Report on 2014  IRI Prayer Summit

Psalm 118:25   “Ana Adonai – Hoshiana Ana Adonai”    Save Your People O Lord

For 7 amazing days last week David and myself (Josie) I had the privilege of leading 58 people representing 15 nations around Jerusalem, Samaria, Mt Carmel and the Galillee, worshipping the Holy One of Israel, and crying out to Him in heart born intercession, for Him to save His people, physically and spiritually. Day 1 began with prayer at the site close to the Jerusalem – Bethlehem road, of an intense battle between the Israeli pioneers and the Jordanian army in 1948.  We then moved on to pray at the gate into the Bethlehem, the birth place of the Messiah, which has had to be wallled off from the rest of Israel, to stop the terrorists coming into Jerusalem to kill innocent Jewish men, woman and children.  As ugly and inconvenient as it is, the wall has served its purpose and death from terror attacks has been reduced by 99%.

From there we traveled to the top of the Mt of Olives to get a birds eye view of the Temple Mount and the Hinnom Valley.  The glorious view marred by the site of the blue mosque with the golden dome that sits on the very site of the Temple and the Holy of Holies.  Inside the mosque it is written “There is only one god, Allah is his name and he has no sons”.  This blasphemous statement confirms that the mosque is the current ‘abomination of desolation’ Daniel 9:27    Day one finished with a visit to the Yad va Shem   – the Museum of the Holocaust.

Day 2 we worshiped at the location of the Upper Room, before visiting the new Temple Institute, where we learnt about the previous Temples and the plans for the next Temple to be built.  From there we spent time close to the Western Wall of the Temple compound, praying that the Jews who go there to pray would have a supernatural revelation of the Messiah.  We finished the day with a very quick visit to the Garden of Gethsemane.

Day 3  began with a very deep and touching 2 hour prayer watch at the top of the Pavilion Prayer Tower. We didn’t plan it, but the Holy Spirit led us to have a representative of each of the nations present, to pray for or ask forgiveness for the way their nations have sinned against God, particularly in the way the Jewish people have been treated. The next stop was a visit inside the plenum of the Knesset (Israeli parliament building)  where we were able to sing (in Hebrew, our theme song , Ana Adonai, (Save Your People O Lord)  Ha Tikva, the national anthem, and our daughter in laws newly released  song Heal Your Land, also in Hebrew),  and  to pray for PM Netanyahu and the government ministers.  We finished the day at The Time Elevator, a roller coaster simulation that travels back in time to see Israel’s history unfold.

Day 4 began with worship and prayer at Kiryat Ya’arim, the place where the Ark rested for 20 years after being recovered from the Philistines.  The anointing is always very strong in this place.   From there we went to Shilo, which was the capital of Israel for 300 plus years before Jerusalem became the capital.  Shilo is located deep in Samaria, or the West Bank as the enemies of God call it.  It was amazing to be in the hills of Samaria, where Israel’s history began and where the Tabernacle of the Lord stood for for more than 300 yrs. From Shilo we traveled up to our hotel on the top of Mt.Camel in Haifa.

Day 5  was spent all day learning some deep secrets of the Bible and a Shabbat dinner in the evening.

Day 6  we fellowshiped with the brethren at Carmel Assemby for the Sabbath service – enjoying awesome worship and a great message by Ugandan evangelist John Mulinde.  After lunch we traveled to the northern border with Lebanon, worshiping, blowing shofars and declaring the Word of the Lord over the border.  There is an IDF base at the border and one of the base commanders came out, to tell us that she and all of the soldiers on the base had been deeply touched by what that had heard and seen, and she couldn’t stop thanking us.   She said she had to come down to tell us what was happening in the barracks, that all the girls were crying they were so moved by the “sound” of the worship and everything else that we were doing that afternoon.  She herself was crying as she told us these things.

Day 7 was our last day together.  We headed off to the Galilee for a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.  We planned to pray for rain but the LORD beat us to it, sending a 30 minute or so rain storm ahead of us.  We had an amazing time of worship and prayer on the boat that stopped in the middle of the lake for us to soak in the anointing, close to where Yeshua walked on the water.   Our final mission was to pray at the Israel / Syria border, then it was time to head back to Mt Carmel.  After dinner we had our customary time of personal sharing where all of the participants get to share what impacted them the most over the time of the prayer summit. David and I are always amazed at how the LORD impacts and changes the lives of those who attend the summit each year.

It was a wonderful, anointed, impactive, life changing week for all of us.  Each night we had a guest speaker and this year the messages were the best ever, and the most challenging ever.  We recorded them and have them on our website,  so that all of you can partake of the deep Word of the Lord that was delivered to us. I especially recommend the messages by Joseph Shulam, Ofir Amitai and Dean Bye – in that order, but I must warn you that they will most likely rattle your theology.  We believe that everyone was in some way changed, charged, challenged, exhorted, and commissioned to go back to their nations and to not remain silent, but to be an ambassadorial voicepiece.    


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If you prefer to download the messages into your hard drive  ………

IRI 2014 Message – Danny Sayag.!hkYRURhI!FeD-M665Bb2-wBVju22Xhthtq7q38LyHDEx8Jp3GyTs

IRI 2014 Message – David Davis!gk4CBSrC!crt65qJjSpmyRaJdBo3Z0edgB9P0rabxFT2AQjxUUSE

IRI 2014 Message – Dean Bye!5lgEnCqA!br416JxHwZgkWw5MYNHgY5R5H47TxbArG6NrMxiYTD4

IRI 2014 Message – Joseph Shulam!9soGwIiK!_-XmkYvtOv5MQ_tDP63cOm1iMmwYACDLNRtUYQB-L3M

IRI 2014 Message – Ofir Amitai!9oxgESRJ!dLJ_qXU-BRD-d5X7guHfimtetwg_9Hn_bzBz5-ZjbbM

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