Articles by David & Josie D & J 316


— Back to Biblical Basics A series of foundational Biblical truths

— Blow the Trumpet in Zion  Everything you need to know about the Shofar

— Could it be ?     by Josie

— Fear or Faith     by Josie

— Israel and the Church    The Biblical Relationship & Responsibility

— The Facts Behind the Conflict    The heart of the Arab/Israeli conflict

— The Joy of Being a Goy       by Josie

— The Timing of the Rapture     When will we meet the Lord in the air

— Whose Land Really Is It?         The Facts Behind the Arab / Israeli conflict

—  No Palestinian State    a statement by a PLO leader

— 7 Reasons Why We Should Pray For Israel     Lets put Israel first


The LORD bless you from ZION

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