The CARMEL ALERT – June 28th 2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel


David’s Comment: How Is Your Life Insurance Policy ?

Hebrews 7:22  This makes Yeshua the guarantor of a better covenant


Last week the Middle East was 10 minutes away from a possible war between the United States and Iran. Following the shooting down of a US spy drone by Iran, President Trump ordered a retalitory air strike against several Iranian military targets. The US Air Force jets were on 10 minutes away from their targets, when the President decided to cancel the strike, thus immediately diffusing the extremely dangerous situation. Regardless of his reasons for halting the air strike, had he not done so, dozens or hundreds of missiles could have been flying in both directions, killing many, injuring many more and causing massive damage on both sides. It is also very likely that Israel would have become involved as Iran would surely have attacked Israel as well. Praise GOD that is not the way turned out this time, but the issues with Iran, the USA and Israel are not over yet. Anything can happen at any time ! Actually that last statement is true for everyone in every location on planet Earth every day. We all  expect our lives to work out as we plan and desire. We all expect tomorrow to be much that same as it was today, which for most people is generally the case, but there is no guarantee of that. 3000 people left home to go to their office at World Trade  Centre on 9/11, expecting just another day at the office and that they would be back home that evening. Tragically, that was not the way their day turned out. The reality is that none of us know what the future holds. We don’t even know what the next few minutes holds for us. On December 21 1988, as the residents of a quiet village in Scotland were preparing to celebrate Christmas, a Pam Am 747 Jumbo jet was blown out of the sky by Libyan terrorists and fell on Lockerbie, killing all on board the plane and 11 people from the village. The residents of Lockerbie were caught totally unaware and totally unprepared.

I have just been reading and studying Matthew chapter 24 and Luke chapter 21, the two chapters from the New Testament that are focused on the End Times. These verse are very serious warnings  from the mouth of our Master and Messiah, Yeshua, and we need to take them very seriously. Yeshua is giving us advanced warning of what will happen just before His visable return to Jerusalem. The fact that He is warning those who worship Him as Lord, tells me that the Church will still be on the Earth when the wars, famines, earthquakes and persecution are taking place – some will even be killed for the sake of His name He warns. This must surely refer to Believers.

The point of this comment is  …. we need to be prepared, we need to be ready for what ever lies ahead – maybe just ahead. There are various ways we can be prepared. We can store up food, water, medical supplies and other necessities. We can move out of the city and live in a remote location. We can make sure that we are physically fit so that we are able to walk or run to save our lives. I am not saying that any of those things are not good or that we should not prepare in those ways, but there is a much more important way that we should be prepared. We need to make sure our life insurance policy is up to date. I am not talking about secular life insurance which most of us have, because that will be absolutely worthless when the world’s financial system fails. The life insurance that I am talking about is Eternal Life Insurance. If you have accepted the blood sacrifice of Yeshua ha Mashaich, and you are truly Born Again, then you have entered into a blood sealed covenant with the Most High GOD, YHVH, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the GOD of Israel, and the New Covenant is your Eternal Life Insurance policy.  As the opening verse says, Messiah Yeshua is the guarantor of an even better covenant than the Mosaic Covenant. When we call upon His name and His sacrificial blood, we enter into a blood sealed covenant relationship with our Heavenly Father. This is definately much better than any man made insurance policy as we do not need to renew it, and pay for it every year, and even if we die, our New Covenant eternal insurance policy, guarantees us that, we will come back to life and live in the presence of our Heavenly Father forever. Of course YHVH’s Eternal Life Insurance policy also has benefits for this life. YHVH is also YHVH Rophe, the best doctor in the Universe. He is aslo YHVH Yireh, the GOD who sees our needs and provides. Plus much more ……. I have never been an insurance salesman in my life, but as a Messianic Jewish evangelist, I am called to ensure as many people as possible, have a fully paid up New Covenant Eternal Life Insurance policy (with current life benefits). You do not need to be concerned about the cost – it has been fully pre-paid by the Son of GOD. I want to encourage everyone reading this comment, who is in the New Covenant, to come before the LORD and thank him for His assurance of Eternal Life, and to ask Him to keep you covered at all times by the blood of Yeshua.


The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.


Shabbat Shalom …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1. Israel May Strike Iran While the World Quietly Watches     Associted Press   June 21

Iran shot down a US drone on June 19, further escalating tensions between Iran and its adversaries. Relations with Iran have been worsening for months. In early May, one year after the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal negotiated in 2015 between Iran, the U.S., the European Union and five other countries, Iranian President Rouhani said that his country may also withdraw from    the agreement, which limits its ability to develop nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting sanctions. In June, Rouhani announced that Iran will restart enriching uranium , which could put the country on track to develop a nuclear weapon within a year. Rouhani?s government insists its uranium will go to civilian nuclear power, not weapons.  As a ?deterrent? to Iran, the United States is sending ans additional 1000  to the Middle East.  The U.S. is not the only country considering a military response in Iran. “israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons,? said Israeli PM Netanyahu several times, including most recently, on June 17.  PM Netanyahu also said Iran must be punished for violating the nuclear agreement. Israel, which has faced threats to its national security since its founding as a Jewish homeland in the Middle East in 1948, is known to take aggressive, preventive action to protect itself ? including by launching preemptive strikes on neighboring nations it perceives as threatening. If international relations with Iran grow more volatile, Israel could take dramatic, unilateral action against its neighbor and longtime adversary. Pray that the people of Iran overthrow this fanatical Islamic regime before the situatiion causes a full scale war with the USA and Israel.


2, Iran Attempts to Setup Spy Network in Israel    United With Israel News    June 21st

The Israeli Shin Bet security agency says it has exposed an ?Iranian intelligence effort? to establish a spying operation in Israel under the cover of commercial activity. In conjunction with the Israel Police, the Shin Bet says it arrested a 32 year old businessman, a Jordanian national, who is originally from the Hebron area. ?It was learned that he had entered Israel on behalf of Iranian intelligence in order to carry out missions designed to advance the formation of cells in Israel and in Judea and Samaria for use in covert Iranian activity,? says the Israeli agency?s statement. The suspect first came into contact with Iranian intelligence when he was in Lebanon, with additional meetings taking place with his ?Iranian handlers? during 2018 and 2019 in Lebanon and Syria, according to the Shin Bet. He is accused of ?contact with an enemy, contact with a hostile organization, and conspiracy to smuggle enemy funds into the area,? says the Shin Bet. He had been instructed by his handlers, says the Israeli statement, ?to establish a commercial infrastructure in Israel to serve as a cover for future Iranian activity, apparently to gain access to Israel and Judea and Samaria, and recruit spies to assist in gathering information pursuant to Iranian interests.? Pray that all Iranian attempts to spy on Israel and cause harm will be discovered and prevented as this one was


3. PA Chairman Calls on Muslim Clerics to Preach Against Peace Deal         By TPS

In an official document, titled ?The Deal of the Century Will Not Pass,? Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas on Monday ordered the Muslim leaders in the PA to dedicate Friday?s address to generating a unified front against what he called the US ?plot.? In the document, which TPS has seen, Abbas stresses that “palestinian unity” and support for him as a leader should be highlighted. The Imams and other preachers are specifically ordered to use verses from the Quran underscoring the sanctity of the land and are similarly directed to emphasize the significance of the so-called ?Right of Return? and an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. At the same time Abbas is reported as saying that he is ready to return to the negotiaiting table. Continue to pray that the only peace plan that is accepted is the Prince of Peace returning to the Temple in Jerusalem.


4. PM Netanyahu Meets With American & Russian Security Advisors in Jerusalem     INN News   June 25th

US National Security Advisor John Bolton said the Trump administration is not aiming for a regime change in Iran, but is committed to keeping Tehran from achieving a nuclear weapons capacity, and reining in Iranian-backed terrorism. Speaking at a press conference in Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon, Bolton summed up his three-day visit to Israel and the results of a trilateral summit between the national security advisers of the US, Russia, and Israel. ?The threat of a nuclear Iran is very real,? said Bolton. ?We see continuing evidence, growing evidence of Iran?s violations of not just the nuclear deal, but the non-proliferation treaty itself. The IAEA has already found Iran in violation of the nuclear deal because of its exceeding the limits on sophisticated centrifuges.?  ?All this means that the threat of a nuclear Iran is very real, as are the threats of Iran?s support for terrorism, its ballistic missile program, and its other malign activities in the Middle East.? Ealier on Tuesday, Bolton met with his Russian and Israeli counterparts – Nikolai Patrushev and Meir Ben-Shabbat ? in Jerusalem for trilateral talks, completing the Middle East security summit hosted by Israeli PM Netanyahu. The summit opened just days after Iran shot down an American drone aircraft patrolling the Straits of Hormuz ? the latest escalation in the region, following a string of suspected Iranian attacks on oil tankers in the strategic waterway. Despite Iran’s behavior, President Trump has “held the door open for real negotiations”. “All Iran needs to do is walk through that open door.”   PM Netanyahu warned Iran that Israel would ?respond forcefully to any such attacks? by Tehran. ?We have acted hundreds of times,?  PM Netanyahu  said, alluding to Israeli airstrikes on Iranian forces stationed in Syria. “Israel has acted hundreds of times to prevent Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria, and will continue to prevent Iran from using neighboring territory as platforms to attack us, and Israel will respond forcefully to any such attacks.” Pray that there is a regime change in Iran before disaster strikes


5.  Religious Political Leader Resigns in Protest at Gay Parade in His City    INN News   June 25th The “Choosing Family” Movement thanked attorney Eli Alush, who heads the united religious party in the central city of Ra’anana, for his decision to leave the municipal coalition in protest of the city’s first ever Prode Parade. “We the members of the ‘Choosing Family’ movement, thank you and support you for your determined and brave decision to act for the sake of family values and leave the coalition which did not have the wisdom to stop the pride parade in Ra’anana,” members of the movement wrote in a letter to Alush. “Facing the forces working to demolish and destroy the family, we must speak clearly, cleanly, and with purity, as you did. We hope that your colleagues in the city council and public leaders on a national level will learn from your example and that they too will make this important topic a national priority. “The family is the cornerstone of society and of the State, and it is the best and safest place for the growth and happiness of the individual. The family is the tool by which we preserve our identity and heritage, and it is the promise of our future. “Thank G-d, most of the public sanctifies the value of the family and chooses it. We will not agree to a situation in which people try to shove the family into a closet. Be strong and brave.” Pray that more leaders in Israel and every nation will speak up against the Gay agenda


6. Israel May Not Need to Have a New Election in September   INN News   June 26th

During the past few days, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein has been examining a move that would eliminate the dispersion of the 21st Knesset and the elections to the 22nd Knesset, Channel 12 reported Tuesday evening. The first stage of the process, which has been greatly accelerated in recent hours, is the convening of the Knesset Presidium by the speaker and the annulment of the Knesset’s election recess. The second stage is the formulation of new legislation that will create a legal basis for canceling the dispersion of the Knesset, a basis that does not yet exist today. This is a complex process, since such legislation must be passed by a majority of at least 80 Knesset members, such that a broad consensus is required in the Knesset, and it is contingent on the formation of a broad coalition that will allow it. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu is already giving a tailwind to the complex process. The Likud said in response, “Prime Minister Netanyahu is taking Knesset Speaker Edelstein seriously and will review his proposal in the coming days.” Pray that PM Netanyahu will be able to form a government so that the repeat election in September will be able to be cancelled.


7. PM Netanyahu to Israel’s Enemies :  Do Not Test Us      Jerusalem Post    June 27

Israel has tremendous destructive capabilities, and its enemies should not test it, Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Wednesday after viewing a large IDF exercise in the north. ?I am very impressed by the improvement in the [IDF?s] readiness, in the spirit of the fighters and the commanders, and especially in the IDF?s destructive power,? said Netanyahu, who is also the country?s defense minister. He viewed the mutli-pronged exercise with Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, and spoke with IDF officers and soldiers participating in the drill.  PM Netanyahu’s  comments came amid an increase in regional tensions, including between the US and Iran in the Persian Gulf. The massive exercise incorporated all branches of the military, including the use of the F-35 stealth fighter recently acquired from the US. Pray that Israel’s enemies heed the PM’s warning.

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