The CARMEL ALERT – August 16th 2019
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those

committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: Reconnecting 3 Serious Disconnects (repeat)
Romans 11:17   …… you being a wild olive have been grafted in among them and with them to become partakers of the goodness of the root
Ephesians 2:19  ….  Therefore you are no longer a foreigner, but a fellow citizen with the saints and the member of GOD’s household.

Shalom precious family in the nations. As we speed through 2019, we are hearing increasing reports of churches falling into deep scriptual error. Two of the most serious issues where this is happening is  LGBT sexuality and Israel. As I shared with you when I first published this article on December 28th, I was strongly sensing that GOD had been speaking to me about three very important disconnects, and that the Holy Spirit was calling me to be a ‘bridge builder’ with the goal of reconnecting these 3 disconnected areas. As we get ever closer to the return of Yeshua, it is imperative that the Christian world is reconnected to the Olive Tree (Israel) and the Natural branches (the Jewish people). I am repeating this comment as an introduction to the next 2 or 3 comments that I will begin to send out next week. So please read it again and ask the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart for the comments that will follow.
Disconnect # 1 Much of the Church is in need of a reconnection. As I correctly understand the above scriptures from Romans chapter 11.17 and Ephesians 2 :11-19, the Apostle Paul is teaching  us that every non Jewish ‘Born-again’ Believer who has accepted the blood sacrifice of Yeshua, has entered into the blood sealed New Covenant relationship with the GOD of Israel, and has also become a grafted-in ‘wild branch’ of the Olive Tree. In the Bible, the term ‘Olive Tree’ and ‘Fig Tree’ are referring to the nation of Israel. If we understand the meaning of ‘grafted-in’, we will know that you can not be any more connected to another object, than to have been grafted into it. Therefore, everyone who reads and claims to believe that all of the Bible is the Holy Spirit breathed Word of GOD, should understand that the true New Covenant Church is, or should be, absolutely and eternally connected to the nation of Israel and their ‘fellow-citizens’ – the Jewish people (Ephesians 2:19).

However, that is not the case in the majority of the Church, which has been deceived by the wicked ‘Replacement Theology’, to believe instead that the Church has replaced Israel. The Apostle Paul deals with this issue in unmistakable terms in Romans 11:1, where he asks the question “has GOD finished with His people (the Jews) ?  Paul immediately answers his own question with the words “certainly not”, “GOD forbid”, or “may it never be”, depending on the translation you are reading. For almost 1900 years, since the Greek and Roman ‘forefathers’ hijacked the ‘Ecclesia’, the majority of seminaries and Bible colleges have taught people preparing for ministry leadership, that GOD has finished with the Jewish people, and the Church is now the Israel of GOD. Of course that is true, if the non-Jewish Believers are truly grafted-in to be eternally connected to the Olive Tree that is really Israel. However the lie of Replacement Theology, which comes from the Pit of Hell, has succeeded in deceiving most of Christianity for the last 1900 years, and has resulted in the Church being almost totally disconnected from Israel and the Jewish people, rather than the total connectedness that GOD intended and was the case in the Body of Messiah of the first 100 years.

Disconnect # 2 is a result of the first disconnect. The ‘Jesus’ of the Church has been almost totally disconnected from His Jewishness. The real saviour of the world was born as a baby into the Israeli tribe of Judah and as all Jewish baby boys, He was circumcised on the 8th day. His real name is Yeshua, the Hebrew word for salvation. And He grew up to become a Rabbi who lived by the Torah, and taught His disciples and the people who came to listen to Him teaching, to live by the Torah. Yeshua not only kept all of the Biblical Feasts, He is the fulfillment of all of the Feasts, more accurately, the Moedim or Appointed Times of YHVH. But most Christians have been disconnected from the Torah and the Feasts of the LORD for 1900 years.

Disconnect # 3 is another serious disconnect in the world over the last 2000 years, in that the vast majority of Jewish people have been disconnected from the New Covenant and their own Messiah, the same Yeshua who the Church has called Jesus. I believe that one of the reasons most Jewish people have not accepted that He is their Messiah, is that Replacement Theology church disconnected the Messiah from His real Jewish identity, making it very difficult for the Jews to recognise Him as the Messiah King of Israel.

The main goal of my life and service unto the LORD over the last 21 years since He birthed Out of Zion Ministries, has been to counteract these disconnects and to restore the connections. Goal # 1 to bring as many Christians as possible back into the original intimate relationship with Israel and the Jewish people. That is the way, what we today know as the ‘Church’ began, and that is the way it must be restored to, before Yeshua can return. (for more details read my booklet  – The Restoration of the Church  And Goal # 2 is to see a restoration in the Church of the Jewish identity of the Messiah, which will lead to Goal # 3 to see as many Jewish people as possible become connected to the Messiah & King of Israel – Yeshua.

If you identify with my 3 goals and want to play a greater part in the reconnection of the 3 disconnects, would you pray about how the LORD would have you partner with Josie and I in a greater way. Of course the most effective way to do that is to increase your prayer and intercession in for the following ……..

 Please pray for good health and physical and spiritual protection over Josie, myself and all the family
Please pray that the Holy Spirit will give me new and deeper revelation from His Word
Please pray for new doors to open for me to share this message in the nations – particularly to pastors and leaders
Please pray that the LORD will continue to supply all of our family and ministry needs

Josie and I pray that the LORD will bless you, and all those dear to you with good health, prosperity and increase in every area of your lives …….

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom …..  David & Josie
This Week’s News Items

1. IDF Soldiers Thwart Potentially Serious Terror Attack from Gaza  World News Israel   Aug 11th

A Palestinian terrorist group attempted to cross the Gaza Strip border armed with an RPG, hand-grenades and assault rifles, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said on Saturday morning.  They were spotted by IDF soldiers stationed at the border and engaged, during the clash hand-grenades were tossed and the soldiers killed the terrorists. No IDF soldiers were hurt. Also during Friday night, IDF forces shelled a Hamas outpost in the Gaza Strip east of Deir al-Bala, it was reported on Saturday. Pray that all terror attack will be prevented and the terrorists neutralised

2. Riots on Temple Mount on Tishs B’ Av    INN News  Aug 11th

Police opened the gates of the Temple Mount to Jews, after they had been closed during the morning hours amid concern over clashes with Muslim worshipers. The mount was opened to small groups of Jews at a time, for short visits of several hundred meters. Last Sunday, when Jews observed the Tisha B’Av fast, also coincided with the Muslim “Festival of the Sacrifice,” and thousands of Muslims arrived at the Temple Mount for the occasion. Earlier this morning, riots erupted on the Temple Mount. 4 policemen were injured and required medical treatment. Pray that Israel will take over full control on the Temple Mount before too much longer

3. Jordan Closes Aarons Tomb and Bams Israelis from Praying There   World Israel News   Aug 9th

 The Jordanian Waqf, the Islamic trust in charge of Muslim holy sites in Jordan as well as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem ? Judaism?s holiest site and Islam?s third holiest ? announced the closure of Aaron?s Tomb on Thursday after Israeli tourists had entered the site and prayed there, according to several Hebrew-language media, citing Sky News in Arabic reports. The Jordanian Minister  of Tourism ordered the closure of Aaron?s Tomb after a video surfaced showing some 500 Israelis praying there. The site is located at the top of Mount Heron, west of Petra City in southern Jordan.  Pray that the Tomb is reopened to anyone who desires to pray there

4. Arab Knesset Member Stirred the Riots on Temple Mount    TPS News   Aug 13th

The Muslim riots on the Temple Mount on Sunday during the Fast of Tisha B?Av were planned, and Israeli-Arab Member of Knesset Ahmed Tibi advised the Palestinian Authority (PA) on its strategy, a source has told TPS. Musiims who rioted on the Temple Mount as Jews attempted to visit the compound were answering the call of Muslim leaders in Jerusalem who called on the city?s Muslims to visit the Temple Mount and fight the Jews visiting the site. |The head of the Arab Center for Strategic Studies in Ramallah, told TPS that the political and religious leadership in Jerusalem has banded together to fight the Israeli police on the Temple Mount. He emphasized that the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah were leading the violence on the Temple Mount, but claimed the acts were ?self-defense? against the ?settlers and the Jews.? He noted that while the Islamic Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood?s branch in Israel, does not maintain ties with the PA, Arab MKs do. Pray that Israel takes back full control over the Temple Mount as soon as possible

5. IDF Soldier Prevent 3 Attemps to Infiltrate from Gaza thus Week

Israeli troops on Monday arrested an armed Palestinian man attempting to infiltrate into Israel from the Gaza Strip, according to an Israel Defense Forces spokesman. ?A short time ago, IDF soldiers arrested a suspect crossing the security fence into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip in the south,? the IDF said in a statement on social media. ?The suspect was captured and found carrying a knife along with two bullets.? The attempted breach marked the third time in a single week that Israeli forces have thwarted infiltration attempts from the coastal enclave. On Saturday, four heavily armed men were shot attempting to enter Israel from southern Gaza. Less than a day later, IDF shot and killed a terrorist who opened fire on troops near the fence. Pray that the LORD will despatch Angels to protect and seal the Gaza border

6. Israel to Build Additional Gaza Fence    United for Israel News    Aug 14th

Following three infiltrations along the Gazan border in under two weeks, Israel will start building an additional barrier ? above and underground ? along the northern part of the Gaza border fence to protect communities. According to a report, the Israeli Defense Ministry is planning to build a six-meter high wall that is inside Israeli territory along a nine kilometer area on Route 34, stretching between Kibbutz Yad Mordechai and the city of Sderot. The cost is estimated at tens of millions of shekels. The new protection from terrorist incursions would be in addition to various other reported methods to bolster protection. The need has become more evident, say various media reports, following massive violence from Gaza in May. The new barrier will take until next summer to be completed. The greatest threat on the ground has been from The Great March of Return border protests, which began in March 2018 and have brought varying degrees of violence almost every Friday. This week marks the 14th anniversary of Israel?s pullout of its civilian population of some 8,000 residents from the Gaza Strip, known as the ?disengagement.? In September 2005, a month later, Israeli security forces also withdrew, and the security situation has since deteriorated. Pray that this new fence will be completed as soon as possible and will be effective in stopping the cross border attacks

7. Israel Has Developed a Cure for Skin Cancer     United with Israel News    Aug 11th

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a  nano particle that can be used to vaccinate against melanoma skin cancer, the university has announced. They have developed a vaccine that has shown to be most effective in model mice in three primary situations: as a prophylactic treatment, as a drug for treating primary tumors, and for the eradication of metastatic cancer. Later in the study, the researchers examined the effectiveness of the vaccine in three different situations. First, as a preventive measure, the vaccine was injected into healthy mice, and then melanoma cells were injected. The result was that the mice did not get sick, which means the vaccine prevented the disease. Second, the vaccine was tested as a therapy for a primary tumor. A combination of the new vaccine and immunotherapy treatments was tested on model mice with melanoma. The combined synergistic treatment significantly delayed the progression of the disease and greatly extended the lives of all treated mice. In the third case, in the treatment of metastatic cancer, the researchers examined human tissues of brain melanoma metastases removed from patients. Brain metastasis is a major cause of mortality in patients who were diagnosed late. The research found that the sick tissue contained peptides and was a target for the vaccination. The war on cancer in general and melanoma in particular has been evolving over the years through a variety of therapeutic methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. But the vaccine approach, which has proven so effective against various viral diseases, has not materialized yet against cancer. The study has shown that it is possible to produce an effective nano-vaccine against melanoma and to sensitize the immune system to immunotherapies. The new research opens up a whole new approach ? the vaccine approach ? to effective treatment of melanoma, even in the advanced stages of the disease.  This new method they have developed may also be compatible with other types of cancer, and is a solid foundation for the future development of human cancer vaccines.?

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