Isaiah 2:3  For the Torah shall go forth from Zion and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem


David and Josie have been travelling the nations since 1998.  They have now ministered in more than 40 countries.


They have amazing testimonies of how people received amazing revelation from the Bible about God’s love for Israel and the Jewish people, and about their own grafted-in relationship to the Jewish people, through their covenant relationship with the God of Israel, sealed by the blood of His Son Yeshua, the Messiah.

David and Josie also have wonderful testimonies of people receiving dramatic physical and emotional healings during the message or at the prayer time after the message.


If you would like to invite them to teach about God’s plans and purposes for Israel and the Restoration of Israel and the Church in your congregation,  conference or prayer meeting,  please write to us at  ………..


The LORD bless you from ZION

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