The CARMEL ALERT – August 2nd 2019
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel 

David’s introduction: As you can read in this week’s news items, just in the last few weeks there have been a number of medical breakthroughs coming out of Israel. Cancer, which  has become a plague in most of the world, is still being treated with radiation and chemotherapy, both of which are brutal forms of treatment, which are not always successful, and attack the healthy cells as well as the cancerous cells. Most of the advances and amazing equipment used in medical treatment today come from Israel or Jewish people in the nations. Israel is at the forefront of research to find alternative methods to treat this rampant disease which kills multitudes of people every year. I believe a breakthrough to heal cancer is getting very close, and I do not wish cancer on anyone, but this creates the question “what will the people who want to boycott Israel do if they get cancer and the only cure comes from Israel “? The following article looks at this question  ……….   (Watch: Israel – Defying the Odds)

Guest Comment: What Will the BDS People Do When Israel Perfects a Cancer Cure ? –  Author Unknown
Psalm 129: May all who hate Zion be put to shame and turned backwards

These past two weeks, with several Israeli breakthroughs on the medical front, I couldn?t help but speculate on the ramifications if Israeli researchers were to discover the cure for cancer. Every once in a while, I like to indulge in `Hebrew Hallucinations`, imagining what the world would be like for Jews if history had followed a different path. These past two weeks, with several Israeli breakthroughs  on the medical front, I couldn`t help but speculate on the ramifications if Israeli researchers discover the cure for cancer. In a normal world, whoever finds the means to save the 10-12 million people who die of cancer each year would be enriched beyond measure and have statues erected in village squares in every country, but if it`s an Israeli (or any Jew for that matter) who solves the cancer puzzle, I foresee a much different denouement.

First of all, Islamic and neo-Nazi voices throughout the world would shriek that Jews invented cancer and spread it amongst non-Jews to punish them for their lack of fealty to the worldwide Zionist government. They would then deny that it was a Jew who discovered the cure, asserting that the Jews stole the `formula` from some unsuspecting, non-Jewish medical researcher. Then, they would demand that the Jews share the science and the resulting medications at no cost; after all, why should Jews profit from misery that they themselves caused?  Last, many would insist that the cure is probably another thinly disguised way for the Jews to implant some slow-acting toxin in non-Jews and demand that no observant Muslim or obedient Nazi foul their bodies with this new Jewish poison.

Then we would have the western supporters of the BDS movement in full denial. They would insist that they never said that all Israeli products should be boycotted, only those manufactured in the ?occupied? territories (heaven help them if the science facility or the person who finds the cure resides in Judea or Samaria). The fact that BDS acolytes really believe that all of Israel is illegally occupied territory would be quickly deleted from their web history and written material and they would demand (not ask) that Israel share their discovery with the world community, regardless of how that world has treated Israel and Jews.

We would expect no less from people who urge boycotts so long as they don?t have to do without their cell phones, ever-faster computers, Waze, flexible stents, drip irrigation or any of the other hundreds of Israeli inventions that have improved life for billions around the world.

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom …..  David & Josie
This Week’s News Items

1. Big Riots at Gaza Border Fence Last Friday    World Israel News   July 28th

Thousands of Gazans rioted along the Gaza-Israel border on Friday, and some in the crowd hurled explosive devices and grenades toward the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip. The riots are part of the Hamas-controlled ?Great March of Return,? which has seen ongoing violence along the border for more than a year. Thousands of Palestinian rioted along the Gaza-Israel border on Friday, and the Israeli army said some in the crowd hurled explosive devices and grenades toward the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip. The riots are a part of the Hamas controlled ?Great March of Return,? which has seen ongoing violence along the border for more than a year. One military vehicle was damaged, though no soldiers were hurt. A military spokeswoman said troops responded with riot dispersal means and opened fire in accordance with standard operating procedures. Gaza?s Health Ministry said one person was killed and 40 others were wounded throughout the day. It was the first fatality in a few weeks, with Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations working to keep the border calm. Gaza officials say about 210 people have been killed since the weekly protests began more than a year ago. In that time an Israeli soldier was also shot dead by a Palestinian sniper along the frontier and another was killed during an undercover raid into Gaza. Multiple attempts by Gaza based terrorists to infiltrate Israel under cover of the riots have occurred. Pray that Hamas will stop these weekly protests at the Gaza border and agree to recognise Israel and live in peace.

2. P.A. Summer Camp Encourages Children to Hate Israel      Israel Today News   July 29th

One hundred Arab children, aged 7 to 12, are attending a summer camp in eastern Jerusalem?s Issawiya village, which is under full Israeli control. Israeli newspaper  The Palestinian Authority (PA) is sponsoring the camp and the contents of the camp are dictated by the PA ?Higher Council for Youth and Sports,? and emphasize nationalism. The camp includes Krav Maga (close contact combat) lessons, slogans denouncing Jews and about their fighting spirit, lessons on the ?Nakba? (Israel?s victory in the war of Independence) and studies on ?Palestinian heritage?. The ceremonies taking place there begin with the raising of ?Palestinian? flags and the singing of the ?Palestinian? anthem. One of the songs taught at the camp includes the words: ?We will not leave these lands, we will remain. We will remain here for millions of years.? In another song, a line reads ?On all our lands we will continue to stand proudly without being humiliated on your land Palestine.?  As part of the camp the children traveled to Jericho, which is under full PA control. Pray that the PA will stop brainwashing and training their children to become terrorists in the future

 3.  PM Netanyahu:  Without Israel the Middle East Will Collapse    United with Israel News    July 24th

?Without Israel, the entire Middle East would collapse to the forces of Islamic radicalism,? Netanyahu told US Energy Secretary Rick Perry. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that Israel is an ?irreplaceable power.? Meeting in Jerusalem with the visiting U.S. Energy Secretary, the Israeli prime minister explained that ?there is no other power within the region without whose presence and activity here, I would say, the region would collapse.? ?Without Israel, without the things that we do and the things that we stand for and the things that we protect, I think the entire Middle East would collapse to the forces of Islamic radicalism.? The prime minister stated that he had just met with a visiting delegation of journalists from Arab countries, who talked about ?how so many in the Arab world want to have peace with Israel, normalization with Israel, want to come to Israel. They?re not always free to express it, and there?s always opposition from those who want to take us back, but they expressed that desire.? On the matter of the U.S. energy secretary?s visit, a joint statement released by Perry and his Israeli counterpart, Yuval Steinitz, said that they are ?committed to continuing the positive energy partnership between our two countries? such as gas projects in the Mediterranean Sea and ?advancing energy security through cybersecurity collaboration, information sharing, and training in cybersecurity,? They spoke of ?utilizing clean energy technologies and resources to enhance our security, peace, and prosperity, and that of our partners,? according to the joint statement. Pray that many world leaders, especially those in the Middle East will realise this truth

4. Canadian Man Threatens to Massacre Jewish Families

B?nai Brith Canada has sounding an alarm about a man from the western province of British Columbia with self-proclaimed military experience who has repeatedly threatened online to kill Jews. Marty Mullen, who also uses the aliases ?Marty Tollington? and ?Iron Horseman? on Facebook and Twitter, has said that he is ?learning to kill Jewish Zionazis the Kosher Way.? ?I am not going to be satisfied until I kill an entire Zionazi Jewish family,? he declared. ?Zionazi? is a derogatory term for supporters of Israel that combines the words ?Zionist? and ?Nazi.? In his social media posts, Mullen appears to be influenced by anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian incitement. Just over a month ago, Mullen took to Twitter to encourage Generation Z and Millennials to commit suicide by ?attacking large groups of Wealthy Zionazis wherever they gather.? Mullen also claims to be a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and to have expertise with explosives. In an urgent alert, B?nai Brith informed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police about Mullen?s activities.

5. President Trump Releases Orthodox Jew After Receiving Letters from His Children     World Israel News   July 31

President Trump commuted the sentence of Israeli-born Ronen Nahmani, father of five, after receiving heartfelt letters from the man?s children asking him to let their dad come home because their mom is dying of cancer. Ynet reports that Trump made the decision after receiving letters from three of Nachmani?s children: Ariella (11), Orel (10) and Danielle (8). ?Mr. Nahmani is a non-violent, first-time offender with no criminal history.  He has five young children at home and his wife is suffering from terminal cancer.  These extenuating circumstances underscore the urgency of his request for clemency,? read the White House Statement released on July 29. Nahmani, a Florida resident, was sentenced in 2015 to 20 years for conspiracy to distribute a synthetic drug he purchased from suppliers in China. The statement also noted the wide support for Nahmani?s release among politicians. ?Members of Congress and a broad cross-section of the legal community have expressed support for clemency for Mr. Nahmani,? the statement read.

6. Two IDF Soldiers Wounded in Gaza Terror Attach     Times of Israel News   July 31

An IDF officer and two soldiers were injured and a Hamas militant killed in an exchange of fire at the border with the Gaza Strip on early Thursday morning, the IDF confirmed. According to IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis, the initial investigation into the incident has found that the Palestinan was identified by troops at 2am approaching the border fence in the area of Kissufim in southern Israel. lot,? Manelis said adding ?but it is still unclear whether the force that arrived at the scene realized that the suspect was armed.? The terrorist who was wearing a uniform and was armed with grenades and a Kalashnikov, infiltrated into Israeli territory from the southern edge of the Hamas-run enclave and opened fire towards Golani troops who were deployed to the area moderately injuring an officer.  According to Manelis the suspect threw at least one grenade towards the force. Two other soldiers were lightly injured, one by shrapnel and one in his eardrum from his own firing, the IDF spokesperson said. They were evacuated to Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva for medical treatment and their families have been notified. Shortly after the incident began, additional Golani troops were deployed to the scene and opened fire on the suspect, killing him. During the incident, the army closed roads near the border and additional forces were sent to protect nearby border communities. An IDF tank also attacked a Hamas position. According to a senior official in the Gaza Division Abu Salah was inside Israeli territory next to the border fence for two hours before he was killed. ?This is a very serious incident,? Manelis told reporters stressing nevertheless that it is believed that Abu Salah acted alone, independently from Hamas. Also on Thursday two young Gazans aged 11 and 15 were arrested by troops after they crossed the border fence armed with knives. They were transferred to authorities for questioning.  Pray that the IDF continues to keep the Gaza border sealed off and that all potential terror attacks are prevented

7. Israel Launches Attacks Against Southern Syria    Times of Israel News   July 31st

The Al Arabiya network said the alleged Israeli missile strike in Syria followed movement by members of the Hezbollah terror group in the area, following Hezbollah movement in the area. Hebrew-language reports said residents of the Golan Heights heard explosions. Israel commonly conducts strikes in Syrian territory, targeting Iranian missile shipments meant for Lebanese terror group Hezbollah to use against the Jewish state. According to a report on Tuesday, Israel has expanded its operations against Iranian targets to Iraq, where Air Force jets struck twice in ten days. Asharq Al-Awsat, an Arabic-language newspaper published in London, cited Western diplomatic sources as saying an Israeli F-35 plane was behind a strike on a rocket depot in a Shiite militia base north of Baghdad on July 9th. The IDF has not commented on the report. The Saudi-based al-Arabiya network reported at the time that members of Iran?s Revolutionary Guards Corps and Hezbollah had been killed in the strike. It said the base had shortly before the strike received Iranian ballistic missiles, which had been hidden inside trucks. Iraq?s military said at the time that one fighter was killed and two Iranians wounded, saying the strike was carried out by an unmanned drone. The United States denied involvement. It is likeley that srael was also behind another strike in Iraq carried out Sunday at Camp Ashraf, the former headquarters of the exiled People?s Mujahedin of Iran, located 40 kilometers northeast of Baghdad and 80 kilometers from the Iranian border. That strike targeted Iranian advisers and a ballistic missile shipment, the report cited sources as saying. The report also blamed Israel for strike in Syria lat week in which nine were killed including six Iranians fighting for the Syrian regime, claiming it was meant to prevent Iran from taking over a strategic hill in the Daraa province in the country?s south. Pray that the northern border with Syria is kept sealed and under control by the IDF.

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