they reach Israel. The system, called Sky Spotter, enables the IDF to determine the trajectory of the terror kites and balloons and to predict where exactly they will land. A group of IDF operators is now able to provide early warning to firefighters, who then arrive on the spot where the balloons and kites land before they can cause a large blaze. Sky Spotter is also able to direct small Israeli UAV?s, which are used to bring down the kites and balloons mid-flight. The IDF added that ?arson kites are made by Hamas terror operatives in large quantities and in an organized manner.? Hamas, meanwhile, has to cope with growing unrest in Gaza as a result of its failure to bring Israel to its knees via the ?Great March of Return,? and to improve the ailing economy of the coastal enclave. Pray that this new solution works very effectively and the fire kite are stopped permanently.

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