The CARMEL ALERT – April 5th  2019
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to .praying.for Israel

David’s Comment: How to Pray for Upcoming Israel Elections
Romans 13:1 ?All authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God?

On Tuesday April 13th the people of Israel will go to an early election to choose the next government and the man who will be the Prime Minister. This election is not only the most strategically important one since Israel was resurrected as a nation in 1948, but it is the most divided one as the various political factions chop and change their ‘running mates’ in the hope of replacing the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. PM Netanyahu is the leader of the right wing Likud party and is 9th leader of the modern State of Israel, serving as PM from 1996 to 1999, and then from 2009 until today. He was a captain in the Israeli army and is the brother of Yonatan Netanyahu, who lost his life as he led a special forces mission to free the Israeli hostages at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport in 1976.
Nicknamed “Bibi” by most Israelis, he also served as Israel’s ambassador to the UN from 1984 to 1988. Many believers see Bibi as GOD’s chosen leader for Israel and often quote the fact that his name means ‘son of the right hand’ (Ben ya min), ‘a gift from GOD’ (Netan Yahu).

However after his many years of strongly leading Israel, many here in the Land, and most international leaders and media do not like him and are desparate to see him removed as the leader of  the nation. PM Netanyahu stands with US President Trump as the two most hated men in the world today, and I think the reason behind that is that both men have been raised up by GOD to serve His ‘end time’ plans and purposes for Israel and the nations. I do not believe that either man are walking with the LORD, but it is a well known fact that PM Netanyahu has instituted Bible study sessions at home and in his office. I do believe that ‘Bibi’ does fear the LORD, and has fought strongly against virulent pressure and condemnation from most of the world, to go against GOD’s blueprint for Israel. He is aware of the consequences for dividing GOD’s land and giving into the demands of the so called ‘Palestinains’, which fuels the accusations against him of being a ‘war-monger’ who has killed the Israel / Palestinian peace process.

The Israeli left wing politicians and the media have hated ‘Bibi’ from the very beginning and have tried every dirty trick in the book to bring him down. There are several corruption charges against him still being processed through the legal system. Very few politicians, if any, are ‘squeaky clean’, and whether he is guilty of corruption or not, ‘Bibi’ has been a great leader for Israel. He has brought about major advances for Israel – diplomatically, commercially and in regards to the nations security. In my opinion he could have been even stronger militarily, he has ke pt the Hamas and Hizbollah terror groups out of Israeli territory. Until President Trump came on the scene, ‘Bibi’ was the only leader in the world who had the guts to publically declare the truth about Iran’s nuclear program. Under his leadership, Israel uncovered and revealed all of Iran’s nuclear secrets to the world, most of whom who still chose to ignore the evidence.

On the other hand most of PM Netanyahu’s political rivals are promising that if they are voted in, they will succeed in reaching peace with Israel’s enemies. Many of them are former IDF generals who have turned to the liberal left wing to advance their political careers, and I think they are very dangerous threats to the security and safety of the country. None of them have the political stature or experience to lead and watch over the nation that will become the chief nation of the Kingdom of God on the Earth. Again in my opinion, Benjamin Netanyahu is the only person on the current political scene, who is suitably qualified to be the Prime Minister of Israel for the next 4 years.

As New Covenant Believers, we have been given the authority to partner with the Creator of the Universe in prayer and intercession for the world, but primarily for Israel, so it is not a question of if we should pray, but how. In light of what I have written, how then should we pray for the upcoming election on April 9th ?  As the Bible verse I quoted above from Romans 13:1 declares, and there are  other similar verses, it is GOD who chooses and raises leaders up, gives them authority to rule, and moves them on when the time is right. To follow are some guidelines for prayer over the  next week that Josie and I feel are the most effective way to pray for the election next Tuesday.

1/  That GOD keep His hand upon the full election process until after the voting and counting is completed on April 9th
2/  That GOD will hand pick and hand choose the people that He knows are the right ones to lead Israel for the next four years
3/  That If it is the will of GOD for PM Netanyahu to be re-elected as Prime Minister, then He will give ‘Bibi’ the strength of Sampson   Judges 16:28  Hear me O LORD and strengthen me just one more time
4/  That Israel’s enemies will not see this time of uncertainty and change as a window of opportunity to launch a serious attack against Israel
5/  That the new government will be unwavering when it comes to dealing with any enemy who tries to attack Israel or her citizens
The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on all of the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Please pray that all Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom  …..  David & Josie
This Week’s News Items

1. IDF Keeps Gaza Rioters Under Close Scrutiny   World News Israel   March 31
Tens of thousands of Palestinians rioted near the Israeli last Saturday border to mark the first anniversary of weekly violent disturbances in the Gaza Strip, with Israeli troop weathering a steady rain of explosives and rocks hurled by rioters and staving off a number of infiltration attempts.Egyptian mediators? efforts to rein in Hamas also appeared to have paid off, with the riots failing to reach the ?million man? fever pitch the terror group had threatened. Israeli forces used conventional crowd dispersal tactics, with rainy weather also playing a role in the lower than expected turnout. Saturday?s protest came at a sensitive time for both Israel and Hamas. The Israeli military estimated 40,000 Palestinians were gathered at the marches, commenting, ?The rioters are hurling rocks and setting tires on fire. In addition, a number of grenades and explosive devices have been hurled at the Gaza Strip security fence.? Gaza health officials claimed three Palestinians were killed during the riots. Israel has fought two wars and numerous smaller conflagrations with Hamas during the tenure of PM Netanyahu, who is seeking his fourth consecutive term in April 9 elections. Currently, Hamas remains in control of the coastal enclave, keeping Gaza?s population under its thumb by publicly beating Palestinians who dare to criticize the Islamic terror group. In the final stretch of the election campaign, PM Netanyahu needs to keep the Israel-Gaza border quiet without seeming to make concessions to Hamas. PM Netanyahu took heavy criticism this week for what was seen as a soft response to renewed rocket fire out of Gaza, which injured Israeli civilians in the center of the country. Hamas, meanwhile, faces growing unrest in Gaza as a result of its severe mismanagement of resources, which it largely directs toward its terror campaign against Israel Earlier this month, the group violently suppressed several days of public protests, staged under the slogan ?We want to live,? over the dire conditions. Pray that PM Netanyahu takes whatever action is necessary to stop the Gaza attacks against southern Israel.

2. IDF Returns 8 Year Old Gazan Boys Who Infiltrated Border Fence    Times of Israel News    March 31st

The IDF on Saturday morning apprehended two young boys from Gaza who managed to cross the border fence, with one of them in possession of a knife. The army said it briefly interrogated the eight-year-olds before sending them back into the coastal enclave through the Erez crossing. During their questioning, the children said that they had been hoping to get caught and serve time in Israeli prison, according to a Hebrew IDF statement. In an English tweet, the IDF said that ?these eight-year-old children were forced to cross into Israel with a knife. We gave them water and returned them safely to Gaza.? Pray that the two boys and their families will realise that Israel is not their enemies

3. More Than 2000 Attacks from Gaza in 2018    Arutz 7 March 29th

More than 2,000 violent incidents emanated from Gaza in the past year, Israel said last week. Palestinians in Gaza launched 1,233 rockets, hurled 94 explosive devices and 600 firebombs across the security fence, and committed 152 acts of arson against Israeli forces. Rocket fire killed one Israeli and injured 126. Palestinian attacks on the security fence killed one Israeli soldier and wounded 16.  Arson kites torched thousands of acres of Israeli farmland, causing over $9.5 million in damage. Last week alone, a total of 55 terrorist attacks were recorded across Israel, bringing the total number of attacks in 2019 to 501. Pray that the good people of Gaza will reject Hamas and seek peace with Israel, thus greatly improving their quality of life

4. Election Update   World Israel News   April 1st

PM Netanyahu’s Likud party had pulled ahead of the Blue and White party (31-30) in a poll published last Sunday. If accurate, Likud would gain one more seat than it has in the current governing coalition, placing it in a strong position to form the next government. Polls have consistently shown a right-wing bloc beating a coalition from the left. However, the Likud itself has also placed consistently behind the new Blue and White party, comprised of a combination of parties brought together to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu. In the new poll, when asked who is best suited to be prime minister, a large majority said Netanyahu (53%) was more qualified than Blue and White leader Benny Gantz (30%), a political newcomer who served as IDF chief-of-staff. The two poll results may reflect recent foreign policy successes of Netanyahu. Last week, Donald Trump formally recognised Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights on Monday Brazilian President Bolsanaro arrived in Israel, bringing with him a large delegation to sign bi-lateral agreements on trade. However, not all polls show the Likud ahead. However another poll conducted and published the same day found Blue and White ahead of the Likud (32-28). In general, over the last month, polls have found Blue and White leading the Likud. But there?s also a clear trend showing that the gap between the two parties has been closing. From a March 1 poll showing Blue and White handily beating Likud (36-30) the difference has shrunk to within two-to-three seats in most polls. The latest polls stand out in that they show Likud has not only closed the gap but pulled ahead. Pray according to the prayer points at the end of the comment section.

5. IDF Has New Non-Lethal Weapon to Deal With Violent Rioters   INN News  April 1st

The IDF used a new system, the ?Sha?aga? (?Roar?) to disperse the violent demonstrations that took place at the Gaza Strip border over the weekend in which tens of thousands of Arabs participated. Journalist Amir Buchbut reported that the ?Sha?aga? is a non-lethal riot dispersal system based on radio waves that was developed in Israel. The soldiers who used the system during the violent demonstrations said that it was very effective. On Saturday, 30 March 2019 the so-called ?Million Man March? took place in Gaza to mark the first anniversary of the so-called “March of the Return.” Over 40,000 Arabs participated in the demonstrations. Rioters burned tires and threw explosives and stones at IDF soldiers. Pray for more solutions and non-lethal methods to be implemented in the ongoing crisis at the Israel-Gaza Strip southern border

6. Father Shoots Terrorist Who Tried to Stab His Daughter    INN News   April 3rd

A Palestinian terrorist was shot by an Israeli citizen on Wednesday morning near the Arab city of Nablus in Samaria, the Israel Defense Forces reports. The incident occurred on Route 60 at the Bitot junction near the village of Hawara, about 4.5 miles south of Nablus. The terrorist attempted to stab the driver?s daughter, whom he was driving to school, according to a statement by the Samaria Regional Council. The driver then shot the terrorist, who later died of his wounds. The terrorist blocked the car?s path holding a knife. ?I went to work and was driving from Elon Moreh to Tapuah,? the father said. ?At Bitot junction a terrorist jumped at my car and tried to open the door. I went outside and as the terrorist tried to go my way I neutralized him with gunfire, with help from another resident from a neighboring community who was driving behind me.? Troops arrived on the scene and began investigating the attack. Route 60, where the attempted attack took place, was temporarily closed to traffic. Pray that all potential terror attacks are prevented by security personel or alert civilians as in this case

7. Remains of IDF Soldier Returned Home After 37 Years   INN  News  April 3rd

The remains of an Israeli soldier believed killed in a 1982 battle with Syrian forces in Lebanon were returned to Israel this week, the military said Wednesday, ending a 37-year search. Staff Sgt. Zachary Baumel went missing in the 1982 First Lebanon War?s battle of Sultan Yacoub, along with two other soldiers whose whereabouts remain unknown. ?His body is now in Israel. The body has been identified. It has been verified,? an IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. told reporters on Wednesday. ? The head of the IDF Human Resources Directorate  informed Baumel?s family just a few minutes ago,? he said. Baumel?s remains were returned to Israel ?on an El Al plane? via a third country earlier this week, the spokesman said, refusing to specify the nation. The third country involved in the operation appeared to be Russia, which said last September that it had helped Israel search for the remains of missing soldiers in Syria. Israeli officials declined to comment. The announcement brought to a close a decades-long mission by Baumel?s parents to find their son, which included international pressure campaigns and faint hopes that he may have been captured alive during the brutal tank battle. Baumel, a Brooklyn-born American immigrant, was one of three Israeli soldiers whose bodies were never recovered following the battle of Sultan Yacoub, a skirmish between the Israel Defense Forces and Syrian army in Lebanon?s Bekaa valley in which 21 Israeli servicemen were killed. Pray that all missing IDF soldiers will be returned to Israel in the near future

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