The CARMEL ALERT – February 8th  2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Israel Continues to Bless the Nations – But Not for the Boycotters Gen 12:3 ….. And through you all of the nations of the world will be blessed 


Four hundred and thirty years before Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, GOD began the process that brings us to where we are in 2019. YHVH called Abraham out from his family home in Ur and sent him on his way to the Promised Land. The LORD told Abraham that if he obeyed the call to leave his old life behind He would bless him with a land and a people, and that He would make His name great. All that GOD promised Abraham concerning his land, his people and his name came to pass. However there is another two promises there in Genesis chapter 12. I will bless those who bless you and I will use you to bless the nations.


As I have written a number of times in previous comments, a disproportionate percentage of all of the good things we enjoy in the world today, comes to us by way of the descendants of Abraham. The fields of science, medicine, art and literature, digital technology and communications, just to name a few, are full of the names of Jewish people. GOD’s promise to Abraham has indeed come to pass, is still coming to pass, and will continue to come to pass in the time we have left before the return of Yeshua, when it will even come to pass in a way never seen before, as the Son of God rules over the world in person, from the rebuilt House of GOD in Jerusalem. I believe that during the 1000 year millenium reign of Yeshua on the Earth, knowledge technology will increase exponentially – how could it not when the Son of the Creator is personally leading and instruction mankind.


There is a modern plague in the world today, which in its numerous  form, claims the lives of tens of millions of people annually – Cancer. It is a disgusting disease caused by cells that are in rebellion to the instructions that YHVH placed inside each and every cell of our bodies, that ultimately eats away the wonderful bodies that GOD had created and given us. Multitudes of scientists in laboratories all around the world have been spent many years in study and experiments trying to find a cure to beat the cancer plague. I am sure many are getting close to the cure, and many of the scientists are Jews, but of course not all of them are Jewish. The final news item in last week’s Carmel Alert was a report that some scientists in Israel are claiming that they are about 12 months away from a comprehensive cure for cancer. Read report  They claim this cure will be quick, relatively inexpensive and will not have any negative side affects. Some medical experts are saying that this fantastic news for cancer patients is not possible, but let’s be optimistic about this glimmer of hope for people who are unfortunate to find themselves in a generally hopeless situation.


Let’s take that one step further and begin to make it one of our daily prayer points, to pray that the LORD will continue to use the descendants of Abraham to bless the rest of the world, by bringing this hope of a cancer cure to become a working reality. We could also pray and ask YHVH to continue to drop other medical and technical advances into the minds of the Jewish people. Just one final word as GOD continues to use the people of Israel to bless the nations. This is a word to the BDS movement –  the people who are calling for the world to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. I don’t wish anything bad to happen to you, but if in the future you discover that you have cancer or some other serious medical issue, please do not be a hypocrite and stand in line for treatment that comes from Israel and the Jewish people. Go look elsewhere, and by the way stop using cell phones, USB memory sticks, smart-pads and computers, as most of the technology that makes all of these things work was invented by Jews – much of it designed in Israel.


The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.


Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1. Egypt Attempts to Broker Deal to Curb Gaza Riots    Times of Isral News   February 2nd

Some 10,000 Palestinians took part in violent protests along the Gaza border on Friday, burning tires and hurling rocks and explosive devices at IDF soldiers. Troops were responding to the demonstrators with tear gas and occasional live fire. The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza said 23 protesters were injured by live fire in clashes with Israeli security forces along the border and a female paramedic was hit in the face with a tear gas canister. The weekly protest comes with an Egyptian security delegation reportedly in the Gaza Strip to meet Hamas leaders and discuss efforts to maintain calm in and around the coastal enclave. For the past several months, Egypt, the United Nations special coordinator to the Middle East peace process and Qatar have worked to preserve calm in Gaza and prevent flare-ups between Israel and terror groups in the Strip. Last week, tensions between Israel and terror groups in Gaza rose after a Palestinian sniper opened fire on a group of IDF soldiers. The IDF added that in response to the incident, it struck an observation post belonging to Hamas in eastern Gaza, near the Bureij refugee camp. The terror group?s armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, said one of its members was killed in the strike. Friday?s protests were held at various locations along the border under the banner of Hamas?s ongoing ?March of Return? demonstrations. Egypt is offering to re-open the Sinai / Gaza border crossing if Hamas stops the weekly riots. Pray that the negotiations are successful and the violent protests along the Israel / Gaza border are shut down by Hamas.


2. PM Netanyahu Facing Indictment in Corruption Cases     Times of Israel News   Feb 1st The senior state prosecutor who oversaw the police investigation into one of the three corruption cases facing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regards it as ?a clear case of bribery? involving hundreds of millions of shekels, according to a transcript of discussions with her boss, Israel’s Attorney, quoted by Israeli television on Friday night. Israel?s top legal officer is expected to publish his conclusions on the three cases within the next few weeks, having informed PM Netanyahu?s lawyers earlier Friday that he has rejected the prime minister?s demand that any decision to indict be postponed until after Israel?s April 9 elections. According to Channel 13 News, which presented what it said were transcripts from the discussions Mandelblit has been holding with his state prosecution team as he reviews the cases against Netanyahu, the state prosecutor she has no doubt that the prime minister should be prosecuted over Case 4000, reportedly the most serious of the three cases. Pray that the truth of these accusations against PM Netanyahu is revealed and justice be done


3. Israel Report Links BDS Organisations to Terror Groups    World Israel News  Feb 4th

Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA) released a report titled “Terrorists in Suits” revealing over 100 links shared between the internationally-designated terrorist organizations Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) with at least 13 anti-Israel BDS promoting organisations. The report reveals how Hamas and the PFLP are utilizing a network of NGOs promoting boycotts against Israel as an additional tactic in their ultimate goal of dismantling the State of Israel. These organizations have successfully placed over 30 of their members, 20 of which have served time, including for murder, in senior positions within BDS-promoting NGOs. The report documents how boycott organizations and terrorist designated organizations raise finances together, share the same personnel, and showcases that contrary to popular belief, these officials have not abandoned their support for terrorism, but instead, continue to maintain organizational, financial, and active ties with terrorist groups. The Israel-boycott organizations in question were also shown to have received millions of euros in funding from European countries and philanthropic foundations. Examples of terrorists working in support of organizations that promote the boycotting of Israel include Leila Khaled and Mustafa Awad. Khaled became infamous for hijacking two civilian airliners, and to this day active in the internationally-designated terrorist group the PFLP. She has fundraised for, and promoted, anti-Israel boycott NGOs both in Europe and South Africa. In 2018 Khaled was quoted in an interview saying, ?Palestine will be liberated through resistance in all its forms, first and foremost through armed struggle.? Awad, is currently serving time for his involvement in several terrorist organizations, including serving as a member of the PFLP and received training from Iranian terrorist group Hezbollah. He also represented the Samidoun organisation in Brussels, known for promoting boycotts against the State of Israel and advocating for the release of Palestinian security-prisoners in Israeli jails, including those convicted of murdering civilians in terrorist PFLP attacks. The report also showed how members of terrorist organizations operate under the guise of ?boycott activists? to gain access, and meet with, senior Western government officials. Pray that the gullible Western organisations will wake up to the truth of who and what they are really funding


4. Pro-Hezbollah Bikers Threaten Israel   United With Israel News   Feb 4th Last Sunday supporters of Hezbollah gathered near the Lebanese border to profess their support for the terror group and declare their willingness to assist in attacking Israel. Lebanon?s Daily Star reported on the event, during which Hezbollah supporters rode motocross bikes. The Daily Star claimed Hezbollah has used this type of off-road motorcycle in ?resistance operations.? Within the world of Islamic terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas, the term ?resistance? frequently refers to attacks on innocent civilians. ?We?re ready if you ask,? a rider from Sunday?s rally told the Daily Star, according to the Jerusalem Post. ?If you want us on [motocross] bikes, we?re at your service.? The ride was organized under the motto ?to Jerusalem on millions of motocross bikes.? Hezbollah is committed to Israel?s destruction and has amassed an arsenal of around 150,000 missiles in the last decade, in violation of the terms that brought the Second Lebanon War to a close in 2006 , and is financed by millions of dollars in aid from Iran, in addition to a vast international narcotics trafficking operation it oversees. Pray that these bikers enjoy riding their motorcycles and keep out of the political situation.


5. Election Campaign Shows Extent of Political Division in Israell    Times of Israel News    Feb 1st

Israel?s election campaign for the 22nd Knesset on April 9 is laying bare the seismic breakdown of its traditional party make-up, throwing up new faces and reducing old factions into splinter groups fighting for survival. The lines dividing former camps are blurred, as new and old opposition groups forge unstable mergers. They all share one goal, to unseat the long-serving Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. However, as these entities emerge, their platforms are seen to be empty of programs and ideology, serving only as backdrops for would-be ?stars.,? who vow to create a better world after sweeping him away. The politicians attempting to replace the Netanyahu government with a more democratic one don’t exactly practice what they preach. The opposition Future party founded seven years ago by Yair Lapid has never held a primary for electing him or any of its parliamentary slate. The leader holds this exclusive prerogative, and no party institutions were set up for appeals against his decisions. Labor, which ruled the country unchallenged for 31 years after the founding of the state and before, has never recovered from being unseated in 1977 by Menahem Begin?s Herut party, From its days as a big party fit to assume the reins of government, Labor has shrunk in size and influence. The Kulani Party of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has filled its Knesset list with Kahlon’s relatives.  Although they shot up in the polls the next day, political analysts rate their chances of toppling Netanyahu and his party as slim, barring an unexpected crisis in Likud.  Pray that the election will produce a clear winner and the GOD will ensure that His choice to lead His nation will lead the country after the April 9 election.


6. Israel Responds to Gaza Rocket Attack    Times of Israel News   Feb 6th

The calm in southern Israel was pierced again Wednesday evening when a rocket launched from Gaza streaked over the border, landing in an empty field with a loud explosion. While no one was injured, this rocket marked the second reported launch of the night, with the first missile failing to enter Israeli airspace, landing instead inside the Gaza Strip. Following the rocket attack, an Israeli tank fired on a Hamas post in the southern Gaza Strip, according to an IDF statement. The latest provocations from the Hamas-ruled territory arrive amid attempts by Egypt and Qatar to persuade the terror group to desist from antagonizing Israel. Qatar, for its part, has provided millions of dollars in cash to Hamas to encourage calm, following a prolonged campaign of violent riots on the border, airborne arson terror, and rocket attacks. There are a number of terror organizations that operate in Gaza, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad and ISIS affiliates, however, Hamas holds itself out as the enclave?s official government, and is thus held responsible by Israel for all attacks that originate in the territory. Pray that all rocket firing cells will be discovered and destroyed before they are able to attack Israel.


7. US Rabbis Growing More Opposed to Abortion   World Israel News   Feb 4th

Rabbis generally do not speak out against abortion, at least not like Christians. But New York’s terrible new law allowing abortion up to the moment of birth has stirred two of the largest rabbinical councils in the US to come out with public statements on the controversial issue. ?Jewish law opposes abortion, except in cases of danger to the mother,? reads the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) statement. “There is no sanction to permit the abortion of a healthy fetus when the mother?s life is not endangered.” Jewish congregants were surprised by the public condemnation of abortion. Many of the most popular comments on the ruling, which was posted on the RCA website, complained that the rabbis now sounded like the Christians:  Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, vice president of the RCA, went so far as to call abortion murder: ?The removal of any restriction from abortion access and the redefining of the word ?homicide? to exclude abortion, indicate a further erosion of the moral values of our society, where killing babies is no longer construed as immoral in any way.? Orthodox Jewish groups do not support a full ban on abortion, generally allowing for more consideration of the mother. Reform Judaism prioritizes the life of the expectant mother over that of the unborn child, although abortion as a form of birth control is discouraged. The Reform movement has repeatedly opposed any legislative limits on access to abortions. Abortion in Israel is common, about 100 to every 1,000 births, but is still only half of that in Europe, while in 2018, New Yorkers aborted 350 babies to every 1,000 births, according to the Guttmacher Institute annual report. Pray that more Jewish rabbis and leaders take a firm stand against abortion.

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