The CARMEL ALERT – April 27th 2018
.; A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to ..praying .. for the restoration of Israel

David’s Comment: Watching Iran (Ancient Persia)
Daniel 10:20 …….. And now I will return to fight with the ruler of Persia. And when I have gone out, lo, the ruler of Greece shall come.

Now that Israel has celebrated her 70th Independence Day on the Biblical calendar, we are counting down to May 14th which is the Gregorian date that PM David ben Gurion declared the modern State of Israel into existence on that date in 1948. The big question that most Israelis are now asking is “does the Iranian regime have some devilish plan to follow through with the many threats they have openly declared and launch an attack Israel before or on May 14th?” The following article is from the Israel News report on April 20th and sums up the situation well.  I will give you some key prayer points at the end of the article – David

Tehran is drumming up an oral war of attrition against Israel as a ruse to deter the IDF from striking the military hardware and personnel flowing into Syria. Iran is pouring out violent threats in a rising crescendo against the Jewish state for two goals: One is to keep Israel off-balance and frozen in a high defence posture on its northern borders; and two, to con Israel into fearing that any IDF action would tip over into an all-out conflict. This stratagem allows Tehran to keep up a continuous stream of hardware and personnel into Syria and Lebanon free of hindrance by Israel’s air force and missiles, and so anchor its military presence in both of Israel’s northern neighbours. Tension between Tehran and Jerusalem has been high since April 9, when an Israel air strike knocked out a Revolutionary Guards air force command centre at the Syrian T-4 air base.  But, apart from blistering threats of retaliation, Iran has done nothing.

Israel celebrated its Independence Day under clear skies, although the following day, Friday, April 20, the Guards deputy commander General  Hossein Salami warned that Iran’s hand was on the trigger of its missiles and Israel’s air bases were within reach. Tehran sees an opportunity for taking a high tone against Israel following three developments:

1] The missile strike conducted by the US, the UK and France on Syrian chemical sites on April 14 was a let-down. And also, against expectations, the Western attack avoided Iranian targets, although Hizballah and other pro-Iranian forces played a central role in the Syrian conquest of East Ghouta and its alleged use of chemical weapons. Saudi sources put out a report on Friday alleging that 15 Iranian officers were killed in the missile strike.  There are no grounds for this report and it appears to have been designed for home consumption.

2] President Donald Trump repeatedly asserts that he is determined to pull American troops out of Syria as soon as possible. This gift is a boon for Tehran’s goals. It will remove the main obstacle, a US military presence along the Syrian-Iraq border, that impedes the transfer of pro-Iranian Shiite militias from Iraq into Syria and the creation of a continuous land bridge from Tehran to the Mediterranean. In celebration of its effortless gain, reports appeared on Saturday that Iran, Iraq and Syria had undersigned a project for building a 1,700km highway from Tehran to Damascus via Baghdad that will be ready for traffic in two years.

3] Moscow and Jerusalem are at loggerheads over Syria after a long period of amity. Tehran has taken note of President Vladimir Putin’s recent warning to Israel that its air force operations in Syria would no longer have the freedom previously enjoyed. Putin has therefore removed another big obstacle from Tehran’s goals. Iran will make every effort to deepen the rift.

For all these reasons, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman cannot be satisfied with their protestations of the IDF’s readiness and willingness to pick up the gauntlet against any threat. Tehran’s belligerent rhetoric is a cover for an action which Israel’s leaders have vowed to prevent.

This can not be done by talk alone. The day is now almost upon us in which Jerusalem is going to have to take some action to thwart all these Iranian activities on Israel’s borders. Scripture is replete with details of this coming conflict ? and Damascus will be included in thee devastation that is slated for these last of the last days. Netanyahu and Lieberman cannot stall much longer before taking strong action in Syria, and maybe on selected targets in Iran. Time is running out for the IDF to eradicate the dangers now forming in Syria ? tumultuous days lie just ahead. Stay tuned!! The unbelieving world is largely ignoring the storm clouds building, and many in the Church are also oblivious to current events, and worse, many are scoffing at anyone daring to sound the alarm.  (end of article)

Here are the prayer points  …… ( please share this with your pastor and ask if the entire church can pray )

1. Pray that the Iranian leadership will not be so foolish as to try to attack Israel in any way, including Israeli property or citizens outside of Israel
2. Pray that the government of PM Netanyahu and the military leaders will take fast and decisive action to stop and even pre-empt an Iranian attack
3. Pray that the U.N. will rise up to rebuke and restrain Iran from launching any kind of attack against Israel, and to stop the incitement
4. Pray the good people of Iran will rise up and overthrow the current radical Islamic government

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the GOD of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their GOD.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for a breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF.

Shabbat Shalom ……  David & Josie

The numbers particpating  in the Gaza protests is steadily decreasing. It started a month ago with 30,000 and last week was only 3000. Please continue to pray for Divine and Angelic protection over the IDF soldiers and civilians near the border with Gaza as more violent protests are planned for the weekend

This Weeks News Items

1.  More Violent Protests at Gaza Border on Friday    INN News    April 20th

Gazans protesting along the Gaza border have begun attaching firebombs to kites to fly over the fence into Israel in a new tactic as the riots enter their fourth week. For protests set for Friday, Gazans were hoping to send dozens of kites over the fence, including some carrying notes telling Israelis “there is no place for you in Palestine.” On the eve of Friday’s protests, a group of terrorists worked to create the flying firebombs under a tree in an olive orchard hundreds of meters from the Israeli border east of Gaza City. Three young men carried one kite dozens of meters towards the border before stopping to set the bottle alight. With the flame lit, they sent it into the air and cut the thread — watching as it floated over the border and crashed, causing a small fire.
“We use the kites to send a message,” one proud teen terrorist said. Another teen terrorist said, “We are flying kites to burn the farmland.” An older terrorist said he hoped the kites would “destabilize, creating confusion,” and expressed hope that they would result in “burned crops.”

Since March 30, tens of thousands have rioted along the border, aiming to breach the border, and damage the security infrastructure, and injure or kill IDF soldiers. Some of the rioters approached the fence, throwing stones and firebombs and rolling burning tyres toward IDF soldiers stationed nearby. Other rioters used explosives to injure soldiers and damage military equipment. On Thursday, a fire broke out on an Israeli farm after a firebomb attached to a kite fell on the property. Hamas uses the civilians in attendance to attempt to harm IDF soldiers, without regard to the civilians’ lives. In one case, Hamas forced a 7 year old girl to “attack” IDF soldiers. The soldiers brought the girl safely back to her parents. Pray that the protesters will grow tired of their futile attempts to cause harm to Israel and her citizens

2. Iranian General: ?Our hands on the Trigger, your Airbases within Reach…. Netanyahu: ?We are Ready ..?  Israel Report  April 21

Iran?s leaders used their Friday sermons to double down on their threatening invective against Israel, the day after its April 19 Independence Day celebrations. They chose a particularly hard-line Revolutionary Guards general, vice commander Hossein Salami, to indicate that they meant business: The promised military punishment was on the way for Israel?s air strike on the Syrian T-4 base on April 9, the deaths of seven Guards officers and the knocking out of their airspace command in Syria. PM Netanyahu replied: ?We hear the threats from Iran. The IDF and the security forces are ready for any development.?  Addressing a festive post-Independence Day cabinet meeting, he said: ?We will fight whoever tries to harm us. We are not put off by the price and will exact a cost from those who want to harm us the people willl stand strong.? Since Iran stepped up its bellicose rhetoric, Israel?s defence deployments on the Syrian and Lebanon borders were substantially beefed up and its air force placed on alert to meet a possible Iranian reprisal for its T-4 attack. Lets pray for a counter revolution in Iran to overthrow the radicalIslamic leadership

3. Former Head of IDF Intelligence: This will be Israel?s Most Dangerous May Since 1967   Yediot Achronot News April 23

The former chief of Israel Defence Forces intelligence believes the upcoming month of May could be the most dangerous Israel has faced since before the 1967 Six Day War. ?When I look at the month of May, I say there wasn?t a month of May so dangerous since 1967,? said Amos Yadlin. In May 1967, the security situation in the Middle East began to deteriorate as Egypt expelled UN peacekeepers from Sinai and three Arab nations mobilised their forces along Israel?s borders. Israel eventually launched a pre-emptive strike in early June and decisively defeated Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. ?In the last Independence Day ceremonies I was reminded of the independence ceremonies of ?67,? Yadlin said. ?The Jerusalem parade, everyone was satisfied, but they didn?t pay attention to the beginning of developments that snowballed into the Six Day War.? Yadlin also warned against Israeli complacency and overconfidence. He pointed to Israel?s failure to predict the 1973 Yom Kippur War, in which Egypt and Syria caught Israel unaware on its holiest day and inflicted heavy casualties on the Jewish state before being defeated by the IDF. ?When the heads of state talk about Israel as a superpower, it also reminds me of the noises from ?73,? Yadlin stated. ?So let?s be more modest, more careful, and understand where we?re going.? Yadlin pointed to recent escalations between Israel and Iran in Syria. And cautioned that Israel must exercise extreme caution in dealing with Iran. Yadlin also noted that the Palestinian ?March of Return? along the Gaza border will intensify as the Palestinians mark ?Nakba Day? next month, on which they lament their failure to annihilate the nascent State of Israel in 1948. In addition, President Trump will be making his decision on whether to dump his predecessor?s nuclear deal with Iran. This could influence Iran?s decision to retaliate against Israel. ?All these things together enter the month of May,? Yadlin said. ?The Israel-Iran issue and the Iranian retaliation, Trump?s decision on the agreement with Iran, and also the Palestinians? ?March of Return? on May 15.? Please pray that the Israeli military will be on full readiness for any and all eventualities

4. US State Department to Stop Referring to ‘Occupied’ Territories    World News Israel  April 21st

In a significant policy change, the State Department ceased using the term ?occupied? in references to various regions of Israel, including Judea and Samaria. While the term ?occupied? had been used in such reports since the Carter administration, the 2017 version drops this term, which is generally used pejoratively to criticize Israeli policy following military victories through which the Jewish state acquired control of various territories. The change comes after US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman advised the department in December to stop using the ?misleading? term ?occupied? in references to Judea and Samaria At the time, Friedman remarked in an interview, ?I think the settlements in J are a part of Israel,? which ?was always the expectation when [UN] Resolution 242 was adopted.? He added, ?The 1967 borders were viewed by everybody as not secure. There was always supposed to be some expectation of [Israeli] expansion? into Judea and Samaria. The term ?occupied? is considered by many to be a loaded phrase intended to demonize Israel with regard to its activities in disputed areas. According to policy expert Dan Diker of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, ?Friedman is advancing Trump administration policy to correct past mistakes and misconceptions of American diplomats. Pray that other nations follow suit

5. Romania to Relocate Embassy to Jerusalem     INN News April 19th

The Romanian government on Thursday approved a plan to transfer the state’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The approval came as Israelis celebrated the Jewish State’s 70th anniversary.
According to reports in local media, the decision includes timetables for implementing the plan. The leader of Romania?s ruling Social Democratic Party said that the country should ?seriously consider? moving the Romanian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem for practical reasons following the decision to relocate the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Last week, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister met in Bucharest with Romania’s Foreign Minister as part of her diplomatic campaign to promote the transfer of foreign embassies to Jerusalem. “This is a historic window of opportunity following the move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem. It is time to choose to stand on the right side of history and be one of the pioneer countries to move their embassy to our capital, Jerusalem,? Hotovely said. The Romanian Foreign Minister responded by saying that his country would assess the situation and positively consider the issue of moving its embassy to Jerusalem.
The US embassy is scheduled to open in Jerusalem on May 14th, the Gregorian anniversary of Israel’s founding. In addition, Guatemela will open an embassy in Jerusalem on May 16. Pray that more and more nations wise up and relocate their embassies to Jerusalem

6. PM Netanyahu’s Office Hires Messianic Jewish Media Activist   Jerusalem Post  April 25th

Prime Minister  Netanyahu’s office made waves this week when it hired pro-Israel You Tube activist Hananya Naftali as its new deputy social media adviser. What makes Naftali “controversial” for many Israelis is his unabashed faith in Yeshua (Jesus). Naftali is a “Messianic Jew”  but he denied belonging to any particular denomination, instead explaining that he’s “just a normal guy who made his own decision to follow Jesus.” It is very symbolic of the rising status of Israeli believers in Yeshua that Naftali would be hired by the Prime Minister’s Office despite being so open about his faith. In fact, Netanyahu’s social media adviser Topaz Luk said  that Naftali is a “superstar” who brings a lot to the table when it comes to online pro-Israel advocacy. Pray that the hiring of Hanaya by the government is a major step is Messianic Jews being accepted as a valid sector of Israeli society.

7. Germany: Jerusalem is Not Israel’s Capital   United With Israel News   April 25th

Although, according to Germany, every state has the right to choose its own capital, it doesn?t extend the same courtesy to Israel. Germany is refusing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel?s capital. Indeed, while its foreign ministry acknowledged that every country has the right to name its own capital, it said that this is not the case for Israel. ?As a matter of principle, every state has the right to determine a city in its territory to be its capital,? Niels Annen, a minister of state in Germany?s Foreign Ministry, said in response to a query by a lawmaker from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party last week, The Times of Israel reported. ?Since the eastern part of Jerusalem that Israel occupied in 1967 contrary to international law is not part of Israel?s sovereign territory, the international community, including Germany, has not recognized this declaration,? he added. He based his position on the 1980 United Nations Security Council?s (UNSC) Resolution 478, which proclaimed that Israel?s declaration on united Jerusalem being its capital ?constitutes a violation of international law,? as well as on clauses for the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords. ?The federal government shares the view that the status of Jerusalem, just like other final status issues, can only be settled through negotiations to be durable and acceptable,? Annen affirmed. Germany?s Chancellor Angela Merkel similarly stated, in an interview with Israel?s Channel 10, that Berlin will not move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Pray that Germany stops favoring the enemies of GOD and changes it policy about Jerusalem

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