The CARMEL ALERT –  June 22nd 2018
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israel

David’s Comment:  Maybe it is a (GOD) Setup ?
Joel 3:1 – 2  For, behold, in those days and in that time, when I will bring again the exiles of Judah and Jerusalem,  I will also gather all nations and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat.  And I will fight with them there for My people and for My inheritance Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and divided My land.

In the natural, the news for Israel is getting worse. Because of the Iran/ Hamas inspired violent riots on the Gaza Border, and the constant attempts by Gazan terrorists to break through the border to harm or kidnap Israeli soldiers and civilians, the Israeli army and air force have had no other option except to meet force with force. More than 130 Gazans have died and many more injured, but most of the casualties have been identified as operatives of the Hamas or Islamic Jihad terror organisations, who for the sake of harming Israelis, made themselves targets for the soldiers and pilots who were simply carry out their duty to protect their nation. The military of any normal country would do the same, with much less hesitation than Israel used. However it is obvious that most of the world does not see it that way.

Ever since the Gaza riots began, almost every international leader and most of the secular media have one-sidedly laid the entire blame on Israel. It is almost as if Hamas and the other terror groups do not exist, and that the so called ‘peaceful protesters’ are quietly walking around with placards and flowers in their hair. If you have seen the news reports, you know that scenario is as far from the truthful reality as black is from white. The real scene was one of burning tyres creating acrid black smoke which created cover for the “death to Israel” chanting, rock throwing Islamic activists who hate Israel and their Jewish cousins with a vengeance not seen in most other conflicts. The latest weapon of choice, burning kites, are still being launched against Israel every day, all of which seems to be acceptable behaviour in the eyes of most of the world.

Last week the United Nations General Assembly officially blamed and censured Israel for the casualties in Gaza, but did not even mention Hamas or the rioters. Then the government of one province in Spain decided to officially boycott and divest (BDS) from Israel. I would not be surprised if others follow suit. On one hand it is not very good news for Israel, but on the other hand could it be a setup by the GOD of Israel, who has not, and will never lose control of the situation. In Joel 3:1 YHVH tells us that at the time when God brings the Jewish people home, He will also draw the nations in preparation to judge them for the way they treated the Jewish people, and for trying to divide His land. There is no doubt that we live in the day that GOD is bringing the Jews home to the Promised Land, so that means the judgement of the nations must be close.

The question we must ask is … Is the current turning against Israel that we are seeing from every quarter except the USA and a very other nations, GOD setting the nations up for the promised judgement ? Could it be that GOD is feeding out the rope, and the nations who have chosen to rebel against the Creator of the Universe, are winding the rope around their own neck ? If the answer to that strategic question is yes, then unless the rebellious leaders of the rebellious nations repent and change the way they treat Israel and the Jewish people, they are doomed to experience the wrath of the HOLY ONE of Israel.

The verse in Joel 3 does say that  GOD will bring ALL nations into the valley of His judgement, but we still need to pray, so I am encouraging you to pray that your nation will be a sheep nation and not a goat nation, and the government, the Replacement Theology Church, and the people will truly repent of the direct rebellion against YHVH.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie

This Weeks News Items

1. UN Condemns Israel but Not Hamas     INN News   June 15th

The United Nations’ bias and hypocrisy was on full display last week when the General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of condemning Israel for the violence on the Gaza border, but refused to do the same for Hamas. Having failed to push a condemnation of Israel through the UN Security Council, thanks to a US veto, champions of the Palestinian cause turned to the General Assembly, even though resolutions passed there are not legally binding. The resolution passed on Wednesday slammed Israel for “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate” use of force in dealing with the mass infiltration attempts along the Israel-Gaza border. The motion passed with 120 nations in favor, 8 opposed and 45 abstaining. Just before the vote, US Ambassador Nikki Haley proposed an amendment that would have also held Hamas responsible for the volatile situation. The assembly voted on the amendment, accepting it by a vote of 62 in favor, 58 opposed and 42 abstentions, but the General Assembly president refused to add the amendment to the resolution arguing that it required the approval of a two-thirds majority. The original anti-Israel draft then went forward to a vote absent the US amendment. Haley called the final General Assembly ruling a “morally bankrupt judgement.” Pray that the UN breaks apart and is replaced by an honest broker when it comes to international relations

2. USA Withdrawl from U.N Human Rights Council May be Imminent    INN News    June 15th

The USA could quit the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) soon, activists and diplomats told the Reuters news agency on Thursday. According to these sources, talks with the United States over how to reform the UNHRC have failed to meet Washington?s demands. An American source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the withdrawal appeared to be ?imminent? but did not provide further details. Diplomatic sources said it was not a question of if but of when the United States retreats from the Human Rights Council, which will hold a three-week session beginning on Monday and running through July 6. Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has repeatedly blasted the UNHRC for its obsession with criticizing Israel. She publicly told the Council a year ago that Washington might leave the body unless a ?chronic anti-Israel bias? were removed. The UNHRC continuously singles out Israel for criticism, while ignoring other conflicts in the region, such as the ongoing bloody civil war in Syria. Pray that your nation will have the ‘guts’ to follow the led of the USA and hopefully close down the UNHRC.

3. Fire Kites Continue to Cause Significant Damage Inside Israel     World News Israel  & INN News    June 17th

Incendiary kites and balloons on Saturday sparked over 20 fires in Israel. Firefighters and Nature Authority workers worked for many hours to extinguish the blaze, which scorched more than 100 dunams (25 acres). Gaza media on reported that IAF drones fired at a group of terrorists preparing incendiary balloons in central Gaza on Saturday night. The IDF confirmed the attack, but said the shots were warning shots. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, two terrorists were wounded by the IAF. On Sunday the IDF attacked an empty car empty in Gaza that belongs to the leader of a terror cell responsible for flying firebomb-laden kites and balloons into Israel. The attack was also meant as a deterrence and did not target terrorists.  ?In recent days, the IDF has warned terror cells responsible for flying the incendiary kites and balloons and has fired warning shots at them,? the IDF spokesman?s office said. ?This is terrorist activity that endangers the lives of Israeli residents of the south.? However, several ministers have called for more aggressive methods, including the targeted killing of terror cells known to be involved in the flying of incendiary kites and balloons, but the IDF is concerned that targeted killings of those flying the kites and balloons would be seen as a transgression of international law since the direct connection between the terrorist?s action and its lethal effect on Israeli civilians is not direct. Pray that the IDF will take all action necessary to stop these fire kites being launched.

4. Large Terror Attacks in Israel Prevented       Arutz 7 News    June 17th

 A large terrorist network operating in the Nablus region that plotted major attacks in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem has been foiled by the Israel Security Agency, IDF and Israeli Police in recent months. The network operated from October 2017 until the arrest of its operatives in April. It consisted of over 20 operatives, most of who belong to Hamas, and includes individuals with a ?rich history of terrorist activities and the production of explosive devices,? the Shin Bet statement said. Interrogation of the detainees revealed that they had planned to carry out major attacks in large Israeli cities, including planting a bomb in Tel Aviv, a suicide attack in Jerusalem and a shooting attack in  Samaria. Agents discovered a powerful 10-kilogram explosive device with cellular activation while investigating the case as well as 15 additional kilograms of explosives alongside bomb-making materials and instructions. The network was headed by two Hamas operatives, who were responsible for recruiting the network?s members, planning the attacks and manufacturing the explosive devices. ?The discovery of the network indicates Hamas? continued desire to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli targets, undermining the current relative calm. Also the discovery prevented the implementation of serious attacks and saved many lives.  Lets give thanks to the LORD that these terror attacks were prevented and that all other such plans will be discovered and prevented

5. PM Netanyahu: Only Removal of Hamas Will Solve Gaza Problem  

Prime Minister Netanyahu convened his cabinet last week  to discuss proposals for easing the dire humanitarian conditions effecting many residents of the Gaza Strip. The measures discussed centered primarily on providing Gaza with more electricity, fresh water and food. But by the end of the day, the cabinet couldn’t come to any agreement on the proposals, and it was Defense Minister Liberman’s words of warning that echoed loudest. “Whoever thinks improving the civilian and economic situation in Gaza will halt the terror kites and the violence, is simply wrong,” Liberman told Army Radio ahead of the meeting. “Enough with all sorts of illusions and delusions that improving the economy will end terror,” he continued. “The opposite is true ? they?ll understand that with use of force and violence they can achieve political goals. To improve the reality in the Gaza Strip, the Hamas regime must be toppled. Anyone who wants more than four hours of electricity a day must topple the Hamas regime.” Typically the situation is reported in the mainstream international media as Israel imposing unfair sanctions that amount to collective punishment on the people of Gaza. Pray that Hamas is rejected by the people of Gaza who want to get on with their lives

6. 45 Gaza Rockets Fired at Israel on Tuesday Night   World Israel News    June 20th

Terrorists in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip launched at least 45 rockets and mortar shells at communities in the south overnight and in the early morning Wednesday, seven of which were shot down by the Iron Dome defense system. The IDF responded with at least three rounds of airstrikes that targeted Hamas military sites. There were no immediate reports of injuries on the Israeli side of the border, but the re was damage to a number of buildings and cars. Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum posted on Facebook that ?the resistance decides the rules of the conflict and will not allow the enemy to force upon us new arrangements.? Of the 45 rockets and mortar shells, at least five landed inside Israeli communities adjacent to Gaza, including one that struck just outside a kindergarten. Most of the others landed in open fields in the Negev. Pray that the IDF is able to bring these rocket attacks and the burning kites to an end

7. Iranians & Israelis Meet at World Cup in Russia   Israel Today News June 19th

An Israeli reporter in Russia to cover the World Cup caught up with fans of the Iran national team just after its match against Morocco, and some of what they had to say was eye-opening. A group of three Iranian men pleased with their team’s 1:0 win over Morocco went on to tell the Israelis watching from home: “What you saw in there, those are the people of Iran, not what you see on TV (referring to the frequently televised anti-Israel marches in Tehran). We love you, and I know you love us.”  Another fan declared: “The Iranian people love Israel!” Pray that the good people of Iran rise up and bring down the present extreme Islamic government.

8. Israeli Children Counter Fire Kites With Peace Balloons    Israel Today News    June 17th

Israeli children (and their parents) living in the region adjacent to the Gaza Strip did something extraordinary on the weekend in response to ongoing Palestinian attacks on their communities. For the past couple weeks, Hamas and other terrorist activists operating out of Gaza have been flying kites and balloons carrying incendiary devices into southern Israel. The damage caused by the fires has been extensive, especially to Israeli farms in the area. The residents of Kibbutz Nir Am decided to do something about it. So, on Saturday, the small community’s children came out en masse and released balloons of their own toward Gaza. But instead of fire, these balloons carried a message of peace in the form of candy. An Israeli diplomat working in Norway expressed in words what the balloons were meant to say: “The children in Gaza, who are innocent victims of the cruel #Hamas regime, deserve to know that children in #Israel don?t hate them. Pray for the children of Gaza, that this message of peace from Israeli children gets to them and they grow up to reject the hatred of previous generations.

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