David’s Comment: How Much Longer LORD ? – (In addition to last week’s Comment)

2 Timothy 3:13  While evil people and imposters will go on getting worse, deceiving and being deceived


I wrote last week’s comment about Gradualism and Desensitisation while I was on my way to speaking engagements in Wales and several locations in England. It was a very blessed and fruitful trip, apart from my new cell phone being snatched off me in central London after the final meeting on Sunday night. Please pray that the LORD will enable the Police to find it and return it to me, and let’s pray that the thief will repent and be saved. What I want to share with you this week, is that I have returned to Israel totally shocked and extremely concerned for most of the Human race. As I traveled by train from Wales to 4 other locations in England, I was once again struck by the state of a large percentage of the population. I did see many normal looking people along the way, but I also encountered a significant number of obviously same sex couples, holding hands and even kissing each other in public. I saw many young people wearing very strange clothing and doing strange things to their hair and bodies, in a misguided attempt to be individual and accepted by their peers, who are just as misguided and lost. The number of people with horrendous tattoos was staggering. I cannot understand why any one would want to disfigure themselves this way, permanently marking their bodies with scorpions, snakes, skulls and even demons. Many men and a few women I saw had almost full body tattoos which must have been very painful and expensive. Even older women who seem respectable in other ways are getting tattoos – more than the men in their age group.

Three times, as I waited to meet friends at Victoria train station, I sat in unbelief as I watched thousands of people of almost every age group, passing through the station. Saturday was the worst as one million seriously deceived and lost people came to London to participate in, or celebrate the Gay Pride parade. I do not even want to describe what I saw in the station that day. People of all ages from 10 to 80, with no idea of right or wrong, and totally oblivious to the fact that there is a GOD who created them and loves them, to the point that He sacrificed the life of His one, to make atonement for the very behaviour that they were indulging in. I said to one of my friends I came to meet, “we may be the only Born Again Believers in the entire station.” That means that unless they repent, the vast majority of people I encountered in London last weekend are on their way to spend eternity in the place of torment that was designed to punish the Devil and the demons forever and ever. Even worse to consider is that the situation is similar in almost every city in the Western World and most of the deceived and lost people do not even want to talk about GOD. They have been totally brainwashed by the evolution teaching in the education system to believe that God does not exist, and they live their lives behaving however they want, with no fear of having to stand and make an account for their unrighteous lives in front of a Holy GOD who gave mankind a set of rules to live by, if they want to spend eternity in His glorious Kingdom. Those who do not qualify for YHVH’s Kingdom will spend eternity in the place prepared for Satan and his demons, whose voice they listened to in this life.

Unless the LORD does something supernatural and dramatic, the majority of people in the apostate Western world are doomed to that eventuality. On a positive note, an ever increasing number of people in Asia, Africa, India and even the Muslim world are hearing the Gospel and accepting Yeshua’s sacrificial blood which cleanses them of all previous sins and seals their covenant relationship with our Creator and Heavenly Father, giving them that new found hope of eternity in His presence. And the Jewish people, the majority of whom are no better than the other nations, are the only nation that the Bible promises all will be saved (Romans 11:27). As I said above, the only hope for the Western nations is that the LORD will follow His promise in Zechariah 12:9-10 to pour out a spirit of grace and supplication on the Jewish people, opening their spiritual eyes to recognise their Messiah, and pour out that same spirit on those nations that are getting further and further away from Him by the week, if not by the day. As we watch world events unfold, it is clear we are in the End Times, and the situation in the once Christian Western nations is getting worse. Therefore it is urgent that those of us whom the LORD, by His mercy and grace, has brought out of the kingdom of darkness and into His Kingdom of Light, to pray and intercede for the same mercy and grace for the lost who are blinded by the lies and deceptions of the Devil. And we need to cry out How Much Longer LORD ?


The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.


Shabbat Shalom …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1. 7000 Protest at Gaza Border on Friday  Times of Israel  July 6th

Nearly 7,000 Palestinians participated in weekly protests along the Gaza border Friday, the Israeli military said, the first demonstration since Israel reached new ceasefire understandings with Hamas. The Israel Defense Forces said some of the protesters burned tires and hurled rocks as well as explosive devices at soldiers. Gaza?s Hamas-run health ministry reported that 40 demonstrators were injured by Israeli troops, at least 16 of whom were wounded by live fire. Last week more that 100 fires were started by burning objects from Gaza. A news tunnel under the |Gaza border has also been discovered. It is being reported that the IDF is preparing for a major operation in Gaza if the rioting and fire balloons dont stop. Pray that Hamas ceases all terror activity, which will cancel the need for a major conflict in Gaza.


2. Israeli Think Tank Predicts Another Mass Immigration to Israel    Israel ha Yom News   July 5th

A mass wave of immigrants to Israel is a very real possibility because of worsening anti-Semitism around the world, a Jerusalem-based think tank said in a new report last week. The “2019 Annual Assessment of the Situation and Dynamics of the Jewish People Today” was presented by the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI). ?Many Jews are considering immigration to Israel or elsewhere, while others may give up their Jewish identity,? the scholars said. They warned that “the Israeli government must prepare appropriately for potential immigration, especially from European countries.” Pray that the LORD uses whatever is necessary to direct the Jewish people back to the land of their forefathers


3. Jerusalem Courts Holds PA Responsible for Terror  Attacks Under  Arafat    World Israel News   July 8th

The Jerusalem District Court has ruled that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is liable for civil damages for terror attacks during the Second Intifada. The landmark decision was won by Shurat Hadin, an Israel-based organization that defends Israel and Jews through legal systems worldwide. In this case, it represented the families of eight victims of Second Intifada terror. The ruling could force the PA to compensate the families for as much as one billion shekels ($279 million) in damages. The exact amount to be paid has not yet been determined, a Shurat Hadin spokesperson told World Israel News. ?We are demanding one billion shekels,? she said, adding that the decision is expected within about a month. Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who leads Shurat Hadin, said the judge?s ruling was ?a historic victory? for victims of Palestinian terror in Israel. ?The court found PA responsible for attacks which were executed not only by their employees and operatives? which proves that the Intifada was a planned war against Israeli citizens,? she said. The Second Intifada (2000-2005) was an orchestrated period of violence encouraged by the PA, then led by PLO Chief Yasser Arafat. The court has put a lien on land in Jerusalem owned by Arafat after she argued that it would be difficult to collect from the Arafat estate in the event the court ruled in her favor.  “Arafat was the grandfather of modern terrorism, responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children,? the attorney told the court. ?This move is one step closer toward justice for the victims and their families. We will not allow a situation in which the Arafat Estate can own land in the heart of Jerusalem while avoiding paying damages to his victims.? Pray that the PA will be forced to pay appropriate remuneration to the families that have been affected by terror attacks that they sponsored.


4. Car Rams 5 Soldiers in Terror Attack    INN News   July 5th

Five IDF soldiers were injured when a car rammed into them in northern Jerusalem. Two of the soldiers were moderately injured, while the other three suffered light injuries. The victims were treated by Magen David Adom (MDA) and United Hatzalah paramedics, who transferred them to Jerusalem hospitals. An emergency volunteer, who was one of the first responders at the scene, said: “I together with other first responders treated four young people, one woman and three men, who were injured in the incident. Following their initial treatment at the scene they were transported to Jerusalem hospitals for further treatment.”  Paramedics administered medical treatment and transferring four injured people to hospitals. The injured included a man in his thirties who was moderately injured and suffered injuries to his face and limbs, as well as a young woman of about 20 who suffered moderate injuries to her head and limbs.” Both were transferred to hospital and two additional people aged about 20 who were lightly injured are being also taken hospitals in Jerusalem. Police and the IDF are searching for the terrorist, who escaped the scene. Pray that the terrorist will be quickly apprehended and prevented from carrying out any more terror attacks.


5. Dutch Christians Refuse to Label Israeli Products    Israel Today News   July 9th

In a bold act of civil disobedience, a Dutch Christian company refused to label products imported from Judea and Samaria. The Christian Zionists who import Israeli goods snubbed the European ruling and refused to comply with laws requiring they label products originating in Israeli settlements in the biblical heartlands. ?Labeling was created to ensure food safety, but has become a political tool to pressure the Jewish state,? Roger van Oordt, director of the Christians for Israel group said in a statement as reported in JTA.  According to the report, the Dutch Christians import 120,000 bottles of Israeli wine every year, as well as Dead Sea cosmetics and other Israeli products through their Israel Products Center near Amsterdam. Holland?s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy applied pressure on the Christians to label the Israeli products according to regulations of the European Commission that apply to goods coming from Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. ?These are anti-Jewish regulations to me. They mean separating products made by Jews and Arabs,? Oordt said. The group refused to comply with the politically-motivated anti-Israel laws. In its recent catalog, the Israel Products Center urged his customers to purchase wine, dates and olive products produced in Judea and Samaria. ?Now the government wants to say on our products that they?re not from Israel,? Oordt said, referring to the EU regulations requiring goods produced in Israeli settlements to be labeled as originating in ?Palestinian? territory. ?So we must tell our customers that it?s not true,? the Dutch Christian Zionist insists. Pray that more Christians will take a bold stand against the labeling laws  and the BDS movement.


6. Iran Threatens to Fire Missiles at Israel’s Nuclear Power Plant  INN News   July 9th

Repeated Iranian vows to destroy the State of Israel were upgraded last Friday when a leading Islamic cleric stated where the Iranian attack would take place. ?If Iran wants to attack Israel, it would suffice by hitting the Dimona nuclear power plant with a rocket,? said a Muslim Imam who was leading prayers in Tehran on Friday marking the Muslim Sabbath, as quoted by the government-run Radio Farda. Dimona is located in southern Israel and is the location of its nuclear power plant. The imam said Iran could fire ?200 warheads? to accomplish its goal. A correspondent for the official IRNA news agency tweeted that the cleric?s comments were not made in his own name but, in fact, represented the position of members of the Iranian military establishment. Threats have come from other top Iranian figures. “If the United S|ates invades Iran, Israel will not last half an hour,” said Mojtaba Zolnour, the new head of the Iranian National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, on the Al-Alam television channel on June 30, as cited by Radio Farda. Iran also announced last Sunday that it would increase its uranium enrichment to an unspecified level beyond the terms of its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, breaking another limit set under the accord and furthering heightening tensions between Tehran and the U.S. Pray that Israel is not so foolish as to provoke a conflict with the GOD of Israel and His nation.


7. PM Netanyahu:  “No More Jews Will be Ever be Uprooted from Their Land     World Israel News   July 11th

PM Netanyahu promised Wednesday that a Likud government would never uproot any community in Israel again, even in the framework of a peace agreement. Speaking at an event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Samaria Regional Council, he declared, ?Accept my commitment ? it doesn?t come with a time limit: We won?t let any community in the Land of Israel be uprooted in the name of a diplomatic plan. We don?t uproot people ? we?re done with that nonsense. Israel under my leadership hasn?t and won?t repeat the mistakes of the past.? In terms of the past, the latter statement was not quite accurate, as Netanyahu allowed dozens of Jewish homes to be destroyed during his term in office in the communities of Netiv Ha’Avot, Ofra and Amona. On the other side of the coin, he built the first new village in Samaria in two decades, whose first residents were those expelled from Amona. In front of a partisan crowd of 6,000 in the village of Revava, the prime minister then doubled down on his commitment, saying  ?I also don?t differentiate between the large settlement blocs and isolated communities. Any such place of settlement is Israeli as far as I?m concerned.?  This was as close as Netanyahu came to his pledge, made three days before the April polls, to annex Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria if he was re-elected. He did add that he was ?currently working to secure international recognition of these principles.? And he also vowed that at least from the security aspect, Israel would always remain in control, saying, ?The IDF will continue to control all the ground west of the Jordan [River], including the Jordan Valley.?  ?This is the time to apply sovereignty,? he declared in his speech. ?Not just to the communities that consist of only 3% of the region, but to the entire region.? Alluding to the Trump administration?s peace plan, the political aspects of which will be revealed in the Fall according to reports, he said, ?In any political plan, it?s clear, and it?s our demand, that Judea and Samaria remain forever in the hands of the State of Israel.? Pray that PM Netanyahu stays true to his promises and that he stays in the office of PM

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