The CARMEL ALERT – July 17th 2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Are You or Your Family Under Attack ?

2 Corinthians 2:11  Do not be ignorant of the enemy or his devices Ephesians 6:11  Put on the full armour of God ……. I


It seems that the Body of Messiah here in Israel and in the nations is coming under an increased level of spiritual attack. Just over the last few weeks one pastor and two other ministry leaders have died from health issues, one of them suddenly from a major heart attack. The wife of one of our dear pastor friends in Canada was also suddenly struck down with extremely serious health issues and is in urgent need of a major miracle. Then last Thursday a young Messianic family from Jerusalem were parked by the side of the road while the mother fed her baby. Their car was rammed from behind by a large truck, killing the mother and baby. The father is hospitalised with major head injuries, while the other young child was not injured at all, but can you even begin to imagine the shock and trauma the young child is going through. Please pray for the husband to be supernaturally restored to full health so at least the child will have a father in her life. Also please pray for Anne, the wife of our friend in Canada. I am sure that you have heard of similar situations concerning Believers where you live. When such things happen, it is natural to ask questions like “why do bad things happen to Believers?” or “where is God in this situation?” or “what about Psalm 91?”.

Of course no-one can give a diffinitive answer to those kind of questions. And the tension between the two spiritual kingdoms will only increase as we move closer to the end of this increasingly evil age, which means we Believers need to be more aware of the devices of the enemy of our souls, and more prepared to protect ourselves and those dear to us. There are probably numerous reasons why Believers come under spiritual attack, but I am going to highlight two areas where we can ensure that we are not leaving ourselves, our family or our homes open to attack from the kingdom of darkness  …….

1/. Possessions that may be opening your home up to spiritual attack. These include paintings and photographs, sculptures and ornaments, books, music, videos and DVD’s, jewellery, family heirlooms and even toys. Some of these may be very obvious and some may be difficult to spot. Anything that has religious (if not Biblical), Occult or New Age symbols must be burnt or smashed to small pieces if it wont burn. The same goes for books, music, art objects and movies contain anything that is not in line with the Bible may be causing you and your family problems, and must be destroyed. The Jewish Hamsa (hand of God) is also occultic as it is a lucky charm. Josie and I were talking about these things with a good friend in Texas. She brought out a beautifully painted Hamsa and asked me if she had to get rid of. I said yes and she looked very sad. This one did not have the Eye of Horus in the middle of the hand, as most do, so feeling sorry for her I said “if you really believe that represents GOD’s hand and pray over it to cut off any occultics ties, you can keep it.” Her face lit as she carefully placed the Hamsa back in its box. As she walked across the kitchen  to pit it away, the thing flew out of the box, and broke in pieces as it hit the floor tiles. I immediately realised I had made a big mistake and asked the LORD to forgive me. When I was new Believer my pastor came to my house and asked to see my record collection. Eighty percent had to go. I was very upset and reluctant to do it, but I did, and now I know he was right. I suggest that before you go through your house, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything in your home that should not be there. If He shows you things, destroy them as I described above and ask the LORD to forgive you for allowing those things to be in your home and plead the Blood of Yeshua afresh over your door-posts and your gates, and everything within. Finally ask the LORD to heal you and set you free from the things that you have been suffering from, and ask the Holy Spriit to give you wisdom and discernment in the future.

2/. Praise the LORD, our family is not experiencing any spiritual issues. The Bible tells us that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Just to be sure almost every morning and  at night before we go to sleep, I pray and cut off any curses or negative, ungodly words that may have been spoken over any member of the Silver family. We simply do not know who may have something against us and are speaking evil over our lives, so praying in this way is good ‘spiritual insurance.’  It is also important and powerful to speak blessings over anyone who is speaking against us. Yeshua commanded us to bless those who curse us.

If you choose to act upon what I have written this week, and notice a difference after praying in the above way, would you please share the testimony with us as confirmation and encouragement.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1. Israel Has Helped Other Nations Prevent 50 Terror Attacks    United With Israel News  July 11th Israel?s Channel 12 reported on Tuesday that over the past three years, the Mossad, the country?s national intelligence agency, has prevented at least 50 terror attacks in 20 countries planned by Islamic terror groups and Iran. Mossad intelligence has also stopped at least 12 attacks in Turkey over the past three years, despite strained relations with Israel since 2010. The other countries helped by Israel were not named in the report, although several are known. In June 2018, the Mossad supplied European spy agencies with vital intelligence that headed off an Iranian-led plot to bomb a Free Iran rally just outside of Paris, which was attended by 25,000 people. In June of this year, Prime Minister Netanyahu told a security conference in Tel Aviv that Israel had stopped ?major? ISIS terror attacks in ?dozens? of countries. These included a planned attack on an Etihad Airways flight from Australia to the United Arab Emirates in July 2017. ?That plane from Sydney to Abu Dhabi was going to be exploded in midair,? said Netanyahu. ?We found out through our cyber activities, we found out that ISIS was going to do this, and so we alerted the Australian police and they stopped this, before it happened.? The prime minister explained that this particular incident had been ?leaked in the press, so I can talk about it,? but there are many more cases that have not been revealed. Pray that the nations change their attitude towards Israel and begin to support Israel instead of trying to divide the land and weaken Israel.


2. IDF Unveils System to Defeat Fire Balloons   World Israel News   July 13th

The IDF says it has improved its system to battle arson attacks from the Gaza Strip. On Thursday, the IDF?s Gaza Division presented a system they developed to better cope with the fire balloon threat from Gaza. The IDF says that by analyzing the data it has come up with a more effective way of fighting the fires and reducing damage. The first step is understanding wind direction. The army says this enables the firefighters to reach the source of the blaze sooner. The army also employs observers, who identify the balloons as soon as they?re launched from the Strip. There is then an effort to intercept the balloons before they cross the border into Israel. If that fails, local fire-fighting crews are directed to the blaze while it?s still in its early stages.The military has also set up a special situation room dedicated to dealing with the arson threat. Statistics that the IDF released appear to bear out its claims that its improved system is working. In 2018, there were an average of nine fires a day that that number rising to 30 during times of crisis between Israel and Hamas. In 2019, the number is two a day with 10 fires during times of crisis. The extent of the damage has dropped dramatically as a result. In 2019, 1,400 dunams (345 acres) of open area were burned. In 2018, 34,000 dunams (8,400 acres) were destroyed. Pray that this new system will succeed in stopping every fire balloon that is sent across the Gaza border


3. Hamas Official Calls for Slaughter of Jews   World Israel News    July 14th ?

We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them,? declared Hamas Political Bureau member Fathi Hammad on Friday. Amid mounting tensions between Israel and Hamas, one of the terror group?s top officials in Gaza sent out a call on Friday to Palestinians throughout the world to attack Jews. At a speech delivered at a ?March of Return? rally on Friday, July 12, broadcast on the terror group?s television station, Al-Aqsa TV, Hammad demanded that Israel lift the ?siege? on the Gaza Strip by Friday, July 19, the Middle East Media Research Institute reported based on video of the address. ?There are Jews everywhere,? Hammad shouted. ?We must attack every every Jew on Planet Earth ! We must slaughter and kill them, with Allah?s help,? he said, appealing to the ?seven million Palestinians abroad.? ?We will lacerate them and tear them to pieces,? he added. According to Hammad, Palestinians in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, and all over the world have ?many methods and means? ?up their sleeves? that will ?powerfully explode? in Israel?s face. He also claimed that Palestinians ?are not rational,? and that they ?will not die standing idly by.? Instead, Hammad claimed Palestinians would ?die cutting off [Jews?] heads? and ?killing them with explosive belts,? which he says Hamas manufactures in Gaza factories. Hammad also incited Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, telling them to purchase ?five-shekel knives? and ?cut the necks of Jews.? Pray that the LORD will deal with those who threaten His people in such a dispicible way


4. Gaza Powder-Keg is About to Explode    Media Line News   July 13th

Two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel last weekend after thousands of Gazan’s rioted along the security fence as part of an initiative dubbed ?No Negotiation, No Conciliation, No Recognition of the [Israeli] Entity.? The renewed tensions which prompted Israel to deploy additional Iron Dome anti-missile defense batteries to the South comes despite a loosely defined cease-fire forged earlier this yeear between Israel and Hamas that prevented a fourth full-blown conflict over the past decade. It also comes on the backdrop of a major flare-up in May 2019 when Gaza-based groups launched some 700 projectiles at Israeli towns and cities, to which the Israel Defense Forces responded by striking hundreds of targets in the coastal enclave, the army?s largest operation since the 50-day war against the Hamas terrorist group and others in the Gaza Strip in 2014. The latest rocket fire was apparent retaliation for the IDF?s killing of a Hamas member during border protests last week, an act the military apologized for and called a ?misunderstanding? as the targeted individual was reportedly trying to prevent youths from penetrating into Israeli territory. Meanwhile, Egypt dispatched a delegation to Gaza in a bid to restore calm, even as Hamas was threatening to escalate the situation while blaming Jerusalem for failing to abide by the terms of the truce agreement. Whereas Hamas is demanding a total end to the blockade on Gaza, Israel has reportedly offered to ease restrictions on the flow of goods into the enclave including tens of millions of dolllars in Qatari cash and green-lighted additional development projects there. Pray that Hamas does not make a huge mistake and provoke another war with Israel


5. Extreme Heatwave Causes Fires Around Israel    Ynet News   July 18th

Firefighters were battling Thursday to control a fire that broke out in the afternoon in the area of the nature reserve at the entrance to Jerusalem. A dozen fire fighting and rescue teams and four fire fighting planes were deployed to the scene. Israel Railways suspended the train line from Jerusalem to Ben-Gurion Airport as the fire spread near the tunnels, providing buses instead for travelers. The firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading toward Route 1, the central highway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but have yet to control the fire. Due to the smoke and the use of flame retardants from a relatively low level, the highway was closed to traffic intermittently by police, and heavy traffic jams were reported in the area. The fire comes a day after an extreme heatwave sent temperatures soaring into the 40s across much of the country, causing wildfires in multiple locations.  The blazes broke out in the Haifa region and Wadi Ara in the north; Modi’in, Petah Tikva, Kfar Sava and Kfar Yona in central Israel and in Ashdod in the south. Pray that the temperatures return to normal, and that the LORD will send some summer rain to dampen down the land


6. PA Doubles the Salaries to Terrorist    Jerusalem Post   July 13th

The Palestinian Authority has doubled the monthly payment being made to the terrorist mastermind behind the 2014 kidnapping and murder of Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frenkel, according to Palestinian Media Watch. Beginning 11 July 2019 five years after the 11 July 2014 arrest of Husam Al-Qawasmi, he will be receiving NIS 4,000 instead of NIS 2,000 a month, according to the PA?s standard pay scale. A prisoner?s monthly salary increases with prison time served. ?The PA pays millions of shekels to terrorists every day. For the PA it doesn?t matter whether you belong to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad or Fatah; whether you murdered children, women or the elderly. What is important is that you were involved in terrorism against Israel and Israelis.? The PA has long had a ?Pay-for-Slay? policy, by which it pays monthly salaries to terrorist prisoners and the families of terrorists who were killed in the act or upon arrest. In Feb. 2019 Israel implemented the ?Pay-for-Slay? Law that instructs the state to deduct and freeze the amount of money the PA pays in salaries to imprisoned terrorists and families of ?martyrs? from the tax money it collects for the authority. The law was passed last July and was approved for implementation by Israel?s security cabinet this year. In 2019, the cabinet is withholding approximately $138 million. Nonetheless, the PA has continued to pay these prisoners. The PA also pays monthly allowances to the families of two dead terrorists, who were likewise involved in the kidnapping and murder of the three boys. They were killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli security forces when they resisted arrest. Pray that the world cuts off all support to the PA until they stop paying terrorists to kill Jews


7. The World Does Not Appreciate How Much Israel Blesses It      United With Israel News    July 13th

The world needs to be made more aware of the truly revolutionary products coming out of Israel that will change the world and impact on how medicine is practised across the globe, says America?s popular ?Dr. Mike.? Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, one of America?s most widely followed physicians, came on a visit to Israel, where he not only saw the beauty of the country and met with the ?amazing? Israeli people, but also learned about the phenomenal medical breakthroughs made ?every single day.? Varshavski, popularly known as ?Dr. Mike,? was brought to Israel by ?America?s Voices in Israel.? The media doesn?t sufficiently present the great work done in Israel, he says ? both medically and socially! He hopes to change that! Pray that the nations wake up to the fact that they are being deceived by Satan to harm the nation that brings so many blessings to the nations.

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