The CARMEL ALERT – August 30th  2019 .;
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information
of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Israel and the ‘Church’ (Part 2) – Words are Powerful (Proverbs 18:21)

Romans 11:17   …… you being a wild olive have been grafted in among them and with them to become partakers of the goodness of the root Ephesians 2:19  Therefore you are no longer a foreigner, but a fellow citizen with the saints and the member of GOD’s household.


I believe that the above 2 Bible verses that e looed at in depth last week, are the next most important and strategic verses for every Christian to understand, after the understanding of who the God of the Bible is, and the dynamics of what happened when Yeshua died on the cross. How  we relate to GOD, how we read the Bible, how we pray and how we live our lives. must be based on the correct understanding of these 2 verses. Unfortunately the Devil has managed to deceive much of the Church out of the true understanding through the lie of Replacement Theology. 

As I shared in last week’s comment, the original Ekklesia was the Assembly of ancient Israel who walked with the LORD, and the same word was used to describe the Jews and proselytes who accepted Yeshua as Lord and Saviour. Therefore the true Ekklesia of YHVH must have a very strong connection to Israel and the Jewish people. However we live 2000 years on from the early days of the New Covenant and in our various languages, the words we use to refer to YHVH, Yeshua and the Ekklesia have become deeply rooted in our language and culture. Now I am not saying the names or the words we use are wrong, but I will pose it as a question that we should all think about seriously if we want to see the fullness of the Kingdom manifested in us and through us   ….  “could there be a stronger anointing on our lives and a stronger impact from our words, if we use the precise Biblical language?”. So let us take a deeper study on the key words that I am referring to ……..

I know that I have already shared these things many times, but our thinking is so deeply ingrained in our memory, that we need to hear something many times over to hopefully change the way we think and function.

GOD – The Hebrew word is EL or the plural is ELOHIM. The meaning is Master and of course the GOD of Israel is the Creator of the Universe so HE is the MASTER of all Masters, but these words are  not HIS name. GOD’s name in Hebrew is YOD HEY VAV HEY – or YHVH. We do not know the exact way to pronounce His name because the original Hebrew text does not have vowels. There is no J or W in the Hebrew Alphabet, so the 2 most likely pronunciations are YEHOVAH or YAHVEY, which many theologians say carries the meaning ‘I AM who I AM’ or I will be what I will be.’ LORD / Lord – when written all in capital letters, the original text is YHVH. When written with a capital L and the rest in regular letters, the word is Adonal, which can mean Lord, Sir, Master

YESHUA – is the name of the first born Son of YHVH. In our language we have called him Jesus for 1900 years, but during His 33 years of life on Earth and for the first  few decades of the New Covenant Ekklesia, the people called Him by His Hebrew name, YESHUA. We we say His name in our language, we know who we are referring to, but that name does not have a specific meaning. However in Hebrew YESHUA means SALVATION. YESHUA perfectly describes who He is and why He came to Earth – to be the SAVIOUR.

MESSIAH – comes from the Hebrew word Mashiach, which comes from LIMSHOCH, meaning to anoint with oil for a special purpose. We read in the scriptures that the Kings of Israel were anointed with oil when they were crowned as KIng. The word we use today to describe who YESHUA is, is Christ, which comes from the Greek word Christos. The actual meaning of Christos is ‘to rub with ointment’, which does have the meaning of applying an oil or creme on someone, but it does not have the same meaning as MASHIACH. The Greeks  did not have a word that adequuately descirbed anointing a KIng because that was not a part of the Greek culture.

CHURCH (English)  = Ekklesia  (Greek)  The word Ekklesia is first used in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible as the translation of the Hebrew word KAHAL = Assembly of Israel

COVENANT / TESTAMENT  These Engish words are often used in place of each other, but they have very different meanings ……… Covenant   =  Brit  (Hebrew)  =    Diathiki   (Greek)   =  a spoken or written agreement between 2 parties  (pact) Testament  = Symfono (Greek)  a written document with all of the information about the covenant agreement For example  in English the document that records the details of the instruction of a person who has died is called the Last Will and Testament


Just from these few, but very important examples, we can now see the importance of translating the original Bible word as closely as we can, which does present a problem if the thing that the Bible word refers to does not exist in the culture or language that we are translating to. As the LORD works to restore the Church back to the glory and anointing of the first few decades, we can work with Him in that project, but restoring the true meanings of the original text, which I believe will accelerate the restoration process in both parts of the Olive Tree (Israel) – the Jewish branches and the non-Jewish branches.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, GOD of Israel …. would you please place your anointing on the words I have written in this article, and would you please anoint the understanding of all who are reading it in their own language, to fully understand what you have given me to write, and will you please fill everyone afresh with your Holy Spirit and enable all of us to receive and understand your Word, as you purposed it to truly mean – In the name of YESHUA  – Amen.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom …..  David & Josie h


This Week’s News Items


1. Young Israeli Girl Murdered in Terror Attack   World Israel News  Aug 23rd

A father and his two teen children were attacked Friday when an improvised bomb exploded after it was either thrown at them or activated as they passed by during a hike in Samaria, near the community of Dolev, at the spring named in memory of a terror victim murdered there in 2015. The 17-year-old daughter died of the critical wounds which she sustained in the attack. She has been identified as Rina Shnerb. The 46-year-old father, Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, sustained moderate wounds and his 19-year-old son, Dvir, was seriously wounded. He underwent surgery at a hospital in Jerusalem. Israeli military forces were reported in pursuit of the terrorists. Kan public radio cited Palestinian sources as saying that the IDF has closed off Arab villages in the Ramallah area as it carried out the searches. Military sources say that they believe that a Palestinian terror cell was behind Friday?s attack and that it was not a so-called lone wolf incident. PM Netanyahu said in an official statement “On behalf of myself and the citizens of Israel, I send deep condolences to the family of young Rina Shnerb who was murdered in a harsh terrorist attack this morning, and wishes for a quick recovery to her father, Rabbi Eitan, and her brother Dvir,  We will continue to strengthen settlement. We will deepen our roots and strike at our enemies. The security arms are in pursuit after the abhorrent terrorists. We will apprehend them. The long arm of Israel reaches all those who seek our lives and will settle accounts with them,? he vowed. Israeli security forces arrested three Arab men in the West Bank early Saturday as they searched for the terrorists behind a bombing attack that killed an Israeli teenager. Pray of the healing and salvation for this Jewish family and their loved ones


2. Israel Launched Attack in Syria to Prevent Planned Attack by Iranian Drones    United with Israel News   Aug 25

In a major operational effort, we have thwarted an attack against Israel by the Iranian Quds force and Shi?ite militias,? PM Netanyahu has stated. Oon Saturday night Israeli Air Force jets attacked Iranian terror targets in southern Syria and prevented a ?pending, large-scale attack of multiple killer drones,? the IDF stated. The IAF struck Iranian Quds Force operatives and Shiite militia targets in Syria in the town of Aqraba, situated south-east of Damascus. The Iranian-led forces were planning to launch armed drones at Israeli targets in the coming days, the IDF said. Syrian?s SANA news reported that the Syrian Arab Army?s air defenses ?repelled? an Israeli rocket attack on the surroundings of Damascus before midnight, ?shooting down most of them before they could reach their targets.? SANA quoted a Syrian military source who said that at 11:30 PM, their air defenses detected ?hostile targets? approaching from above the Golan towards the surroundings of Damascus, and the attack was ?dealt with immediately and efficiently, destroying most of the Israeli rockets before they could reach their targets.? The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights |(SOHR), which has assets inside the country, reported that several explosions were heard in the vicinity of the capital Damascus caused by bombardment by Israeli warplanes that targeted positions of militias loyal to the Syrian regime of ?non-Syrian nationalities.?  A number of missiles reached their specific targets while the Syrian regime?s air defenses managed to down others. The IDF has deployed Iron Dome defense systems in the Golan Heights in preparation of an Iranian retaliatory attack, and has shut down the air space over the area at least until the end of the week.


3. Five Killed in Air Strike on Syria   INN News  Aug 25th

The death toll from Israeli air strikes near the Syrian capital overnight rose to 5. At least two soldiers from the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah and at least one Iranian had been killed. Last night  the Israeli military confrimed that it had carried out multiple strikes against Iranian targets outside Damascus  following Intelligence that Iran was planning to launch armed drones at northern Israel. The strikes targeted Iranian Quds Force operatives and Shiite militias which were preparing to advance attack plans targeting sites in Israel from within Syria over the last few days. The thwarted attack included plans to launch a number of armed drones intended to be used to strike Israeli sites. “The IDF is prepared to continue defending the State of Israel against any attempts to harm it and holds Iran and the Syrian regime directly responsible for the thwarted attack,” an IDF statement said. Pray that Israel continues to succeed in identifying and destroying Iranian military objects which could be a threat to the safety and security of Israel


4. Israel Preparing for Major Offensive in Gaza    United With Israel News   Aug 24th

Israel is readying plans for a ?forceful military strike against Hamas,? Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Monday. Speaking with reporters while visiting Ukraine, he was asked whether his government could properly deal with the threat posed by the Hamas terror organisation ruling the Gaza Strip, just days after another escalation. ?I am preparing a massive campaign; it will be different than anything we have seen before,? Netanyahu said. ?I cannot elaborate on the preparations but we are properly positioned for such a scenario.? PM Netanyahu dismissed the claims made by Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz that Israeli deterrence had been weakened. ?That is just nonsense,? said the prime minister, ?and in fact, Hamas has issued religious rulings to make sure its people refrain from attacking Israel.? PM Netanyahu went on to say that Gantz had never offered any alternatives to the current policy, even when he was the Israel Defense Forces chief of staff under PM Netanyahu. PM Netanyahu refused to say whether Israel would try to topple the Hamas regime if the two sides fought another war. Asked about Iran, Netanyahu reiterated his position that the Islamic republic had ?no immunity.? He warned that if needed, ?we will act against them wherever necessary; I am not ruling out any place.? Pray that peace will hold for as long as possible.


5. PM Netanyahu Issues Order for More Building in Response to Terror Attack   United with Israel News    Aug 28th

PM Netanyahu has instructed the director-general of the Prime Minister?s Office to submit a plan for the establishment of a new neighborhood in the Samarian community of  Dolev with approximately 300 new residential housing units. 300 families currently live in Dolev, according to the community?s website. The announcement was made in a statement released by Netanyahu?s office. The blueprint for the new neighborhood would be submitted to a planning committee for approval at its next meeting, according to the statement. No date was given for when the next meeting would take place. The prime minister?s order comes on the heels of Friday?s terror attack in the Dolev area, in which 17-year-old Rina Schnerb was killed and her father and brother were wounded in a bomb explosion during a hike to a natural spring. Pray that PM Netanyahu follows through with this promise to build more homes in Judea and Samaria which are in the heart of Israel.


6. Another Nation Recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital     INN News  Aug 28

The Micronesian island of Nauru has recognized the disputed city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The tiny island of less than 14,000 people sent a letter to the Israeli mission at the United Nations stating: “The mission of Nauru has the honor to convey the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Nauru to formally recognize the City of Jerusalem as the Capital City of the State of Israel.”  The Israeli Foreign Minister hailed the move, calling it an “important decision.” “We will continue to strengthen Jerusalem and to bring about the recognition and opening of diplomatic missions and embassies in our capital,” Katz wrote on Twitter. Nauru joins a small but growing number of countries to follow US President Donald Trump’s lead and recognize the holy city as Israel’s capital. US President Donald Trump sparked a deterioration in relations between Washington and the Palestinian authorities last year when the United States broke with international consensus and moved its embassy to Jerusalem. Israel annexed east Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War in a move never recognized by the international community. It considers the entire city its capital, while the Palestinians claim the predominantly Arab eastern sector as the capital of a future Palestinian state.  Nauru joins Guatemala, the Czech Republic, Honduras, and Australia in recognizing the city as Israel’s capital, though Australia restricted the recognition to west Jerusalem only. Pray that your government will also do the right thing by GOD and recognise Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel


7. Israel Sends Assistance to Brasil to FIght Amazon Fires     United with Israel News   Aug 28th

In response to devastating fires that have been raging in the Amazon rain forest for the past three weeks, Israel is sending a fire-fighting aircraft with flame-retardant chemicals to Brazil. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tweeted on August 25 that he?d received a phone call from Prime Minister Netanyahu offering the equipment to aid the fire-fighting efforts of the Brazilian armed forces and had gratefully accepted. Netanyahu tweeted that he told Bolsonaro the flame retardants would be dispatched immediately. Earlier this month, Brazil declared a state of emergency over the rising number of fires in the region. The Amazon, the largest rain forest in the world, is known as the ?lungs of the world? for its role in absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. An estimated one million indigenous people and three million species of plants and animals live in the rain forest. Pray that the Israeli assistance will enable the fires to be put out very quickly and pray for rain to fall all over Brasil.

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